Natasha Coates – The Gymnast Allergic to Exercise

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People always ask me how does it work if I’m a gymnast that’s allergic to exercise and in reality it doesn’t but you just kind of have to make it the best you can. I have a rare condition called mast cell activation syndrome which in effect makes me allergic to everything and I also have some other conditions that coincide with that, so why have one rare disease when you can have three. But it was quite scary because I literally developed this condition over night really and you don’t wake up and kind of become disabled, there’s no book nobody tells you how to become disabled and that was quite a difficult transition because at first referring to myself as disabled was almost a bit uncomfortable when looking back it shouldn’t have been it should have been easy, but there’s so much stigma around disability that I didn’t want to upset other disabled people by calling myself disabled. We need to change people’s perspective of disability because people always say to me oh you’re really good for a disabled person and it’s like no I’ve got 15 British titles because I have worked hard and I’ve trained hard and my coaches and family and everyone have supported me, regardless of having a disability or not, I’m not good for a disabled person, I’m just good. When I head into a competition it feels completely different because I almost feel like my leotard is my armour and there’s some song lyrics that says I’ll put my armour on and show you how strong I am and that’s perfect that describes it perfectly and once that leotard’s on and I’m Natasha Coates the disability gymnast, it just feels like I can achieve anything as opposed to Tasha the girl who like trips over her own feet and drops glasses and does, you know genuinely clumsy things but Natasha Coates the disability gymnast I feel like is my superhero I suppose.

20 thoughts on “Natasha Coates – The Gymnast Allergic to Exercise

  1. so how are you able to do gymnastics without having a degranulation? as soon as i started to exert myself im instantly gasping for air etc..

  2. I'm so glad she decided to stick it out and do gymnastics despite her disability. She followed her dream and that's all that matters. A simple diagnosis isn't going to make her stop what she loves.

  3. You are so good and you're an amazing gymnast! You're so beautiful and such an inspiration to all that. No matter if you're disabled or you don't think your worth it don't worry what they say because y'all gorgeous and all worth it!

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