Natural Allergies Treatment – Dr Danny Lai Oxnard CA

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Yeah it’s great I don’t have to suffer with blowing my nose in class. I don’t have to annoy everybody with blowing my nose. Um yeah, it’s awesome I’m loving it Hi. I am Troy Kauffman ever since I was little kid I had really bad allergies um I went to different doctors and they prescribed me different medicines but none of that really seemed to work um I found this place online chiropuncture and I thought I try it out, and it’s the results have been pretty phenomenal I wake up every morning I don’t have a running nose my allergies are pretty much gone So so far I’ve had a think around 12 like a dozen treatments around there um but after the treatments uh I’ve noticed a huge change with my allergies I wake up every morning I don’t have a runny nose um throughout the day I don’t have to blow my nose like when I’m in class um yeah but it’s like a one hundred eighty degrees change I recommend everyone who has suffering from allergies to come and see Dr. Lai. Try out the allergy treatment

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