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hi and welcome to natural animal solutions my name is Jacqueline on the animal not to pass for natural animal solutions and today we’re here to talk about skin allergies so I’m the animal naturopath for natural animal solutions so I have helped develop a lot of the range or most of the range for natural animal solutions and I also work in clinic and feel primarily with skin problems for dogs and cats the reason we actually started natural I started natural animal solutions was I was one of those people that had a skin allergy dog so I was going to and from the vet antibiotics quarter zone consistently treating a condition that did not kill so we started with a little dog called Chloe little dish on friends and for years and years discontinued until one day I actually had to say enough is enough and the reason that that came for food was my vet said she no longer have a quality of life and we had to consider euthanasia and of course that was not going to be an option for our dog and I consider that would be a non-option for many of you pet owners also so I decided well I use a naturopathic myself why can I not find a natural path for my dog and I did search and I just find it extremely difficult to find a naturopath that good treat skin problems and even though that i did find didn’t seem to have a lot of knowledge and how to treat it so I actually spoke to my own naturopath and I basically started developing products diets and different methods of actually healing skin problems so through the clinic over time I’ve also discovered it’s not as simple as your dog has a skin problem there are many different factors that can cause this there could be Cyrus there could be a contact allergy there can be adrenal problems stress there are many different factors I’ve learnt can cause a skin problem so what we want to know is why does my pet have this skin problem why they’re chewing their feet why if I got chronic ear infections why do they have rashes and redness of heat liberating from their skin and why do they smell god-awful well we need to look at all the different reasons there are many reasons why we have these skin problems so we can’t go through all of them but we are going to talk about some of the main ones so we do have in allergy so to speak so we have an allergic response to an airborne allergen we have issues with diet and sometimes not necessarily what they’re eating is being a certain protein but it could be the quality of food so when I talk about food I talk about the differences in commercial food vs. raw food and there are major differences that they’re basically cooked commercial vs raw fresh meat meaty bones fruit and vegetables start with the basics of getting all the basic fundamentals of fixing a skin problem start with the bowel to liver assisting the skin and making sure digestion is working very very well so of course to start with we want a perfect royal commitment commercial free diet so once we’ve got that well i like to use things like kangaroo meat chicken turkey rabbits and even sometimes these aren’t appropriate for certain dogs but in general that’s a good place to start now what we want to do is look at creasing digestion making it fast like a natural absolving the wild wood would digest secondly we want to make sure the health of the bowels is working well so absorption is is at its maximum when we’re actually getting rid of waste that’s working correctly so we don’t have diarrhea we don’t have constipation we don’t have smelly foods and restricted size of 2 is also an important factor we find with commercial foods they can get quite large and this isn’t normal so the other component we want to deal with is the liver now by cleansing a liver we talk about cleansing but it’s a little bit more technical from that double keep it simple we want to clean the liver out so that it can remove toxins remove as the impurities from the body because it’s about and if the liver aren’t doing these things correctly it is going to come through the skin now not all oils of the same okay so we have a mega fixers we have a mega threes and too much of certain types of oils can cause issues so too much of a mega sex will cause inflammation will actually make the skin work and we need high good quality amita three so cod liver oil fish oils flaxseed oil cold-pressed high human grade of a best routine use for our pets so with our omega oils the main purpose of these is to basically plump up the lipids in our skin so you’ll find your dog usually can be quite oily you can wash them and then they come back quite oily and if they did coke can be a little bit method and smelly now the reason for that is that really the coat is quite dry so what the kotel what the skin is actually doing is overproducing see them to try and sell and that dryness in the coat now that’s where you can get your bacterial infections your fungal infections of that oils stays on the coat so we don’t want that overproduction but what we wanted to plump up delivered so that they’re full and the amiga stories will do that for you that creates that beautiful protective layer of back on the skin either your lovely shiny coat and we get rid of that terrible smell that most of these those the skin allergies will have the second products are developed was the digestion so what we want to do is create a faster digesting our process within the stomach so it is breaking down really quickly efficiently rather than sticking in the gut sitting in the stomach as commercial dry foods do am I going to the reasons behind because that could be another video at another time so then we’ll move on to the small intestine we need to make that intestine absorb the nutrition so the digestive y plus will provide a means to help digest the food up take the nutrition in the small intestine and it’s also a prebiotic for the large intestine because at a later stage we then want to put a probiotic through but put it into environment which is healthy and where it’s been fed rather than putting in an environment straight away where it can potentially die or turn negative so this is what the digestive light will start to do and what digestivo also does not only does it pick up their health and it’s a general health booster but what it will do is it would provide nutrition for the liver so will actually start getting the liver moving and processing correctly it will get the bowel working correctly and it also helps for those those that have lost lots of hair it will actually generate a lot more hair growth so while the amoeba oil is creating a good area for the skin to hold the head the digestive like plus will actually result growing the process of hair on their body and for the third product we have our high potency vitamin C now high-potency vitamins free is not just an ascorbic acid or an extra vitamin C it is a mixture of multiple vitamin C’s with your Hesperides you curse obscenity natural anti-inflammatories and your alpha lipoic acid which helps recycle vitamin C in the body which means only small doses rather than the large doses required by most friends then we also adverse vera trough which is a very very strong and potent antioxidant so what the vitamin C is going to do to your pet is it’s creating a natural antihistamine so what it’s going to do is bring the histamine levels down in the skin so it helps reduce the itchiness and also reduces for those dogs that get water in each e either oratories that histamine themselves in the eyes also but it doesn’t just end there what it also does is acts as a natural anti-inflammatory within the body as well especially in the bell and thirdly it will help repair the skin so we know that a lot of these itchy dolls are damaging their skin with lots of rashes cuts are hot spots we definitely want the vitamin C there to help repair those skin tissue so you can see why antibiotic and cortisone treatment is quite ineffective it is indeed just a band-aid fix so you will find after using these repeatedly your problem may actually get worse because unfortunately the antibiotics are killing off all the good bacteria which we’re actually trying to recreate you’ll find that even though core design is an anti-inflammatory if something doesn’t ever has the process and the whole idea of what we’re doing is trying to get the liver functioning better so by using these particular drugs for a skin condition get my band-aid fix it short in the short term but long term you are going to end up with bigger problem so while your actual skin pack is being implemented it will take between three and four weeks before we really start to see the development and changes in the internal organs so in the meantime we’ve created some external treatments to help you through that process now these external treatments vary to helping you tell off fungus bacterial infections and reduce the itch in the process what we developed with three skin products so first of all my very very favorite EG scratch it’s one of our most popular items on the market and the reason is it does work very quickly and very effectively so itchy scratchy is a simple spray and we use that on hot spots or rashes or any area that we believe there’s a fungal or bacterial infection so simply spray it on use it regularly it will dry out the areas which is of course issue to your dog you can put it in between the paws in between the pads anywhere on the body that is required we’ve also got a dermal oil and a dermal cream so my favorite is to use the dermal cream over the top of the et scratch so once these descriptions absorbed we can use the dermal cream over the top and that journal cream will actually help repair skin tissue now we have a dermal oil also and i like to use that especially for animals that are outside so if they’ve got areas that are a bit open and exposed we can use the dermal oil and that keeps flies & insects off the wounds as well especially if you’re in a quite high fly ridden area so if you wander a wedding obtain these products from please go to our website we have many pet specialty stores retailing natural animal solutions thank you for your time

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