NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 4th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Pervey Harvey on a walker. Really? My grandma has a walker and it takes her twenty minutes to get to the bathroom. He’s just walking so fast, he clearly doesn’t need it.

  2. Way to go DNC you are purposely trying to throw democracy under the bus. No tests were done before hand????? #dncidiots #bumblingfools #dncvomit #newbuffoons #independent #youjustlostme

  3. I also think…Americans sitting on your couches will accomplish nothing. Revolution will never happen here unless you can order it from Amazon.

  4. Go back to the days of old when only the vote of the people counted not all is caucus electronica vote all this b***** I want to hear from the people and the people onlygo back to writing your vote on paper have it guarded and let honest people count them LOL

  5. Do anyone understand the concept of " CONFLICT OF INTEREST" of course not were still trying to understand justice and equality…smh..this is just so wrong and disappointing.😣😞

  6. The corporations that moved the majority of their companies out from the US to China are going to finally see how it feels to be screwed over. If they had kept the businesses in the US many Americans would be able to provide for their families. But because they were so greedy, now they have to wait it out while China tries to contain one of there messed up experiments. I think that the original source of coronavirus was the biological research center in Wuhan. But once the cat was out of the bag they or the original sick person went to the wet market and exposed additional people. Ultimately the greedy corporations will lose money because they don’t have access to the slave workers in China. Smh


  8. Clogging the System because of Information Capture of those Iowa Caucus Voting. BLACKMAIL MATERIAL SEARCH??

  9. Is this another Russian interference dictated by Trump to get back at the Democrats?Remember Russia did the email pranks to make sure Mrs. Clinton lost the election. Another campaign opportunity for the impeachable Trump. America is president-less! Will the senators share the shame? or continue to confuse facts with truth?

  10. Looking forward to new elections with its new challenges. If we look at each election as an upgrade rather than downgrade, we can accomplish a lot. I think today, a lot of us think what it means to become the slaves of the system. When things get way too busy, it is hard to stop and think for a second. As humans of modern world we really need to have time for joy, for hobbies, for simple coffee and tea break with friends and family. There are so many ways we can make a use of ourselves besides just work and take care of all the "Choruses". We need that disconnect with the fear to lose our jobs when we return from vacation, to lose our homes and many more… In any case, there is a lot to think about in corporate driven world without power balance.

  11. N.E.S.A.R.A Law needs to be manifested by the masses as we should have been living like this already and … move to G.E.S.A.R.A life.

  12. Someone trying to screw their way to the top and didn't get there so now they are going to make claims. Too bad because there probably are women that Harvey did something to.

  13. I just dont know were are we headed. Know they can be untochables and if you work for the. Gov. You can do as you please
    And the people that forms the USA
    ? What. ? Were do people stand in these country. !!! I just wish we had are country back. Were we all are one. And we all did every thing for our our safety. And if we broke the law we pay. And no one were above the law. Know I dont know. God have mercy on us. Were were these things take us. 😢

  14. Didn't Yang came in 6th–??? They should report ALL candidates' results–NOT just the ones they WANT us to vote for!!! Effing media did the same thing in all previous elections–pushing/pimping the candidate they want us to focus on! Maybe the problem was they didn't like the REAL result so they went in to alter the results!

  15. That District Attorney who fabricated evidence reminds me of Adam Schiff. Shady prosecutors like those are the reason people don't trust the system to be fair and why judges embarrass them in court then throw the tainted case out even if the person on trial is guilty or not squeaky clean

  16. Why be surprised when the Former Hillary Clinton staffer who runs the app company called Shadow (LOL) is corrupt with elections… Stop blaming Russia… It's homeland election corruption that is only being exposed due to technology. Funny that homeland security offered to look into the app… What a Joke. Hillary may not run for President but will be killing anyone in her way to stop him from being reelected…


  18. A SICK, DISRESPECTFUL CHILD. DID YOU SEE HOW HE ACTED WITH OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. HES AN OVERGROWN CHILD. WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO THEM HOW MUCH THIS CLOWN DISTROYED AMERICA 🇺🇸 FOR HIS LOVER PUTIN 🇷🇺. That's really sad, all he likes is to see everyone bumb heads and look like idiots, JUST LIKE HIM. WAKE UP!!!! This administration is filling their pockets, that's why they want the people to do their job because if they do the right thing and OUST the clown, they also loose the root of all EVIL 😈💯.

