Natural Facial Fillers, Neighborly Pharmacies For Allergy/Asthma Care

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Good morning everybody, and welcome to The Balancing Act.
We’re so glad you joined us. I’m Julie Moran.
And I’m Olga Villaverde. Alright, returning our focus to
beauty this morning. I need that!
No one wants to age, right? Am I right, ladies?
Fine lines, wrinkles, anybody want that?
Why are you looking at me? I’m not looking at you.
These days cosmoceuticals and injectables are very popular,
and with good reason. They can help turn back the
hands of time without surgery. Plus, if you or someone you love
suffers from allergies or asthma, a lot in my family, your
pharmacist may be an untapped resource in helping you cope.
We’ve got the info. We’ve got a great show.
The Balancing Act starts right now.
(music) This morning we conclude our
four part series on improving healthcare for you and your
family with the help of your pharmacist.
Today we’re talking about managing allergies and asthma.
If you or someone you love suffers from allergies or
asthma, your pharmacist may be an untapped resource in helping
to manage your symptoms. Here to explain is Dr. Chris
Obsbourne from Good Neighbor Pharmacy, a network of more than
3000 locally owned community pharmacies.
Welcome Chris. Hi.
So great to have you in the studio today.
How are you? Good.
Alright, let’s start by talking about asthma because it seems to
be so much more prevalent than ever.
Yeah, it’s actually on the rise according to the Centers for
Disease Control. There’s more prevalence out
there. More kids are being diagnosed
with it. A lot of allergens.
Environmental allergens in the air.
Food allergens. How is asthma usually treated?
Asthma is usually treated with a oral medication, like you can
get a Zyrtec or Claritin over the counter, and also the doctor
would probably add on steroid inhaler.
Right. Or a nasal spray like over the
counter, used to be prescription, but now there is
Nasacort and Flonase over the counter now.
So those are really something you could talk to your
pharmacist about and you don’t have to go to your doctor.
Absolutely. You can come in.
You don’t have to wait to have an appointment until next week.
You can come in today and I can prescribe the Nasacort or
Flonase for you and point you in a direction of the Claritin and
Zyrtec for everyday use. That’s really great.
Is that what Good Neighbor Pharmacies are really about?
That communication with the patient that comes in, that you
know them and they know you? Oh yeah, it’s a personal
relationship that we developed and hope to have for a long
time. Would you say that you know your
patients by name and know things about their lives, so you really
feel a connection with them? Absolutely.
They walk in the door and I say “Hey Bob!”
“Hey John, how are you?” Well, that’s not typical
sometimes at pharmacies. No, you walk into a big box
chain, and their shifts change every eight hours and it’s
always someone new, and I’m there everyday.
Wow, that’s so important. Let’s talk allergies.
There’s so many things people can be allergic to.
Do you talk a lot with people that come in and help them kind
of navigate those waters, their kid’s waters, as far as steering
through the allergy season? Sure.
We try to identify what’s triggering their allergies.
You know, if it’s seasonal like pollen, if they’re not usually
on medication parts of the year that may be the time to go on
it, ahead of time, before it gets worse.
Triggers like dust mites, rugs in the house, if you get rid of
the rugs sometimes that gets rid of the allergies.
Rugs hold a lot of dust and dead skin and hair from the animals.
Food allergies. If you know you’re allergic to
something, don’t eat it. Right.
Sometimes kids have really bad allergies, and the mom has to
carry around an Epi-pen. That’s serious when you have a
child that cannot breathe. You know, what are the questions
we should be asking our pharmacists in general?
Well, the questions you should be asking is, you know, should I
be taking this every day? Or is it just when I have a
flare up? Or if I’m using a certain
perfume and I don’t use it all the time, but it makes my nose
run, should I take something before that?
You know, things like that, or chronic every day asthma and
allergies. You know, if you need to be on
something everyday I can show you how to use it, and what to
use. You know, you’re the kind of
pharmacist I want to be treated by.
Yeah, I’m very personable. I like that personal touch with
patients. Oh well that makes all the
difference. Someone calls on the phone, I
can tell who it is just by the sound of their voice.
That’s reassuring. That’s what we all want.
Yeah. Well, thanks.
Great information today. Thanks for stopping by.
Oh, thank you. Alright, wanna know more?
Log on to You can also follow us on
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on a future show. (music).
Raise your hands if you’re ready to turn back the hands of time
without surgery. Ladies, and yes gentleman, there
are more tools than ever before to help us keep our skin looking
young and vibrant, and this doesn’t mean changing our look.
It just means looking like the best version of ourselves.
I like that. I’m the first to admit that it
might, just might, be time to consider correcting my facial
wrinkles in a very natural looking way.
