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I’d like to start this off by saying I cannot believe I’m making this video now some of you may have seen my latest video Jojo Siwa has just been canceled. I’m gonna start by referring to one clip from that video I did try to reach out to Jojo less than a month ago. I can confirm that. She never texted me back quite frankly She probably doesn’t even know who I am. She does Confirm that she does knew who I am now an achievement of souls Neurotically enough Jade you never responded to a text that I said to her because I’ve never sent her one in the first place unprovoked By me other than the entire video I made about her day and she sent me a lovely little message a nice. Happy paragraph She’s very angry. I guess you could say she’s really fulfilled her role as an angry bird I’ve come to my own conclusion that I am going to show you the DM that Jojo sent me I’d like to preface it by saying there’s nothing cancelable here ironic I know there’s nothing defamatory or anything that goes against her pristine image So don’t worry Nickelodeon, but Jojo wrote the following glad we could get you half a million views in two days Thanks for the video really happy you’re spreading a kind message. You’re right None of my videos have reached half a million views in the last couple of months But at least my videos are sharing good messages with everyone your videos are only hating on people. It’s room–if So X Oh Jojo, I would make a joke about Gossip Girl, but I don’t think she was alive when it first aired No, that’s a pretty damning stuff in there and I’d like to talk about a few key things First of all is the view count. She’s bringing up. It’s clear that I hid enough by talking about JoJo’s decreasing views clearly She didn’t see my modern art video not surprising really No wonder she opens the message of a sarcastic remark about her getting me half a million views which fair enough Okay, or around a year and a half on this channel? I’ve been making videos on contemporary topics on the internet astana is called commentary No, I’ve made videos on a whole selection of topic things. I’ve seen on Twitter funny clips I’ve seen on YouTube even means from Eurovision essentially I will talk about anything as long as I will enjoy it and people will want to see it Sometimes I make a video which is more for personal enjoyment Sometimes I’ll try to make things that people will want to see from me at the end of the day I’m a comedian that’s using the best current platform for my brand of comedy. Which in my eyes is commentary on YouTube Oh, geez, focus on numbers is fairly intriguing to me in the video. I make a little joke about Jojo spelling again We have a few little grammatical errors in this message. I don’t own a right Jojo. I am right. I’m always right I have no likes to stand on because if Jojo can’t spell. Well, I clearly can’t although in my last video I did say that Jojo hasn’t had a video with over half million views in the last two months She has she’s actually had four they even show two of them in my video. I am a moron I feel like I message would have had a lot more way if she’d gotten that fact Right and I had another fact that she didn’t even check makes me feel like she didn’t really have the time which also makes me Wonder Jojo Did you watch the video and I made sure to sit down with a couple of other people namely the right opinion cynic snacks So for their channels, we link to the comment section down below So do you go and say thank you to the both of them essentially We went through my video line by line to see just how rude I was before we get into that I want to show you all a clip from an interview. I gave just over a year and a half ago I don’t want to come off as someone that’s spiteful someone that’s jealous of how they’re doing I just want to take something that is trending And turn it into something that if you don’t like it if you don’t enjoy or even if you do you can laugh at it at this point in time I had 35,000 subscribers and a lot and my life has changed since then about what in my life I was living in Portugal How mad is that? Please never asked me to speak Portuguese. I’ve lost that ability One thing that hasn’t changed and will never change is that I just want to be funny They have done serious critical commentary in the past and it sucked the life out of me There is absolutely no value in my work if I cannot make the person I’m talking about laugh along with the audience That is the reason why people have sometimes asked me to make videos on them It’s the reason why I get comments from the people I speak about it’s why I have actual dialogues with them Sometimes they even make videos on me and we have a little back-and-forth. So Jojo for starters I do not hate you and I hope my audience doesn’t either one of the top comments on my last video is a Compliment if I ever feel like my viewers are gonna react a little bit aggressively to the content that I’m showing them I always make sure to leave a note to never send hate to my subject and I did the same thing with you Jojo now I’m gonna be going over some of the harsher comments I made in my video on Jojo should all honesty aren’t that bad? Most of the things I joked about in the video were objective. Hope use have been lower than normal recently FACT She made a few spelling mistakes fact, her recent music has not been as successful as boomerang fact Now the first two of these three things are examples of observational comedy sure in the title of the video I say that Jojo Siwa has been cancelled but I make it clear out the video that the truth is far from man you may Argue that she’s currently on a sellout worldwide tour. She recently hit 10 million subscribers She even recently starred in a blockbuster film all very fair points actually this can be a lot harder to argue that I originally thought it reminds me of the video I made in which I exaggerate the Mean Jojo si was age claiming that she’s not 15, but 55 Well, the only other video I made on her in the last year in which I claim She’s poor despite her selling 45 million bows in one year These videos are joke Jojo see wha is not a broke canceled pensioner. I’m 95% sure of that a comment I made about her spelling mistake was just a cheap joke. I don’t actually consider good or bad spelling as a reflection of intelligence I even have friends of mine that have purposefully misspelled or mispronounced words to improve interactions on their videos And then there’s George who just can’t spell whatsoever He’s a spaz But I still love it whenever I made observations that seemed slightly more cutting I’d make sure to follow them up with comments like this Even Jojo has seemingly come to the realization that she doesn’t have a bang his left inhaler That’s a lie, she didn’t release the song number one year and as if that wasn’t enough I’m also fully transparent with the fact that JoJo’s