NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 31st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 31st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Shaq be all lost and stuff…breaking up. “If he had only gone with the general…(sniffle, sniffle) he’d have been fine.” Lastly, Shaq…he sounds like Ali…the later years.

  2. Congratulations to Laughlin for exposing corrupt abusive FALSE claims and false charges “ case “ that is a pre planned attempt to confiscate innocent parents and children’s property ( STEAL):destroy families steal cash and profit from inflated court cases( fabricated claims); It’s as corrupt as it gets and YES these guilty pleads were FORCED (and individuals THREATENED There lives are also in danger and it’s a grotesque case of ABUSE of power It prosecutorial ABUSE and it unacceptable! This case will be dismissed and obviously criminal charges need to be filed against the grotesque individuals fabricating this case and NBC and also ABC and other US outlets Conspired to push these false cases and destroy innocent families even put peoples lives in danger DELIBERATELY! NBC even stalked innocent individuals REPEATEDLY and fabricated a non existent case during broadcasts to promote a false narrative!

  3. Uhh who goes around a 1 year old after their wife comes back from corona land? Even if he didn’t know he was infected yet. Best believe I wouldn’t go around anyone I loved. Idk maybe it’s cuz the info we have now idk.

  4. The only democrat capable of defeating Trump is Andrew Yang, but the media has been ignoring him from the very beginning!

  5. There are much more dangerous known viruses circulating out there than corona viruses if they get ahold of you. Get worn down, get old, get the flu, or wait too long to go for medical help, and they'll take you out quite efficiently. The POTENTIAL of this novel virus to mutate is there, but not evidenced so far, by the latest scientific studies we have.

    Quarantines work. China did the hard heroic act of issuing one when person-to-person spread in their country became evident. It's saved lives, undoubtedly.

    Closing airspace is perhaps an over-abundence of caution to prevent continued spread, but this virus will remain forever in human circulation now.

  6. NBC please tell Mr Trump my only daughter is in China studying, she has a US Visa , please Mr Trump bring my daughter home ,for information please call 1876-330-2467

  7. Get over it you incompetent Democrats. Get out of D.C. your A Distcrase and A Threat to Our Country.get out of D.C you Demoncrates.

  8. Delta made the right call canceling flights to China through April. American Airlines and United might want to rethink their decision and extend it to April now rather than later.

  9. Can't anybody see what's really going on? The news used to post about the US and China trade wars. Now we have this virus!!!

  10. No documents. No witnesses. No trial. It was a total farce. Republicans admitted Trump was guilty, but instead buried their heads in the sand. Shame.

  11. they should have ALL airplanes that are affected to go to ONE airport… let's keep it contained to one area n NOT spread it across the U.S…. dumbasses!

  12. We should protest the denying of the witnesses regarding the impeachment trial by maybe the country taking a day off, no work for the day nation-wide, wish I had the power.

  13. Who pays for all the security at the Superbowl? The NFL? The owners of the teams? Nope. Taxpayers. That's ok. The owners and NFL are billionaires. They have separate rules. Just like Trump. Our nation has become a disgrace.

  14. Since when did Biden become front runner?! Bernie has been in front since day 1…shame on the media for trying to steal his thunder!

  15. They are stopping flights to/from China… but not until February 6 2020. China gave its citizens 24-hours notice of the quarantine, allowing 5-million citizens to leave. USA gives 1-week notice. What could possibly go wrong 😒

  16. Mentioning dogs and peanuts over Brexit? Great news coverage? I don't think so. Keep building your dubious reputation.

  17. Day 178 of Curfew and Terror in Kashmir by India, now Millions in India facing Terror and Persecution

  18. I can never understand why is it necessary to alert the public in regards to any security measures that will take place. Please

  19. You don't hold people accountable that enter our Country who are sick. If they don't want medical attention you just let them go. Dah America!!! Looks to me like Kim is giving us a belated gift of Chemical Warfare.
    I love Kobe but as a business man wouldn't you want all on a helicopter you and your precious cargo (daughter) fly on. 185mph heading into a mountain. Just don't understand. I have questions about this pilot Ari. He knows and knew what's expected as a professional.

  20. The criminal TRUMP has changed history and in the process removed the USA as a world leader to a joke and a country that can not be trusted and a country that is not a leader.

  21. If you buy into this hole Democrat/Republican dichotomy you're playing right into their hands. Just like with the whole black/white issue. They, the people in charge of Washington, the people that own and operate the politicians and tell them what to say, how to act, even what to think, they use these dividers to control the general population. A people divided is more easily controlled.

  22. Yet another non credible Parson lodging complaints against Harvey Weinstein. Looks to me like a long list of people that didn't make it in Hollywood. They played the game and lost. Now pack it up and go on home.

  23. It's very upsetting, what a waist of time with this impeachment waist of tax payer money! I've been hearing how what the President ( whom has no moral code), Republicans are not out for truth and have sold their souls to the evils of the world, Democrats seem exhausted and weak, this President has proven himself in his personal life and in presidency-proven his dis loyalty to the the United States over and over! The worst of all is how I constantly hear, it's what the American people want or its for the American people? To be smug, I don't recall being asked? Voting is to help the people for a good government leader, yet what good is it when a candidate can utilize a foreign power to assist him in winning! Where do our votes go? What a shame and disgrace this has become, I've never been more into what's happening to our government than now! Oh so much going on in this world! Prayers for all humanity! Politics like religion can always be debated, wrong is wrong it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out! Much Narcism in our government now, we're the people forgotten?

  24. My question is, Are they decontaminating the planes where people were on, with the virus?! & what are they doing to sanitize & disinfect the airports?

  25. So the Republicans are basically admitting that Trump DID what he is accused of doing. Otherwise, why refuse to hear a first-hand witness that could exonerate him? Is THIS what the Republican party stands for now? Well, since it's going down in the history books, it sure is, whether they like it or not, and there's no way back from it for them now. Republican voters, you might want to rethink your vote. Your party just trashed everything this country stands for. I've been an Independent for decades; I've voted Republican when I liked what their candidate said, I've voted Democratic when I liked what their candidate said, and I've tossed a few votes to third party candidates when what they said made more sense than either of the major party candidates. But the chances of my ever backing a Republican candidate have hit rock bottom after this fiasco. Nice work, GOP.

  26. What are they doing about researching the planes that were there during the time and grounding them until they’ve been cleaned that’s what’s happening that’s why we have it

  27. Then you find out that this was a research. Just infect them and see how far it will go, I wouldn’t put it past them

  28. I promise you there are still planes flying around right now today that were there with those infected people and that’s where it’s coming from

  29. I can't believe they are taking our democracy and thrown it in the trash and we are just letting it happen. We are no longer acting like Americans if we are gonna sit down for this .

  30. This panic over a handful of deaths from a virus is just a wee bit of overkill. It would have to be millions before I would refer to it as an explosion of deaths. With a global population of 7 billion, we can afford a few. Where is Thanos when you need him?

  31. Look up Corona virus patent. Yep, in 2015, just a few years ago, they patented the virus for vaccine production. And now an "outbreak." Coincidence? I think not. Don't be stupid, people. They deliberately released the strain to make $$$ of YOU. Vaccines are toxic and non-effective. More people are injured and killed by vaccines EVERY YEAR than any virus. Look it up. Again, don't be stupid.

  32. *Trump will be "acquitted" on Wednesday, January 5, 2020.
    *He better start being more careful about his bad decision-making, or he'll step into hot water, again. ✍️

  33. i got all riled up for sars and swine flu, im not getting my hopes up that this is the big one…even though i hate the majority of you and want you to all die painfully.

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