Natural Flu Treatment: 9 Proven Flu Busters

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Hey, guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’ll be talking about “9 Proven Flu
Busters.” If you come down with a cold or a flu, I’m
telling you these herbs, essential oils, foods, and natural medicines will work really, really
fast in helping you overcome a flu really, really quickly. Also, I want to start off the show saying,
hey, thanks so much all of you that are watching. This information I’m about to go through,
we need to teach the world about this so take a minute right now, press your Share button,
help us spread the word that food is medicine. I’m going to dive right in here for you right
now. Number one, colloidal silver. Silver works in a fantastic way. Silver has been used for thousands of years. In fact, my grandma told me they used to take
silver dollars and dropped them in the bottom of milk jars to keep them from fermenting. Silver is antibacterial in nature. Silver works the same way in your body, if
you come down with a bad bacteria or a virus, we actually know that silver can actually
help kill off a virus or cold and a flu very, very quickly. So using colloidal silver, typically about
a teaspoon, three to six times a day, can be a very, very effective flu buster. Number two is garlic. Now, garlic contains a compound called allicin
which is actually an antiviral. Now, have you ever bitten into garlic and
you felt that, literally, a burning sensation? That’s that compound allicin mixed with sulfur
which actually kills off pathogenic microbes which can be causing that bug that’s causing
you to have those flu-like symptoms. Garlic targets it and kills it off. So garlic, again, very, very powerful for
allicin. So whether your flu is causing a sore throat,
vomiting, diarrhea, ear infection, or any other type of viral symptom coming hot or
cold, garlic works very effectively. What I would do is take some raw garlic, crunch
it up in your mouth and swallow it with a little bit of apple cider vinegar and water
and honey. It’s a great natural treatment there as well. Number three thing you can do is oregano oil. Now, oregano oil also known as oil of oregano,
is probably the most powerful thing on this list when it comes to acting as a natural
antibiotic. Now, oftentimes when people have the flu or
cold, what they’ll do is they’ll go to their conventional medical doctor. They’ll prescribe a synthetic antibiotic medication. The problem there is that it not only kills
the bad bacteria, it kills the good bacteria in your gut and all of your probiotics. Oil of oregano, on the other hand, is more
selective in that it kills more of the bad bacteria not as much as the good and so you’re
not going to have as many side effects. And here’s the truth. According to medical research and studies,
oil of oregano is just effective, if not more effective, at treating a flu and a cold than
other conventional antibiotics. So oil of oregano is the key, or I would call
the king of essential oils as a natural antibiotic. Essential oils can be so beneficial. Oregano, the best for killing a flu very,
very quickly. By the way, if you have personally benefitted
from one of these, whether it’s silver or garlic or oregano, hey, take a minute right
now and post that here online. Let me know what you’ve personally seen worked
for you at getting rid of the flu fast. Now, number four here is cinnamon oil. Here’s a great benefit of cinnamon oil. It helps warm the body. Did you know, most often, when somebody comes
down with a flu or often a cold, in fact, the reason they caught a cold is, in Chinese
medicine, your body would become damp and cold when you have the flu. So we need to warm your body and dry it. Think about all the mucus production your
body, that means you’re damp, okay? Similar thing, if you’re getting hot and cold
and hot and cold, your body is raising your temperature. If you have a fever right now or if you know
someone who has a flu, it raises your body’s temperature naturally because it’s trying
to get rid of the flu virus. Here’s the great thing. Cinnamon itself is a warming herb that can
help you get rid of the flu. It’s also great for balancing hormones, stabilizing
those insulin levels. But cinnamon oil, just a single drop two to
three times daily with some food can be beneficial at getting rid of the flu. Another big one here is eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil works by improving circulation
and actually expelling excess mucus from your body and actually has very powerful antiviral
properties. This is a medicine that’s used often in Australia
in eucalyptus oil. Now, eucalyptus oil, rather than taking internally,
what you want to do is swish it around and gargle with it. So you can do some sea salt, a little bit
of warm or hot water, several drops of eucalyptus oil, you’re going to gargle with that deeply
and spit it out. Do that multiple times a day. Or put eucalyptus oil in a diffuser, breathe
it in. Or put it in some hot water and simply take
