Natural cure for asthma? Asthma relief with natural medicine – Breathing Institute , Albuquerque, NM

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My name is Tom Kalm. I’m at the asthma and
breathing institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been receiving treatment; I think I’ve
had four treatments of acupuncture and I’ve been using herbs to make tea, and I’ve been
following the prescribed consumption of the tea appropriately. I’ve noticed that my asthma,
my inflammation in my lungs and my bronchial passageways is substantially decreased. Right
now I’m not on advair, nor proventil, the two medicines that I take, and I can breathe,
and I can breathe fine. I worked all weekend physically on Memorial day. I believe that
the treatment, even though I’m only approximately 1/3 of the way through it, has been an effective
modality of treatment and increased my lung capacity. I do want to say that we have measured
my lung capacity. It has increased. My blood oxygen level increased with the first treatment
from 92% to 97%. I felt, while I was getting the treatment myself become alert. I felt
like my mental acuity was enhanced and increased. I believe that to be because of the increased
oxygen level and a number of other things: including better circulation. I recommend
the treatment it is effective and I can tell you that two months of my prescriptions, even
purchasing them at costco pharmacy, the steroids are more than the entire first series of treatment
with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. With this treatment I believe that my baseline is going
to moved to a place where I don’t have to worry about having asthma medicine or steroids
or a rescue inhaler with me. I will be able to be a like a normal person without asthma.
That the problem with steroids. When you run out, if you are some place where you can’t
get your prescription refilled and you have asthma, and you have an acute episode, you
have a real problem. So this treatment is an economic bargain. It gives me a safety
margin. Because I don’t have to carry anything with me. Thank you.

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