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– Hi. It’s Parris from Epic Review Guys. Mid-January here in Central
Texas, so, even though the weather out is really nice,
it is the one time of year that I have allergies,
what’s called cedar fever. Every year it gets bad
enough, I need to start taking the medication several times a day, and I walk around the house like a zombie. So, I’m very curious to
see what the MyPurMist can do to help me out. ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ If you live in the US
and own a television set, you must have see the MyPurMist TV ads many, many times, as have I. I finally decided to break
down and give this a try, see if it will help out with my allergies. Also have two kids in
school who this time of year come home with colds and sniffles. So, they’ll get a chance
to try it out as well. This kit goes for $149.00. They advertise you can find it locally at Target and Walgreen’s. I ordered this one online,
and it actually came with some additional accessories that are supposed to make it easier to use; same price though, $149.00. I’ll put a link to that package right down below this video. In the package I ordered, they
included these scents pads. These are eucalyptus
and peppermint to help clear out the sinuses, I guess. This accessory, which is
the hands-free accessory, and I’ve heard this is a good one to have, so you don’t have to
hold it up to your face. You can use this and I guess
it straps it on to your head, and it looks like there are
also a couple of extra masks. Now, my favorite place to
be when I’ve got a cold and I’m all stuffed up or the allergies are really bothering me is not in bed. It’s in the shower. A hot shower, all that steamy warm air, after a few minutes seems
to clear things out. Suddenly, you can breathe again. It’s so nice but after your
shower, when you step out, a few minutes later, all
the problems come back. So, I think the idea is
that that water that can go deep into your lungs, up into your sinuses will give you that same sort
of I’m-in-the-shower effect. The first thing I see in the box here answers my first question, was, “Can you use regular water for this?” I don’t think you’re supposed to. This is distilled water and on the box, that 1 ounce is supposed
to give you 25 minutes of that humidifications So, this ought to last a few hours, and I guess I’ll go out
and buy a big bottle of distilled water. So, in here, I guess
this is to transport it. Here’s a mask. So yes, what they gave me in the kit are additional masks. I don’t know if they
wear out or if they’re for different people in your family to want to use it at the same time. The device itself, the
cord, the transformer, the other cord that plugs into the wall. So, you are going to be tethered to this. I don’t see a fill line here
where you pour the water in. So, I’ll just fill it up to
where it doesn’t spill over. You can leave water in between uses, but if you’re not going
to use it for a few days, then you should drain it out, pour it out. Now an interesting thing with this is that you don’t need to go and clean any of the internal components. When you’re done with it and turn it off, a fan comes on that blows
air through and dries everything out,
supposedly, for 10 minutes, so no bacteria will grow there. The cap has got a little seal inside. So, let’s see….. how spilly it is. Okay. Didn’t spill. Oh, till it snaps in. Okay. Alright. The mask is pretty thin but very flexible. It’s got a metal piece on the top to fit the bridge of your nose. Alright. I’m going to actually go outside for a little walk now. That does wonders for
stirring up the allergies, and I’ll be back in a few
minutes to give this a try. Actually pretty windy
outside this afternoon. I may have a few leaves in my hair. I have a little of the
allergy response going on. I can feel the stuffiness
here but it isn’t to the point of sneezing
or having the watery eyes. So, let’s see what this
can do, if it can help me to breathe more easily. So, power switch. Hit this button at the bottom. Blue light comes on. I think that means it’s warming up. Oh, it’s already getting steamy. Wow, and it’s already warm. So, the bottom light must
be the, okay, the 105, and all the way up is 115. Let’s go with, does this go any lower? No, 105, okay. (blowing air) One size fits all. It’s warm and very humid. Doesn’t feel quite like a shower. I can smell the plastic because it’s being warmed up for the first time. Gotta keep it pressed all around your face to keep the steam in there. Think you can see it’s
gotten very humid and steamy. Other than the smell of
this plastic getting warm, there’s no other smell. When I talk, it wants to come off my face. The key is, don’t talk
when you’re using it. It’s definitely warm and humid in there. I don’t think you can
see any steam coming out, but I can feel it here, and you can see the
condensation on the plastic. I’m going to put the temperature up some. I thought 105 would be plenty warm, but I’d actually like it a little warmer. Let’s go up a couple of dots. Now this actually functions,
as I understand it, as a vaporizer, which my brother could probably explain about
a lot better than me, but it takes the liquid
in a little, tiny, tiny chamber and vaporizes it and that’s what comes out and what you inhale. Well, that’s much hotter. Yeah, I can feel the
temperature difference there. Feels like there’s not
quite as much steam. Though it’s hotter,
there’s not as much of it, like it takes longer for it to produce it. So, it doesn’t blow it out quite as fast. Well, it would be more relaxing if I didn’t have to hold it up to my face. So, I think I ought to
try out that attachment that makes it hands free. So, I’m going to turn
this off with this button. We used it for what, maybe five minutes and the fan is still going. That will run for 10
minutes to dry it out, but what I want is to try this attachment. Wonder if it’s okay to
fall asleep with it on. I guess so. I’ll let it go for a few minutes and see what effect it’s had. Alright. I got bored
after a minute. (laughs) I want to try these out. These, I thought they
dropped down into the water, but not, they clamp on on outside where the air gets pulled
into this device, so. Press one reservoir blister firmly. Enjoy soothing aroma. So, there are eight little packs on here and you pop one and you use that. Okay, now, press one reservoir blister firmly. Is that firm enough? I smell stuff. I guess it was. Just had to break the seal. That should get drawn up… into the mask. Wheeewww! That’s nice. That’s very strong. Now it’s a little too strong. There’s no way to (coughs) go from full strength to no strength. It helped. I had the eucalyptus and
peppermint pack going. After about three minutes of breathing in through my nose, out through my mouth, it helped to clear up the congestion. So, that actually did help. I went and collected some of
our alternative humidification, cold and allergy treatments. It’s been a few minutes. You can hear this is still going. Can’t unplug it, well
you shouldn’t unplug it because then the drying
process won’t complete, and then it is subject to having something growing inside where you
can’t get in to clean it out. Here’s an old favorite. It’s the big Vicks’ tub. You fill this up with
water and this is the unit that actually creates
the steam and you can put a spoonful of mentholatum,
eucalyptus sort of stuff in here and then that
warms up and it humidifies the room and gives it
the nice smell and helps to clear out your sinuses. It uses that much water in about a night. So, it only works if the room is closed and everything in the
room gets kind of humid. So, this is a nice alternative in that it only takes an ounce
of water and you get almost half an hour of humidification right where you need it, in your nose, mouth, and sinuses instead of having to fill up an entire
room with the humidity. You’ll have to decide in
your case if the MyPurMist is worth the expense. Again, if you’re interested in the package with the extras that we
got, I’ll put a link to it down below this video, and I did check their website to see if you can use this lying down. They said you can use
it lying at an angle. So, in a recliner or with some pillows behind you in bed, and the day that you have
two kids come home sick or three kids come home sick, or four kids come home sick, you may wish you could just put them all in the same bedroom to sleep and break out this guy. ♫ Shopping is easy when
you know what to buy ♫ At Epic Review Guys
[who gives it a try 9:46] ♫ What does the fox buy ♫ Nobody knows but before he goes shopping ♫ He watches our videos ♫