deep breaths in and out. But eucalyptus is great for opening up the
lungs, expelling and killing off viruses that are residing in your body, specifically in
your lung tissue. Number six here is elderberry. Now, elderberry is powerful because it is
one of the most vitamin C rich super foods in the world. It also contains specific antioxidants that
actually can fight viruses as well. But elderberry, vitamin C itself, actually
helps support the body in fighting off viruses. So elderberry gives your body the nutrients
it needs like vitamin C to naturally fight off the flu fast. Number seven here is zinc. Zinc is powerful as well. Zinc specifically is known as your immune
mineral. So vitamin C is known as the vitamin for the
immune system, zinc is known as the mineral for the immune system. And zinc is beneficial for so many things
from athletic recovery, getting rid of acne, healing leaky gut, but especially getting
rid of viruses. If you need to boost your immune system, which
you do if you have a cold or a flu specifically, you’ve got to get vitamin C, you’ve got to
get zinc. And the next thing you need to get here as
well is vitamin D. So vitamin D is crucial. Vitamin D isn’t just a vitamin. It’s a pro-hormone and it’s a natural immune
booster. Here’s an incredible thing I read in a research
study. They said when you consume vitamin D, whether
you’re out in the sun and getting direct sunlight which is the best, or you’re taking vitamin
D in a capsule form as a supplement, vitamin D, your body starts producing over 200 antimicrobials
and antivirals to kill it off. So with vitamin D, I would be getting about
5,000 IUs, 2 to 4 times daily, so anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000-plus IUs daily if you
have a flu. But I would probably do 20,000 IUs. Ten thousand IUs twice a day if you have a
flu. And with zinc, I would do 30 milligrams, 2
to 4 times a day of zinc to bust a cold or flu fast. Then number nine here is steam. Now, if you have an infrared sauna, that’s
great. Or if you can get in a hot shower, what I
would do is I would take some of that eucalyptus oil. I would also take some of the other essential
oils we talked about such as cinnamon. I would do cinnamon, eucalyptus with coconut
oil, rub it on the chest, go get in the shower, and take deep breaths in and out. Or if you have a steam shower, but steam helps
raise your body temperature. Remember, the reason why you get a fever yourself,
or your child has a fever, if they have a flu, is because your body itself is trying
to raise its temperature to kill off that virus. Viruses die under heat. The good news is by using things like cinnamon
oil, drinking warm bone broth tea, or being in a steam shower, those things are naturally
raising your own body’s temperature, helping your body kill off the virus even faster that
is causing your flu-like symptoms. Also, I want to mention this. Ideally, when you have the flu, you want to
be hydrating yourself. The best diet to follow if you have a flu
is going to be drinking lots of herbal teas and bone broth throughout the day. So bone broth is actually high in potassium
and sodium, both of those electrolytes. Also, herbal teas like chamomile can help
calm the stomach. But I would drink herbal teas and drink bone
broth soup like a bone broth chicken soup and that’s how you should be hydrating yourself. That’s what you should be drinking. That’s what your diet should look like when
you’re suffering with a cold or flu. So guys, remember these nine steps and tips
to overcome a flu fast. Number one, use colloidal silver. I would do a teaspoon, five to six times a
day. Garlic, crunch and bite down on that a little,
whether you throw it in a meal, in a soup, or just bite it or swallow it raw, a great
thing to do. Oregano oil, a couple drops, try three drops
three times a day. Cinnamon oil, similar thing. Eucalyptus oil, remember, rub it on your chest. Breathe in, inhale it, or gargle it with some
hot, warm water and sea salt. Elderberry extract. I would do a black elderberry syrup by tablespoon,
five to six times a day. Zinc, 30 milligrams, 2 to 4 times a day. Vitamin D, 5,000 IUs, 4 times a day. And get your body warm with steam shower,
infrared sauna. These things will help you kick a flu really
fast. By the way, if you’ve benefitted from any
one of these things when you were sick, hey, post that right now online. I’d love to see from you. Or if I missed something that you think can
help beat a flu, let me know that right now and on the next time I cover a cold or flu,
I may include one of your topics as part of our broadcast here as well. Remember, there are a lot of people today
who are struggling with immune system issues like a cold and flu and they don’t know that
they don’t have to use synthetic medications. They don’t know that there are all-natural
treatments and that they could be using food as medicine. So take a minute right now and click on that
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the next video.