I, like, many women, have been uncertain about using cosmetic
injectables, but the time has come to learn more about their
benefits. Joining me this morning is Dr.
Janet Allenbee, board certified dermatologist from Delray Beach,
Florida. Let’s be honest, doctor, I can
accept my age, but the wrinkles, it’s hard.
It’s hard. And, we are always in search of
ways to slow the effects of aging and gravity on our faces.
Daily sun exposure, stressors, environmental factors, genetics,
and consistent use of facial expressions all take a toll on
our skin. Sometimes, doctor, leading to
wrinkles, sagging cheeks and other giveaways that reveal our
age. So, tell me.
More and more women, and men, let’s be honest, and men, are
using cosmetic injectables to enhance the beauty.
Why? I think we all want to look as
pretty as we can be, and sometimes as we’re aging, we
don’t feel like we look so pretty.
Especially with us women. And when you start making the
face look more like we feel, the self-esteem goes up.
We feel better about ourselves. So, this is what I’ve noticed in
me, and I’m going to be completely honest here this
morning, is, and tell me if you hear this – the frown lines.
Really bothering me. Yes.
And they’re really hard to accept, and it is usually an
aging process, but it could just be genetic.
Some people have a little bit more motion than others in their
forehead where they have their frowning.
But what’s happening to me? Oh, I know it’s awful.
It’s awful. It is.
What happens is we start getting these etched in lines.
As the muscle is working, it actually etches the skin, and we
end up having these permanent frown marks and they are angry
looking, and people don’t like that look.
Here’s another area that is bothering me as well.
The smile lines? Is that what they’re called?
Well, everything around the mouth.
I think when somebody’s aging and they have a lot of problem
with like, their lips are deflating, or they have too many
lines like smoker looking lines. We also call them bar code
lines. When they have those, it makes
them feel old and they don’t feel attractive.
I think when people are treated for this, they look better, and
it looks natural, and the key word is natural, and it’s done
well, they’re really happy with their outcome.
So what would one use if you saw me, for example, and I tell you
my frown lines and my smile lines, what could I do?
Olga, you are a perfect candidate for Dysport.
Dysport is a prescription injection that is FDA approved
for the temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe
frown lines between the eyebrows in patients less than 65 years
of age. And what about this area?
This really bothers me. Actually, smile really big.
Just a – great. You have a beautiful smile.
In my office, I use Restylane Silk.
Restylane Silk is the only FDA approved product that is
exclusively designed for the mouth area.
It enhances the lip, it is going to fill in the little lines.
It’s a beautiful product that looks really natural, and
particularly really natural on animation.
So, when you smile, you still have your smile.
And it doesn’t look fake. Now I know it’s not a one time
thing. Let’s talk about if I went to
see you. Frequency.
Maintenance. How much?
Typically, most people will come in – let’s say they’re doing
their frown lines. When I use Dysport, it lasts up
to four months. When I do something in the mouth
area, when I use Restylane Silk, it can last up to six months
too. And cost?
Because a lot of people, they’re counting their pennies today,
but I think something like this is worth it.
So, the variation of price is really going to be depending on
how much improvement someone wants, and there are some really
great programs, such as Aspire with Dysport and Restylane Silk.
It’s a loyalty program, so when they are doing their treatments,
they’re actually gaining points, so it’s going to help for future
use. And let’s also note here that,
really, when you’re going to get this done, you need to go to
someone that you can trust, and someone that is certified to do
so. Well, we all know when someone
doesn’t look good, and we want to have people that are trained.
Board certified dermatologists, board certified plastic
surgeons, facial plastic. In health care providers, there
are a lot of injectors that are trained and they are very
talented. So, you really want to research
who you’re going to. You want a natural outcome.
You want to look good. Go to the expert.
Doctor, after your patients receive the treatment, they must
come back and tell you they’re so happy.
You know what, they’re very satisfied, and it’s a well
tolerated procedure. I’m sold.
So, I know you’re right down the street.
Delray, so that’s about a 15 minute drive for me, so expect
me to be calling you and maybe making an appointment.
Oh, absolutely. Thank you so much doctor, and
remember to head to for lots
more information there, and don’t forget to follow us on
Facebook and Twitter. Share your experiences with
cosmetic facial injectables. Dysport abobotulinumtoxinA 300
units for injection is a prescription injection for
temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown
lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults less
than 65 years of age. What is the most important
information you should know about Dysport?
Spread of Toxin Effects: In some cases, the effects of Dysport
and all botulinum toxin products may affect areas of the body
away from the injection site. These effects can cause symptoms
of a serious condition called botulism.
