My Top 5 Tips To Stop Spring Seasonal Allergies (TGIF Ep.10)

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– Well, it’s that time of year again, and spring is in the air and you may be reaching for your Claritin or your other decongestant and
all kinds of antihistamines. And that’s great, but what can we do from a lifestyle perspective to reduce your spring allergies? That’s what we’re gonna
talk about in this video. (electronic wind tones) (gong sounds) How’s it goin’ guys? This is Chris from back with another episode of TGIF, Talking Gut-Immuno Fridays where we talk about gut
health, sinus health, and immune function and improving those things
through lifestyle choices. If that sounds like something
that’s interesting to you, be sure to subscribe
and hit the little bell so you never miss another video again. I’m gonna share with
you the top five things that have helped me
personally in my own life in controlling my allergies
during the springtime especially since I’m highly
allergic to dust and pollens and dust mites and all those things can be a living hell for somebody that deals with seasonal allergies. Please note that this
is not medical advice. This is from my own
experience and research. Always talk to your healthcare provider before doing anything in this video. First up is pulsating sinus irrigation. You may have heard of this
in some of my other videos. There are products out
there like Sinu Pulse and other pulsating sinus irrigators. They’re kind of like a neti pot. Except the difference is
they use a gentle motor to push things up one side and outside of the other lower sinuses. This helps to clear out any
pollens that may accumulate especially if you have
an allergies to pollens highly effective for me and
in the research as well. So if you found some success
with a neti pot in the past helping with your allergies or colds, maybe check out a
pulsating sinus irrigator. You can see some of my
videos on this topic in the description below. Next up is to nourish your microbiome by eating whole foods
and probiotic-rich foods. So this may be things
like kimchi, sauerkraut and other fermented beverages like kefir. Most people tolerate these well and it helps to give them a boost in their immune system that they may need. Going along with that, though this is a little more on the fringe and these are things that I’ve
been exploring in my own life is the concept of nasal probiotics. Using probiotics in the nasal cavity to help balance that sinus microbiome. You can also see more
about this idea in videos in the description below. I’ve done a 30-day trial, which helped to significantly
fend off a sinus infection and shorten the duration of it and have felt much better since. And I’m surprised at how much
better I feel this spring ’cause usually this time
is a living hell for me. But it seems to be better than usual so I’m going to continue to monitor that. Next up is to reduce mucus-forming foods and we’re referring specifically
to dairy in this case. So dairy, most of it is pasteurized and because it’s pasteurized there’s a lot of dead
cell matter in dairy. And when we ingest
pasteurized foods like dairy that dead cell matter is going
to mount an immune response so every time that we’re doing that we’re mounting an immune response and that’s why often people get mucusy when they are consuming dairy foods. So for me personally it’s
helped to significantly reduce and mostly cut out dairy
out of my diet altogether. Regular vacuuming is important
especially if you have pets. So be sure to be vacuuming
it at least once a week especially if you have carpets and possibly two times a week if you have any pets in your house. Last up is to consider
purchasing a HEPA filter especially where you sleep. I particularly use a
Whispure 510 from Whirlpool. I’ll put that in the
description below as well. I’m not selling that product or anything. It’s just the one that I’ve
used and it’s got great reviews. I’m sure there’s been several
other models since then. I’d love to hear the
things that have helped you to control your allergies
during the springtime. What do you do? Do you take certain supplements? Do you eat certain foods? Is there something else that we haven’t mentioned here at all? Love to hear in the comment section below what’s helped you the most. This has been another episode of TGIF, Talking Gut-Immuno Fridays. If you enjoy this video
be sure to subscribe and hit the little bell so
you never miss another video. I look forward to seeing you next Friday. (upbeat music)

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  1. Every Friday is Talking Gut Immuno Fridays, where we focus on gut health, sinus health, and enhancing your immune system through lifestyle changes. Be sure to subscribe and ding the bell so you never miss another episode!

  2. Very useful video thank you. I'm dreading hay fever season in June! Are there any hepa filters you can recommend please?

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