100 thoughts on “Natural Flu Treatment: 9 Proven Flu Busters

  1. You did not mention CHILLIES! It heats the body, helps with circulation and is packed with vitamin C and many more properties

  2. I take garlic and vitamin c daily. And I understand the “natural antibiotic” effect of most of these ingredients. But the Flu is a Virus not a bacterial infection. Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

  3. The herbal tea really helped me and I️ also would highly recommend spirulina! Thank you so much for these amazing videos.

  4. I haven't used this for the fly, but I bit down in garlic when I had a toothache and it took the pain away.

  5. Thank you so much for this. I was coming down with the worst flu I'd had in years. I checked out your videos and went for the raw garlic. The effects were almost shocking. I felt the neutralisation of something nasty which was in my throat and chest. I'm trying to support the total recovery with some of the other suggestions in your video. Feeling on the up – so grateful. <3

  6. I used oregano oil preventatively for cold viruses this past cold and flu season. This worked the best for me hands down! First season that I can EVER recall not having a cold or bronchitis despite the fact that I was still on the crack ( whoops, I mean sugar!!!) and wasn't eating super clean.

  7. My biggest issue when I had the flu.was the first day was just diarrhea. Five days after that the lack of energy was terrible. On the onset of cold or flu.for me a cold starts with sore throat.i make a tea of Rose hips which are high in vitamin c. Also elder berries and lemon balm or peppermint.usually 2 cups of this tea and I'm significantly better.

  8. Dr. Axe I was low on vit D, I used to take vit D 1 to 2000 i.u daily, my joint pain, muscle pain was gone and i felt wonderful, but then my doctor told me to increase it by 5 to 10000, after doing it for 6 months it started to burn in my throat or it is called gerd. It will go away if i stopped taking vitD and come back when i took it again. so in my experience, a daily dose of 1000 is safer.

  9. Lentil soup … or Indian Dahl really works!!! I was slightly optimistic about Oregano … seriously after a few drops it worked … I tried it in hot water with lemon … the taste was a bit strong … but it immediately stopped me sneezing … I was amazed!!

  10. When my my throat feels sore or the glands in my neck feel sore, at first notice, I will put two drops of oregano oil under my tongue. 90% of the time symptoms are gone in 20 minutes! If not I re- dose. Found nothing better!

  11. Vitamin C

    He doesn't give C its due. I take 3-5 Grams of C a day when sick. We Don't create our own and the immune system's need for it soars when fighting off flu. Zinc is synergistic with it so hi doses of it are also necessary to accommodate the C. Supplements will give you more than any food intake when it is needed. Normally I take 1 gram a day anyway. I rarely ever get sick and have only had the flu a few times in my life. I'm 68, not a 'doc', and healthier than most.

  12. Goto kitchen Basil Thyme stronger than oregano, Elderberry, Echinacea, Golden Seal berberine, cider vinegar and honey drink watered down some.
    Hydrogen peroxide gargle 3 minutes at least.

