Natural Remedies For Asthma

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– Hey guys! Dr. Nixon here with Max Living. Today we’re going to talk about how to overcome asthma naturally. Listen, as a young dad,
there’s nothing more that I want to see, than to
see my son grow up strong, healthy, and full of life. But what we know, is
that childhood illness and childhood disease, effects millions and asthma is one of
the main culprits of it. In fact, asthma statistics
states that over 25 million Americans have
been diagnosed with asthma and that one in every 12 people suffer from asthma related
symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, their throat closing down, and causing asthma attacks. Listen, we know that when
someone has an asthma attack, it’s extremely scary. It’s extremely, extremely scary. They can’t even catch their breath, and so the medical world
will turn to things like corticosteroids, inhalers, and anti-inflammatory medications. Listen, we know drugs and medications, they have an absolute time and place, especially when you’re dealing
with an emergency situation. But what we also know, is
that there are a lot of really good natural remedies
for overcoming asthma. To the point where with medications, Dr. John Mills, Chief
of Infectious Disease at San Francisco General said, “Conventional drugs used
for treating asthma, “particularly steroids,
can impair immune function “and lead to more serious health problems. “Doctors tell you that steroids
only cause side effects “after many years. “But new research shows
that permanent damage is “immediate and devastating.” So I go on to say again,
drugs and medications have a time and a place with asthma during an emergency situation, like an asthma attack. And it can save someone’s
life in that moment. But what we also know is there’s
a lot of natural remedies that we can apply to our
health to overcome asthma. So if you know somebody, or maybe it’s you who’ve
been dealing with asthma, or difficulty breathing,
and allergy issues, these are the steps that
I would recommend taking. Number one, first and
foremost, what we know is that posture plays a pivotal
role in your lung capacity. Dr. Reinhard Zeller goes
on to say that scoliosis, even at an early age, as
young as five years old, has been shown to shut
down your lung capacity. And if that scoliosis progresses, it can shut off as much as
50% of someones lung capacity and their breathing abilities. So it’s extremely important to know what your spinal alignment is. If you know somebody that’s
diagnosed with asthma, and allergy and breathing issues, first you want to find a
corrective care chiropractor that can help you and assist you in that. And if you don’t have one,
you can go to to find the closest one near you. The second thing you want to do, is you want to look at
your Vitamin D3 levels, specifically Vitamin D3. You can find a Vitamin D2 supplement. But be careful, it is not
the same as Vitamin D3. But what the research says, is that Vitamin D3 is
extremely important at enhancing and boosting your immune system. There’s research that goes
on to say how Vitamin D3 can boost your immune system
to the point where it increases your body’s immune response
and decreases asthma. “Recently, a study published in the “Cochran Database of Systematic Reviews, “which tested 435 children “and 658 adults with
mild to moderate asthma, “found that those taking
Vitamin D supplements “experienced fewer severe asthma attacks, “and required less use of
oral steroids for treatment “and also reduced their
risk of needing to be “hospitalized for acute asthma attacks.” I go on to say the benefits
of Vitamin D3 are amazing, including boosting your
body’s immune system to overcome asthma. And the last thing you
want to draw attention to, and really focus on again is, enhancing your immune
system through Vitamin C. Vitamin C, a lot of us know
it through citrus foods, but don’t forget you can
also get a lot of Vitamin C from leafy, green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, and berries. And so if you apply these things, increasing the spinal stability, increasing the alignment of your spine to increase your lung capacity, looking at your Vitamin D3 levels, and increasing your Vitamin C intake, we know that you can experience the benefits of overcoming
asthma naturally. If you want to learn more about how to overcome asthma naturally, visit us on our blog at

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