  19. US companies added 291,000 jobs in January!! you'll have a hard time finding this report in the media, why is that???? ummmmm???

  20. what no words from pelosi or shiff tonight. whats up with corona. or is this when media goes silent. kinda like you tube purging all the videos about corona, hush hush god forbid we get any truth.

  21. Harvey Weinstein's best days are finished. He who thought money and power meant he could do anything he wanted with anyone.

  22. Hey guys, just wondering, what a privilege for a professional grown man like Lester, to have the free will to choose to call Mr. President Trump, to call him just plain old Donald Trump, like from back in the day. But that same professional Lester can belittle himself asking for subscriptions on a YouTube channel like a little girl cover singer, this is not the Stone Age, we do not need to hear someone at the end of every video asking for subscriptions like a little school girl. Grow up and leave us alone with the repetitious sounds in our lives over and over and over again senseless sounds like Lester asking for subscriptions at the end of every freaking video every day of our pathetic lives in America brainwashed TV robots Saturday Night Live robots MTV robots robots robots robots DemoNcrat robots. Agape Love God Family Country! (:

  23. Less fat cats in politics can make a healthier political system; fewer demagogs will make a true political system operational!!

  24. What happened Democrats ?
    Why didn't your inept party simply blame Russian Boogeymen for your shortcoming like you did last time?
    Topped off with Ms. Pelosi ripping up the State Of The Union Speech says it all for Democrats .
    The road has successfully been paved for President Trump's second term.
    Thanks Dems.

  25. Why has the "news" become a horror show? Everything is sensationalized.We've had a mild winter we might get some snow…it's not a meteor.

  26. It takes the Anthem in this Country "The Land of the Free and the Heart of the Brave Men and Women," to get our lives back and in decent order. Attorneys, the Courts, and the Government need to respect the Constitution, statues, justice, and overdue process of American Citizens. That is what the voting was for. The voting was compromised. There has to be something in place that does not compromise, hack, or delay our progress in America.

  27. Trump should never criticize a potential or former president ever. He is by far the worst president that we've ever had in our history.

  28. Sounds like shadow needs to pay tht money back being tht there app did work!!!! Or is this a cover up tht Trump administration used to pay thm to rig the election again

  29. Hollywood itself is a sinful place and those women aren't innocent either, like the Italian star who accused Epstein of rapping her, yet later on she was accused herself of rapping a young teenager boy. BS.com

  30. And young American men and women are dying all over the world to spread USA DEMOCRACY and know how. My God help us all. A Pacifist and proudly a Slavic Canadian.

  31. The Russians and Chinese have got to be glued to their seats watching the US crumble from within. This country is so divided it's not funny, it's scary. It's getting worse. Give Bloomberg a chance.

  32. Weinstein really, do not stay in the middle, either you do it or not. When you stay in the middle and not commit to it is where problems start. I feel those ''so-called'' ''victims'' because things blow out they feel like they are the victims and have to behave like it. To justify and do convince themself they are the victims. If we can not be sure, but if behaviour can not be ''reality'' or ''not it/life'' then nothing is real or true, the argument doesn't stand on itself. I mean by the same logic, Am I me? I am after all a bunch of cells and molecules bunched and bundled together. It just let me to think over that and thus this comment to be of record of thoughts and trues.

  33. Biden YUCK YUCK
    Warren YOU will be sorry voting for her
    Pete disorganized, unexperienced
    The last one was very old almost going going gone…Bernie!

  34. I have never seen Lester Holt choke up and almost start crying until the most famous words ever were spoken NOT GUILTY 😁😁😁

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