had far more success than I had I even opened my video with this so today you’re going to watch a washed-up 22 year old comedian with fewer average views give advice to a channel made for children the Whole video is a joke and most of its at my expense was that being said there are two jokes I made in the video Which stood out to my friends and I as questionably rude first is claiming that Jojo si was Biological father is Sully from monsters ink and in fairness. She is still yet to disprove that She didn’t even acknowledge it in the message. Bit suspicious if you ask me I was just looking to compare her to someone tall and when I saw the fluffy costume She was wearing later on there was just a lot of potential for a callback Joe Some people may think that my joke about her costume was fairly hard I think this is meant to represent a bird maybe one that was recently regurgitated by a stray cat I would argue that looking like a bird that’s been processed for a cat is probably the look they were going for it is a Film about Angry Birds, I would be a bit angry If a cat ate me, of course You’ve just so happened to also look a bit like Sully do I think the judges see? What is a big blue hairy horned monster that scares children for a living? Maybe I do actually know I don’t I made the relation three times throughout the video for comedic effects for those behind the screen that been paying attention Throughout the video now the other questionably rude joke. I made may have seen someone could fall It turns out the Jojo space is not suitable to be on urban but rather inside of it in the form of the rest of Her trashy product this joke requires a bit more context in my opinion straight after the clip I showed in my video juju Siwon says the following I’m really glad she’s showing so many good vibes with everyone. We stand a positive queen What are my biggest rules here on the Internet is if you’re willing to dish it out? You must also be ready to take it your soul If you’re gonna coerce someone else as much trash just because they sell bin I’m gonna flip back on its head and cool you are You make a joke. I make a joke. That’s fair. Furthermore. Jojo isn’t actually in charge of her, MA If anything I’m mocking Nickelodeon’s incessant stream of products to make as much quick money as physically possible speaking of much I wouldn’t if Jojo PT of mine Hubbard’s getting burnt. She’s gonna set fire to it now Let me introduce something else into the picture Jojo the amount of times I complimented you in my video I’m almost embarrassed to show this before I hate her. Jojo is very naturally entertaining Imagine having so much money that you don’t have to squeeze blood from a stone to get a video over 10 minutes Respect to Jojo because straight off to the premiere. She got a plane to Vegas for her dren tour Not only do I show my recognition for her talents and success I publicly give her my respect a video an inspiring hatred would never do something like this although earlier in the video I quit that I’m giving advice to her channel. I’m clearly not. I’ve never had 10 million subscribers. I don’t make content for kids I’m clearly not her target audience, but I’m not even criticizing her channel. I’m just making jokes So naturally after reading her message. I was somewhat confused and taken aback Hey Jojo, just read the title and click off the video before realizing that I do actually respect her as a fellow creator This is a possibility had she was a minute through watching the video and surpassed her a lot of time on the iPad. I Don’t know another possibility was that she’d maybe seen another video that I’ve made in the past that assumes the worst So I’m sorry watching my last video I went back and watched all of the other videos I’ve made on Jojo with a different set of people and I still don’t get It the one thing I do want to apologize for in this video is Jojo If you’ve seen my boomerang lyric breakdown video, I am so incredibly sorry. I didn’t insult her in this video to be honest I’m not even sure if I achieved anything Don’t let the haters get their way they got the shy girl on the mean girls it’s like every Film about high school in the United States. Do you think this man would go on to hit 1 million subscribers? I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit here on the other two videos aren’t hateful either the worst thing I say in Joe Josie Was older than you think is that she’s a Kryptonian and one thousand years old some really hateful criticism there and the only relevant part of Joe Josie Juarez actually poor as the mention of her beef with Justin Bieber in which he Said that she needed to burn her car No Arguably that’s worse than any of the things I’ve said because it’s Justin Bieber Because she gets birth cloud from and it’s all fun and games there. We’re just having a Little giggle just banter lad now I’m aware that my John of content has done a fair amount of damage to people in the past only a matter of weeks ago Danny Gonzales Andrew Goode and bully jeremy renner into deleting is that disgraceful? Really? But let me get this straight for Jojo and for any of my future subject. I’m not leafy as hair a surprise I know under this beard I do in fact have a chair these days I probably have about four as I’ve said myself Prescribed role here on YouTube has been and always will be to provide entertainment for my audience and the people I’m talking About although my subjects require and return is a single ounce of self-awareness and humility. It makes me look back on the jokes I was making about Jojo you see while perhaps being an egotistical person given the section of her show where she just talks about herself a part of my video in which I Purposefully held back as to not give sincere criticism and stare the video away from its comedic purpose. Sorry I was just halfway through giving my opinion on why I think youtubers should always use the term we for talking about milestones But I realized that I don’t really care Maybe Jojo was just a bit tired after a show got a bit grumpy and lashed out. That’s very understandable I’ve done similar things in the past to say that I’m hateful rude and that her content is above mine just because I happen to Make videos on the content and wrongdoings of other influences is in my opinion completely misguided again. I wish showed you the best Please don’t slander any hate. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing where her career takes her I used to be one of those little angry Guns and Roses fans that actively despised Justin Bieber’s every waking breath I now unashamedly look forward to each of his songs and I hope that JoJo’s able to age her audience as effectively Okay, that was a serious one. I promise the next video will be back to fun but if you have enjoyed this video Please leave a like down below subscribe if you’re new or have not done so already and I will catch you next time