Symptoms of botulism can happen hours to weeks after injection
and may include swallowing and breathing problems, loss of
strength and muscle weakness all over the body, double vision,
blurred vision and drooping eyelids, hoarseness or change or
loss of voice, trouble saying words clearly, or loss of
bladder control. Swallowing and breathing
problems can be life threatening and there have been reports of
death. The risk of symptoms is probably
greatest in children and adults treated for muscle spasms,
particularly in those patients who have underlying medical
conditions that could make these symptoms more likely.
The toxic effects have been reported at doses similar to
those used to treat muscle spasms in the neck.
Lower doses, in both approved and unapproved uses, have also
caused toxic effects. This includes treatment of
children and adults for muscle spasms.
These effects could make it unsafe for you to drive a car,
operate machinery, or do other dangerous activities.
Common Side Effects The most common side effects are nose and
throat irritation, headache, injection site pain, injection
site skin reaction, upper respiratory tract infection,
eyelid swelling, eyelid drooping, sinus inflammation,
and nausea. Please see medication guide and
full prescribing information for Dysport on
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Have you ever noticed that music has almost magical powers over
us? It can instantly remind of us of
someone special or transport us to another place and time.
For children, music can be especially powerful.
Now the only thing better then music is giving the gift of
music especially around the holidays.
And here to explain is Ann Ittoop from music and arts.
Good morning. Good morning.
Thanks so much for being here. Thanks for having us.
Music is really important to me. I grew up with music around me,
my kids have grown up with it, for us it’s extremely precious
and for many too. Oh absolutely, you know I can
remember as young as when I was five years old sitting with my
dad at the piano just building those memories and experience
music for the first time. It’s so special.
And the coolest thing is that it’s unique to all of us it
really helps build our musical identity, our own identity and
you know just really creates amazing memories.
And lets talk about music and arts.
What exactly is that? Yea, you know honestly we’re
a hidden secret. We’ve been around for almost
sixty years now. We’re everything from renting
instruments to giving you music lessons.
Honestly we’re a one stop shop if you’re looking to learn
how to play an instrument. We’re really there for
everything musical in your life. And I love the name music and
arts because I think of my kids and schools and a lot of them
are unfortunately you know just getting rid of the music and the
arts and I think it’s really sad cause I still find it to be
vital for them. Absolutely.
Honestly, I can’t imagine a time when I was in school and I
didn’t have music to help me through what I was going
through, even just you know school in general.
But the amazing thing about music and arts is that we have a
huge network of educational representatives.
They go out into the schools, they work with educators, their
sole job is to help keep music alive in school programs and
that’s honestly the back bone of what we do.
And I’m gonna be very personal here because when my little one
was having a little bit of a problem with comprehension
someone actually told me to get her into music and she now plays
the piano by ear and it’s actually helped her focus more
on reading. Yes, music is such an amazing
memory tool. It helps you with academics, it
helps with self confidence, just the benefits with it are
amazing. And something else about music
is we as a family love music and during the holidays I’ll get my
guitar because I do play the guitar and, not as well as
before, and my daughter plays the piano.
My mom plays the piano and you can see us there having a
wonderful time. And it really just brings us
together as a family. More united.
Yea during the holidays is actually a great example.
I mean I remember you know as a kid obviously I like when I
played with my dad we would have functions and we would play
together and you know if your not musical or even if you are
you can still appreciate it, you can still enjoy it.
Umm and just the memories it builds and the feelings it
builds inside you are so special that you’ll you’ll carry it till
your well in your 70s are 80s. It lives with you forever.
And what’s wonderful too, for the holidays is to give the gift
of music. Alot of people are asking me
sometimes what do I give my niece, my nephews, buy them an
instrument. Yea, absolutely.
During this time of year we see families coming in and looking
for that special gift and the great thing is you know on top
of selling instruments if you’re not ready to invest completely
we have a rental program where you can you know try out
different instruments if you want to.
There’s a great exchange option with our plan.
We really want to help give people that gift.
Well I want you to give me that gift this morning so what are
you going to play for me? I’m gonna make up little
something for you. Alright.
Putting you on the spot. Take it away.
(laughter). alright.
(music). How
beautiful. Just what a blessing.
Thank you. What a blessing you have.
You’re located all over the country?
So are viewers know. Yea actually we we’re at 140
stores now. We’re in 23 states.
If you are not near a store you can find us online at
Alright, thank you so much for being here.
Thank you. I really do appreciate it.
Absolutely. God bless you.
And if you want to learn more log onto you
can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and of course I’m
going to have you play one more tune as we say goodbye to
everybody. Sure.
(music). Beautiful.
(music). Such great information on
today’s show and we’ll continue to bring you segments on how you
can affect change in your community.
Remember, we have lots more on our website.
It’s And, we’re also on Twitter and
Facebook and we want you to follow us, and like us, and
tweet us and all that. Until the next time, remember to
find your balance. So long, everybody.

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