Natural Relief of Hayfever and Allergies Using Homeopathy

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Hi there everyone, my name’s Eileen Scullion from Homeopathy Healing and you’re very welcome to today’s video on
hay fever and allergies. So at this time of the year I see a lot of people who
are really struggling with their hayfever symptoms which can be quite
debilitating and leave people feeling really miserable throughout the summer
months. They also find that their over-the-counter medications are not
really getting to the root cause of the problem and often only gives them
temporary relief. They may also find that there’s a lot of unpleasant side effects
such as drowsiness. So in homeopathy we take a natural approach to hayfever and
allergies and ideally the best time for us to take action for your hayfever is
outside of the season so you can really enjoy the benefits during the spring and
summer months. Not to worry if your symptoms have kicked in there’s still a
lot we can do to help get you through the summer months. What we do is we use acute remedies which are prescribed specific to your needs. So we recognize
in homeopathy that not everyone’s going to experience the exact same symptoms
and what we try to do is find a remedy which matches the most prominent
symptoms that you’re actually experiencing. For example one person
may find that the worst part of their hayfever is all based around their eyes. Their eyes are inflamed, red, gritty, watering, stinging. Maybe sticking together with pus in
the morning. Someone else may find that their nose is actually the worst part.
The nose is constantly dripping or their sinuses are very affected. Another person
may find that it’s the incessant sneezing that’s driving them crazy or
it’s the itch on the roof of their mouth. So some of the other benefits you can
hope to enjoy with using homeopathy for hayfever symptoms is that they’re
really easy to take, there are no side effects. They’re perfect for using with babies and children. They’re perfect for using
actually with pregnant mums as well who are quite limited by what they can
actually take during their pregnancy. And you’re actually working in a very
natural way with your body rather than suppressing your symptoms. So what I’d
like to do is leave some links below with some testimonials
of people I’ve worked with who have really benefited from homeopathy and no longer experience hayfever symptoms. I’d also like to leave a link which explains a
little bit more on how homeopathy works with hayfever and how you can get
long-term relief. So thank you very much for listening. If I can help in any way
or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch and let me know. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you for my next video.

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  3. Eileen, great advice. Thanks again for healing my hayfever and not to mention my sneezing / irritated eyes. Craig.

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