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    JoJo cheers up 8 year olds who have just realised that it’s their fault their parents split up.
    James cheers up edgy millennials that are trying to overpower their 20 year old step mother with dark humour

  3. Why can't people just take criticism? If you're gonna put yourself out there for everyone to see then what the hell do you expect? You're asking for it!

  4. Like come on some videos just don’t do well. You’d think she’d look at her videos and view count and see that something isn’t working right

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  8. As a 5'9 girl I've always been turned off by you mocking her height. I know this sounds dumb after that ridiculous movie on Netflix, but genuinely being a tall, teenage girl can be hard, not because of bullying but because of insecurities. I'm not saying she feels this way, but just my two cents.

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  13. I just cant wait to see the day where she reveals her real closet filled with vsco girl clothes and acts her age
    maybe one day
    but I do admit that she is a good influence on children because the world has been made out to be such a bad place and environment for young kids. Although it would be better for her sake that she takes off the bow and the mask and acts her age because looking ahead into her future how will she feel then looking at her past? I don't know much about Jojo other than her famous bows and all but it looks like to me that she isn't in school? Maybe idk but it would be nice to see her going to high school and acting like a regular teenage youtuber, but now its most likely impossible to escape from the image that she has created. Im generally concerned for her future self. So if you see this possibly you should do whats best for you and not others, and if you wanna wear a bow, sparkly clothes, and have a bright personality like a child then that's fine, but sit and consider your future for a change and think about how the real world works, in 4 years time when you're 20 half of your viewers will be teenagers and the world will move on from you because society is constantly changing and so are the people. So…maybe its time to grow up a little.

    ok weLL not tryna start world war 3 bYE-

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