  13. Forgot items Cinnamon and ginger antiviral Thyme(carvacrol) lemon and garlic in water steamed inhale over stove pan

  14. Your video on leaky gut helped save my life. I couldn't quite figure out what I had until I saw that video. Regular Dr's just pump you full of meds. Didn't wont to go that route so I researched my condition myself. The tiny little glutton protein was killing me literally. Cut that out of my diet and followed the rest of your advice and I'm making a very good recovery. I went from 160 lbs down to 115 lbs. Almost starved to death due to not being able to digest food properly. Everything I ate caused me great discomfort from one end to the next. Now I'm much better thanks to your channel. Thanks for the excellent good natural ways to cure the body! I'm a lifelong fan you your work now. Your channel saved my life!

  15. My daughter contracted strep when she was 2 years old. She was allergic to all of the antibiotics on the market. A friend of mine suggested garlic oil, two drops in each ear morning and evening and it would put the strep in its dormant state. She is now 31 and still uses garlic oil drops as a preventative during cold and flu season to keep herself and her 3 children from getting sick.

  16. When I was sick I took colloidal silver and elderberry and felt better the next day. And was totally healed in three days. I took them both at the same time about a tablespoon 3 or 4 times a day. It works wonders!!

  17. I always have oil of oregano around I had the flu this year and take that for 3 days and it's gone I put oil of oregano a dropper 2 in my chicken Waters so

  18. What about Vitamin A? I read up to 100,000 IUs for two days at the beginning of a virus would be helpful to keep the viruses from invading our cells, lessening duration and severity. The WHO suggests this for measles in third world countries, should apply for all viruses.

  19. I love my Oil of Oregano, it works. I break it out during cold/flu season. Also GARLIC awesome! I made a fire tonic this year chop up onion, garlic, ginger, tumeric, horseradish, peppercorns, habjenaro/chili peppers, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon sticks, sprigs of rosemary topped with apple cider vinegar. Let ferment for 4 weeks. I've been drinking this tonic during an outbreak of the flu this 2018 and its shielded me from my family, friends and loved ones who've been sick. I love my EO's too. Natural all the way Baby!

  20. Rest..lemon water and chicken noodle soup or bone broth and Ill be adding cinammon. if need be
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  21. Hi Dr Axe,
    Thanks for the video! I have kicked illness before with GOLDENSEAL. I think the tincture works better than the pills. Also just a warning for the community, with goldenseal or colloidal silver, it’s not intended for continuous use. They are usually a 5-7 or at most a 14 day treatment.
    Gratitude and aloha,

  22. Tulsi Holy Basil, Tulsi Holy Basil, Tulsi Holy Basil…….get the tea and boil for ten minutes….. thousands of years old add it to all this great stuff from Axe

  23. Dr. Aex, you are so good. The details you offer with specific dosages and frequencies are very helpful. Some things you may want to consider that do seem to help me a lot are pau darco, 250 mg 3x/day and vitamin C, take as much as you can.

  24. Grate 1clovev of garlic +1/4ginger grated+1lemon juice +1/4tsp cayanne pepper +honey mixes in 1glass of water and drink it thrice a day to overcome flue and congestion .

  25. For sinus wet cupping in the head is better .I used to have sinus I did wet cupping twice it is gone by the grace of God .

  26. i am 31 weeks pregnant and have the flu..
    definitely believe pnemonia was quick to settle in.. hntil i started eating raw garlic with honey every so many hours.. i have improved drastically over 3 days. probably would be better if i had slept more. oregano oil wasnt safe for me 🙁 THANK GOD for garlic

  27. i found upping the fruits and vegetables in the diet helped me a lot as well personally. i let go of the grains and meats when im sick… usually…

  28. I'm vegetarian so any other soups I could use? I have homemade vegetable soup with apple cider vinegar, garlic, onions, ginger and I use herbal teas for the broth with some salt. That usually works for my colds. I've never had the flu but I watch just in case. My Mom has had the flu before. I am open to any suggestions. I am vegetarian an so is my child but the rest of my family isn't. So feel free to suggest away! Thank you for this video. I learned so much and it made me happy that most o what you do I already do. Thank you!

