Nasal Inhaler Spanish Skit

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Hello! Good Afternoon. I am the Pharmacist here today. How can I help you? Hi! I have been experiencing nasal congestion and sneezing. It’s hard for me to take medication by mouth. What can I use to help me feel better? I can certainly help you. How long have you had the symptoms? For about 2 to 3 days now. Are you experiencing any symptoms of cold and do you have any allergies? No, I think it’s my seasonal allergies. Are you currently taking any medications for your symptoms? No, I have not tried anything, but my nasal congestion seems to have become worse. Are you currently taking any prescription medications? No I am not. Okay, I would recommend you use Benzedrex Inhaler. Please hold on just a moment Okay Excuse me No Problem Here you go! Benzedrex Inhaler Could you please tell me how often should I use it for? Of course, you want to use 2 inhalations in each nostril every 2 hours as needed; Please follow directions as instructed. How long should I use it for? You want to use it for maximum of three days. Do you have any other questions for me? Yes I do, are there any side effects with this medication You may experience minor burning and stinging with the inhaler Okay thank you for your time! You are welcome, hope you feel better. Thank you!

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