42 thoughts on “MyPurMist Review- Personal Humidifier | EpicReviewGuys in 4k CC

  1. i have a small humidifier that works amazingly!only when I was sick I used it and I was so cold!!!but it uses a small water bottle and it lasts almost all night depending when and how long you need it

  2. i have a small humidifier that works amazingly!only when I was sick I used it and I was so cold!!!but it uses a small water bottle and it lasts almost all night depending when and how long you need it

  3. i have a small humidifier that works amazingly!only when I was sick I used it and I was so cold!!!but it uses a small water bottle and it lasts almost all night depending when and how long you need it

  4. For $150 I could run a lot of hot showers with some peppermint oil in near the drain. It's so humid even in the winter here in Florida we are always trying to dehumidify. There is always the bowl of hot (mentholated if preferred) water with a towel around your face like a tent trick if you don't want a whole shower. Like you said, I'm sure this is helpful for some people but it wouldn't be worth the price in our household – neat gadget though!

  5. this is also used by people with people with lungproblems etc.In the hospitals the give it to you if you have problems breathing. (atleast were i am living)

  6. Thank you , I will stick to my 16 dollars natty pot !……. purmist is a over priced gadget made in China ! expensive gadget doesn't cure just relieve .The natty pot better deal !

  7. this is garbage 149.00 you can shove it.. just go buy a remingtin face steam mask for 25.00 $ had mine 10 years great for lungs and sinuses .

  8. I can't believe they actually say it is gluten free in the commercial,,,, I mean really, are there people who thought it had gluten??? If yes OMG!!!

  9. Great video!! Thanks for your tutorial. Bed Bath & Beyond have the MyPureMist on sale for $129 and you can go online to get their 20% off coupon which brings it down to $110.

  10. I'm using mine right now and its helping me out. I have a sinus infection and cant sleep for the past 2 days. Its making my eyeballs leak on the fullest setting, cant wait to get all this infection out.

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