  29. I've used vitamin C & Zinc in combination to ward colds and viruses off throughout the year. I took while I was pregnant w/3rd child. My only side affect was that the impurities from my body came out in the form of a yeast rash under my arms and breast. I was told by my mother whom was in delivery room that the odor from the placenta was a foul one…I was so embarrassed, by the smell and the rashes. I couldnt breast feed my baby. The good thing about it all is she never has had a cold or gotten sick as a child. She's now 20 years old.

  30. I haven't been sick with any virus since i was 4/5 years old. Now at 39 I get sick with flu like symptoms. Im bout to go back to the Vitamin C & Zinc. I haven't been keeping with my regimen. I have some oil of Oregano, but am weary of its power.😀

  31. Elderberry and Vitamin D are very beneficial with helping to kick the flu lots of stream. Epsom salt soak is also helpful with removing toxins.

  32. I order my doterra every month. Iv been putting a drop of oregano 🌿 on my tongue.
    I stoped because it burns😝
    I could get a small little bottle and dilute it with a little bit of olive oil or I have avocado oil.
    Breathing eucalyptus.
    I wish I had silver.
    I got laryngitis November 1 as been stuck in my throat for three weeks and then it subsided and I got an pneumonia in my lungs. I guess I didn’t do enough I have to remember to use all the tools at my disposal.

  33. I guess I never thought of trying fresh garlic I thought roasted was just fine but maybe there some properties in the fresh garlic I will chop some up and eat it. I really wanna get better.

  34. I love how he says that in medical journals it is written that, "Oil of Oregano is just as effective if not more effective than traditional antibiotics in fighting a cold or flu." Well people…..guess what? Antibiotics are 100% ineffective at fighting colds or flu since colds and flu are caused by viruses and antibiotics are useless against viruses and only effective against bacterial infections.

  35. I'll tell you guys… a fantastic product, that has seriously prevented me from getting sick, and also cutting illness in half… is GSE (grapefruit seed extract) My girlfriend turned me onto it about 10 years ago. I have taken it a few times a day while living and/or working with people who ALL are sick… and I will fight off whatever sickness they have. I swear… Especially colds and flu. A couple times in the past 10 years, we didn't have GSE and I would come down with a cold. Usually colds will last 10-14 days for me, but if I go out and buy GSE, the length of the my cold will be cut in half… or more! 3-5 days, and I'm better.

  36. Dr.Axe you are Right On with all your suggestions! Harvard Medical School Newsletter said to lie on your side and fill ear canal with hydrogen peroxide and wait 20 min or until bubbles stop. Will clear plugged nostril on that side then turn over and do other ear canal. Harvard said infection moves from ear canals to sinus, lungs throat, and gut. Harvard said all relapses come from infectious agents hiding in ear canals. Hydrogen peroxide is Fast to stop Flu and cold and Strep infections. My Dad was taught hydrogen peroxide in ears every night prevented infections and before antibiotics were pushed, Medical Students were taught peroxide treatment of ears is like brushing teeth– should be done regularly. If no infectious agents are present in your ears they don't bubble or tickle when you put hydrogen peroxide into canal.. Just feels like water. If you are getting sick, will bubble like crazy!

  37. Bruh acerola cherry, elderberry must have another benefical active ingredient, because it's vitamin c doesn't seem high at least in the brand I bought? also oregano extract and mushrooms boost the body temperature like wow.

  38. Josh, great post. Another great way to bring up your core temperature is a hot water bottle held against your chest while sleeping or resting. This goes right to your heart and warms up your whole circulatory system. Magic.

  39. Oil of oregano , ginger shots (by Rescue), vitamin c, hot tea and eucalyptus oil in a vaporizer knocks it out in 24 to 48 hours. I tried bone broth today. Nice.

  40. DOES SILVER COMES OUT OF YOUR BODY? I heard it doesn't and some people turned blue taking it too much and stayed blue skin forever.

