n & g | bloodstream (ENG/PL SUBS)

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

I’m Gediz. By the way. Nice to meet you. I’m Nare. You’re like an earthquake. But earthquakes create new things, you know? They create lakes. Seas. Continents. They make our world what it is. I’m not looking. I’m not looking. Are you awake? The calendar isn’t the best way to
measure things, you know? If it was, I wouldn’t be sure that you became
my best friend in such a short time. Goodbye, my best friend. My head’s not working properly.
Only Nare is on my mind. Nare? I brought you (coffee). Expected behaviour of Gediz Işıklı. You already love me. As a friend. Love. I’ve fallen in love. You always knew what to say to make me happy. I’m not going anywhere, Gediz. *imitating Gediz* I was just waiting
for you to say that, Nare.

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