By Adem Lewis /

Now I go to the head of my partner. From here,I can effectivly do these swimming movements. I slide now towards the shoulder- next
the shoulder blade. I can do this on the left and right or
both sides. Or crosswise. And we see again, the body goes with the movement. So really remember this. Use your bodyweight. And now I go with both fists next to
spine. My fists melt in the connective tissue
the so-called muscle fascia. In the muscle enveloping and pervasive
Connective tissue. I do this movement across the joints. So I go up to her buttocks and do not stop earlier. This is very important. Because muscles end always behind the joints. The connective tissue, called fascia trains,
swipe the whole body. Just like the Chinese or Thai
Acupressure lines. Since there are very many anatomical similarities
with muscle chains, but especially with the fascia trains- the connective tissue trains. Now I put her arms so on my thighs
in that they can not fall down. Her head is between my
Legs. The back is straight. The large back muscle, called the latissimus
Dorsi is strechted slightly. The wide back muscle is the largest
Muscle we have. In this stretch position I do
my swimming movements again. And besides, I now have an advantage,
if her forehead lays on the floor: Her cervical spine is relaxed. I can now work with very gentle movements. As if I would pet a kitten. I can also go into the so-called head joint muscles with the top of my fingers. Right here: behind the head and upper neck. These are the small muscles which do fine adjustments and make
your head move. The are often very tense. Now I cross my fingers and my
thumbs go on the transverse processes of the cervical spine. Just like a a pair of pliers they give light pressure. You can also do circles. Here I am very careful that I
do not work too much and that her breath is deep and relaxed. If that is not the case, I would stop. Or work more smoothly. Acute cervical spine problems should
be handeled by true professionals. But in case of normal everyday tensions
you cant do much harm. I can go between
the spinous and transverse processes again. And now to stay on the safe side,
I ask my partner to move her cervical spine herself- just like a small snake. I ask her to do littlel Yes and No movements.
She moves into the pressure herself. Because if she had any injury,
she would not want to make this move. You can’t break you own neck. That’s why it makes sense to integrate active movements or self-motion. Now I can over the muscle belly of the so-called
Trapezius – and also of the underlying levator Scapulae.. We have all heard the word elevator in English. Levator is the lifter of the shoulder –
Scapula. Now I can draw a proper and deep
line next to the spine – actually almost between the mandrel and
Pull transverse processes, which in turn has a positive effect on distortions and adhesions in the connective tissue. Usually. If it has no effect, the technique
also harmless. I palpate, so I sense the tensed locations with my other fingers.Then draw this line again. I slide really slow (melting down)
along this line. And here I go quietly back to the sacrum
up and glide out towards the lateral buttocks And am now again gently on the neck. Pet the kitten. A cat would, if it is too hard immediately
run away and if it is too laxly as well.. Just look: If
the cat purrs, has deep breathing, then you you are doing it correctly. Is it too little, it the cat is bored
and she goes, there is too much she also goes or scratches you before that – depending on temperament. But always think of these images. Move like animals would. Also remember this when you put pressure. So this really is a good exercise.

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