  41. I personally would add Mustard oil which has nothing to with the mustard on your hotdog. It comes from

    Nasturtium and horseradish and it is a very powerful remedy especially in the onset of the flu. its antibiotic properties are very powerful and totally underrated in fact research has shown that it even kills the bacteria and viruses traditional prescribed antibiotics have been useless because of resistance. Big pharma does not like the fact that this 2 together are so much more effective, but not having the bad side effects of chemical antibiotics. there is plenty of research but they are not publishing it well. Do your own research. Anyway, I personally take by the first symptoms of flu these mustard oils, in Europe they sale it under the name ANGOCIN 3 times 5 tablets 1 capsule of wild Oregano oil but be very careful when swallowing this oil is so concentrated it burns like hell when it touches your mouth worse than chilly. So be super careful when you fill your own capsules. Also make sure you use the real oregano essential oil Origanum vulgare I put 12 drops in a big capsule and best taken with food. (don’t bite on it when you swallow it) it will burn like 100 chilies. At last taking a CDS Solution 20 drops (chlorine dioxide) has nothing to with bleach chlor. please research! It is the solution of the MMS from Jim Humble ready to use and no need to mix the two components that could actually be a bit harsh on the stomach. I recommend to take it early in the morning on empty stomach or at least 2 hours before and after food intake. Colloidal silver is a must have and must take in any way of flu symptoms. I usually get flu free within 48 hours complete and feel alleviation already after the first dosage of the 4 remedies within 8 hours. that's my take but please feel free to research first on your own. Btw I have not seen a doctor in over 30 years and not taking antibiotics in the last 25 years. I read a lot on medical research and herbal medicine since I fight for 30 years Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and thanks god I still walk straight and not crippled.

    So I wish you all the best out there, do your research and don’t be fooled by all these medicine promises, God had made a garden of Eden so learn how to use it. There is so much hidden treasures to explore. God bless you all.

  42. i got the flu last thursday, i felt better the following monday and tried going to the gym, but almost passed out within the first half hour. Rest for at least two weeks after the flu.

  43. Honey, pomegranate, limes ,onions, green tea 🍵,🍏 sider vinegar are very helpful…get well soon!🙏🏻✌️

  44. Dealing with flu now using colloidal silver and gargled with a couple drops of oregano in water…totally knocked my sore throat out! Also for a cough used a drop each of peppermint, lemon, lavender and ginger essential oils in a tablespoon of honey! Really works!

  45. Oil of oregano and grape leaf TINCHURES take all these remedies a level further. I use a dropper of each with honey, vinegar, red hot pepper, fresh ginger and raw garlic. Lemon works too. Do it AS SOON as you feel it coming on! The sooner the better.

  46. This has been a horrible flu season in February 2019. I brought many supplements into this, had elderberry syrup, colloidal silver, zine, ecanacia tea, but what helped me most of all was the oil of oregano that I had taken. The oregano oil completely cleared up my ears and my lungs, bronchitis, so I ended up feeling much better afterwards but it lingered for a couple weeks.

  47. A probiotic, as soon as the sickness hits. Oregano oil on the bottom of my feet. And you mentioned black elderberry syrup. I used that too. I now made my own elderberry syrup.


  49. 1. Colloidal Silver (1 tsp 5 – 6x/ day)
    2. Garlic (crunch and swallow, or eat with meals)
    3. Oregano Oil (2 – 3 drops 3x/day)
    4. Cinnamon Oil (2 – 3 drops 3x/ day)
    5. Eucalyptus Oil (rub on chest and inhale, or gargle with warm water and sea salt)
    6. Elderberry ( Black Elderberry syrup, a tbsp 5 – 6x/ day)
    7. Zinc (30mg 2 – 4x/ day)
    8. Vitamin D (5000 iu 4x/ day)
    9. Steam (while in shower, add oils to chest, breathe in deep, can add coconut oil)

    Best diet while with Flu: herbal teas + bone broth soup

  50. Thank you so much for all of these suggestions, I am absolutely dying right now from flu symptoms and desperately wish I had all of this in my house right now…maybe I can get my family to go grab me some of them at the store or Amazon….HELP!!!! Nothing worse than the flu!!

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