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  1. I have 1 Tattoo and I’m def getting more, Ive always wondering how many tattoos you have and what they are and now I know I’m not the only one who had to have a story behind my tattoo and not the only one who lovess tattoos

  2. I understand that there is a difference of opinion within shia vs. sunni on tattoos. That’s to be respected. What I don’t understand is covering your body in symbolism that are linked to shirk. That’s just bizar. You can say it’s not that deep, but it actually is because you hold meaning to them and that gives them power and acknowledgment. How do you explain this to your Lord?

  3. You look beautiful i like ur tattoos sooo much personally i hate everything that can hurt me lol but yours are sooooo pretty and u look pretty too

  4. كنتِ أجمل بحشمتك وطرحكِ المنضبط. الله يهديكِ وينوركِ بصيرتكِ ويردكِ إليه ردا جميلًا. إلغاء متابعة 🙁

  5. كنت احبها وكانت تعطيني طاقه اجابيه بس الحين صايره تحزني عليها مهما سوت وابتسمت باقي فيها حزن في عيونها غريب 💔

    اخ بس ي اسيا💔💔

  6. Bonus Tattoo😂😂, bless you. Nice to know how people choose the designs they do, altho i know some are personal.

  7. احبببببببببببببببببببببك اسيا واتمنى الاقي ارتست يرسم لي مابي الحبر ينتشر :"( قولي لنا كيف نخلي الحبر ماينتشر

  8. يعني محدش يقدر ينكر اننا كلنا بنحب التاتو بس هو في الاول والاخر حرااااام

  9. i loveeee your tattoos!! especially the do no harm and take no shit one, i don't know why i haven't heard this phrase before but i really love it so much!! i would do anything to get a couple of tattoos :((

  10. I'm in love with tattoos, and for some reasons i will never get them but… waaaaaaaw yours are so beautiful 😍😭

  11. I really respect how you share us your tattoos and tell us they story and how is you really love your self and don't care about who's doesn't like what you do in your body and i really feel more understand you and more love you but anyway i love you from will time 🧡☁️ keep going we all love you 💜☁️

  12. I LOVE the story behind the tattoo 1,2,3 it’s just amazing like for I love it so much ❤️ I really cannot describe my feelings when I heard it. There are so much emotions ❤️

  13. I really love them especially the whole mandala tattoo. I think that tattoos are another way to express art and there are people who enjoy art and people who don't, not everyone loves tattoos but I especially love them and like to see people's tattoos.
    I also wish I could tattoo my body but I can't 😓
    Btw I love you so much Ascia, your beautiful personality is so unique, thank you for being yourself.

  14. Ascia your tattoos are amazing and at the end of the day its your body .
    But the thing is i am surprised that people are going crazy against tattoos saying thats its 7aram depending on the holly 7adeeth but aren’t they aware that it says (الواصلة) too like why tf nobody is giving shit about “fashionistas” having extensions every other day and getting frustrated about tattoos
    The thing is if tattoos aren’t acceptable hair extensions aren’t too

  15. معاملة جسمها معاملة الثلاجة لما نعلق عليها مغناطيس للذكرى لكل دولة نزورها 😭😂

  16. I've followed your journey for a while now, l enjoy your work and content that you put out. But, man, a sleeve? I mean, l saw there was a few of them tatts. But a sleeve. This is dope! Collect ahead, don't mind people.

  17. كل واحد حر في الله يحاسب في النهاية بس فعلا أيدها شكلها مقزز يعني لو مش حرام ليه اعمل كده بإيدي يعني

  18. سؤال اتوقع انك مسلمه اذكر كنتي محجبه عندك علم انه حرام ؟ 🧐

  19. اللهم احفظ بنات وشباب المسلمين من هذه الاطروحات ومن هي على شاكلتها ، التساهل في المحرمات وترويجها على أنه سهل وبسيط شيء مخيف للغاية .

  20. Girl finally. !!! I have been waiting to see these for years. Thanks for sharing. I love the geometric ones on the left side.

  21. I’ve always wanted to have sleeves 😭your tattoos are so beautiful 😍
    Also, i have three super tiny tattoos on my hips. And i wanted to know how painful it would be if i got something on my arms. And am I going to die?!😂

  22. احب فديوهاتك مراااااا اتمنى تستمرين زي كذا وما تهتمين للتعليقات السلبيه بالمناسبه شعرك مراااا جميل

  23. مرحبا اسيا

    الموضوع اكبر من تفضيلات وانا احبه او مااحبه او هذا جسمي وانا حره فيه .. الموضوع كبيره من كبائر الذنوب ولعن وطرد من رحمة الله .. الله يهديك 💕

  24. I love that tattoos because it's not just tattoos its story
    Ascia I have questions is the artist that draw your mandala tattoo have any account

  25. I didn’t even finish this video, I’m still watching… love you girl!!!! You’re so awesome and power to you for ngaf 😘🌷

  26. i love all of your tattoos. fellow hybrid here myself. the fact that you wear them proudly is wonderful. i would never be able to do that in kuwait unfortunately 🙁

  27. You know what? I used to watch you in the begnging of your "youtube life", and i just notice one thing. You're different now, i see that you're full of life. Wish you the best and happiness .

  28. "لَعَنَ اللَّهُ الْوَاشِمَاتِ وَالْمُسْتَوْشِمَاتِ" الله ينور بصيرتك ويردك رداً جميلاً ❤️

  29. مادري ليش الناس مركزه ع التاتو بانه حرام و تاركين الأشياء الاهم اللي هي اكثر محرمه نفس فصخ الحجاب؟ عموما بالنهايه هالشي بينها و بين ربنا و هي أتوقع مو صوب الدين الله يهديها. للعلم بعض المذاهب محللين التاتو اذا كانت رسمه عاديه و ما يتشبه بالشياطين

  30. كلنا نغلط ومافيه كامل الا الله سبحانه … لكن انو تغلط وتجاهر وتسوي كانو شي واو هذه مصيبه .. الله يكون في عونك انتي مثال قوي لسوء المنقلب

  31. مرحبا كيفك اسيا ، الوشم من الاشياء الواضح حكمها في الاسلام وحكم واضح جدا ، مو من حق اي احد انه يحكم عليكي ولكن علينا النصيحة ونطلب الهداية لنا وللجميع فلو كان شي كبير واثمه كبير لاتنشريه بين الناس وتاخذي ذنب بسبب اي احد يسويه بسببك

  32. No we can’t do with our body what ever we want.. our body not belong to us it’s for ALLAH and in one day it’s going back to him

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