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I’ve read of burning
books on magic arts in the Bible.
But! For my guest, new age and occultic
books to disappear into thin air when she
accepted Jesus, Oi-vey! Interested? [Applause] SR: I have Carlie
Terradez here and, Carlie, you were
not raised in a Christian home. But at
14, you went to Heaven! CT: I did. I did. SR: Tell me about it. CT: Well, at the time I
had just chronic asthma and I’d had a really
serious asthma attack and landed myself in
intensive care and during, during that time
there I actually died and had an out of body experience. Now, I wasn’t raised in a
Christian home so I didn’t have the language for it. But in that moment, I
remember looking down on myself, looking at the
doctors working on me, shining their torches
in my eyes, their flashlights, and, and um, just
just being moved, um, kind of like I
was floating really, just kind of floating
through a doorway in the hospital
room there. And then just
really entered a long, long, bright light and just
felt, just love and peace. But as I was
traveling down that, that hall, like that
hallway into the light I felt drawn to the side, to
some large gates and as I was standing in
front of these huge golden gates and a figure
appeared in front of me. And that was the first
time when I noticed that I had on a white
robe. It wasn’t, it wasn’t a hospital robe. It was,
it was a white robe with my bare feet
and standing in front of me, was a
figure that put, He just put His finger on
my chin and lifted my head up to His face and um, His
face just shone so bright and I didn’t realize then
that I was meeting Jesus. I didn’t have the
words to describe that. I just, He just,
He knew me like, He knew everything
about me. And He said to me, “It’s not time.
It’s not your time.” And, and I woke
up and I was, I was back in
the hospital bed. SR: And this, she now
has just a passionate, something inside of her
just to find this One that exuded such love.
But she started looking because she had no
paradigm on Christianity, She started looking
into the new age and got deeper and
deeper into not that same thing. And
so she cries a desperate prayer.
What happened? CT: I just said, “God,
if you’re real, I need to know.
I need to know. I need you to, I need
to know you’re real.” And the doorbell rang
and I ran downstairs and I opened the door
and there was, there was a vicar standing
there with his black shirt and the white
neck collar and, SR: A vicar is
like, like a priest. CT: A minister, a
priest, yeah, from the Anglican Church.
And he was standing there with a, with
a track in his hand. And it had a big red
question mark on it, it said, “Why Jesus?” And he didn’t
even get a word out. I just snatched that
booklet from his hand and slammed the door in his
face. [Laughter] I just knew that
was my answer. And I ran upstairs to my
bedroom and I read all the way through it and
I accepted Christ, prayed the prayer
salvation on the back and I just felt the
presence of God. SR: What a
wonderful testimony! CT: That was the easiest
doorstop conversion ever. [Laughs] ST: Now, what happened
to your collection of new age and
occultic books? CT: Right. Well, after I was born again those
books just disappeared from the bookshelf. No
one touched them and no one threw them out.
They were gone. [Applause] SR: Now, for the first,
the first time when you recognize God
was speaking to you. You were at a
woman’s Bible study. CT: I was. SR: And you, you told me
that you were suffering from epilepsy. How bad was it? CT: Yep. I had three or four
seizures every day and it wasn’t, it wasn’t safe,
sometimes my husband would come home from work
and find me collapsed or he’d get a call from the
hospital from intensive care. It nearly killed
me several times. SR: So, for the first time
you recognized God was speaking to you at
this Bible study. What did He say? CT: You know, during that
Bible study it was with a different kind of
Bible study than my, than my usual church
and my friend was, my friend was leading the
Bible study and she, she actually just left time
in the Bible study for, for kind of a
time of meditation. Where, in a sense, we
would just listen and hear God and I’d never
really done that before. And in that time was
the first time I really remember hearing God
on the inside of me, said to me, “In two weeks
time you can be healed from this if you
choose to be.” And He set before me
in my mind, I saw a vision of a
light switch and He said, “I set before you life and
death. Choose life! When you’re ready
just turn, flip the switch, and turn the epilepsy off.” I went home from
there and I’m just like, “Lord, you know, I need
to see, I need to understand what you’re saying in the
Word of God.” And for the next two weeks
the Lord showed me in the Word of God how Jesus had
a healing ministry and He went around healing
all who are oppressed. Went back to that Bible
study and in that Bible study my friend said, “I
just, I just feel that the Lord is telling me
I need to pray for you.” So she prays a quick
prayer and I just know in my mind I
turned that switch, I turned epilepsy off. I went from taking 13
different medications a day and having three or four
seizures every day to never having another
one of them. And that was 15 years ago.
[Applause] SR: Now, this woman is as
bold as a lion with the Word of God. She knows! Carlie was bold when she
needed healing for herself. But I wonder how bold she
was when her 3 year old daughter had days to live. Be right back! [Applause]
[Music]>>We now return to
“It’s Supernatural!” [Applause] SR: Carlie, tell me about your
daughter, Hannah. CT: Yeah. When our
daughter Hannah was born she had an auto-immune
disease and it’s called Inocencia Enteropathy.
Basically means that her body couldn’t take any
protein and digest it. SR: It sounds awful. CT: It was horrible and
she was three years old but she was the size of
a nine month old baby. Her growth was
severely stunted. All of her hair fell
out. She wasn’t able to eat literally any
food, she was allergic to absolutely everything.
And so we had, we had a feeding, had
to have a feeding tube inserted directly,
surgically, into the stomach to pump
it 23 hours a day within synthetic formula. Not
that it would cure her. But in the hope that it
could prolong her life. And, and really at three
years old, she was sent home to die with a
week to live. So when Hannah was diagnosed
we thought, “Well, we know that God can heal but
does He want to?” We didn’t, we had a
misconception about the character and the nature
of God, that God is really good and He only
has good gifts and His will for us is always healing
and because we didn’t really have that foundation
we prayed for Hannah. We were we were
pastoring at the time, we loved God. We
were fanatic about God but we really didn’t
understand that God is a good God and He
and the depths of which He loves us. SR: But He, a CD or a
tape got into your hands. CT: Exactly. SR: That kind of,
your brain went, tilt! “Oh, I see!” CT: Yeah. It was a message
by Andrew Wommack, and, um, we came across
a cassette tape and it was perfect timing. My mom had it in her
desk drawer and a chest of drawers, moved
her several times, but, she pulled it out. We
just said to her we were hungry for the
Word of God. We were in a desperate
situation and we said, “You know, do
you have anything, you have anything at all
that can encourage us? We need, We need to
get the Word in us.” And she said, “Well, I’ve
got this old drawer full of dusty tapes,” and
she pulled this guy out. We didn’t know who
he was and um, and that was the first
time that we’ve really heard the gospel of power. SR: But the power of
imagination came in because you saw
something and held on to it tenaciously. CT: Yes. SR: About your daughter. CT: You know she was,
ah, she was 3 years old. She was laying in the
hospital bed every day. the doctors would come
in and just had, just a horrible report,
always negative. And I just asked the
Lord, “I need to see it. I need to see what you’re
saying about Hannah. I know it’s your will now for
her to be well but I need to see it,
gave me a vision, Give me a picture
on the inside.” And the Lord
is so gracious. He gave me three visions
and two of those we’ve seen come to pass but
right, right away, I saw her about 4
years old, so about 6 months in the
future then, riding a little red tricycle and
the next one, SR: When she was given
a death sentence of two or three days! CT: She was in a vegetative
state at this point. And the next picture was
when she was 5 years old, walking in a green school
uniform through the school gates on her
first day of school. And the third one was
Ashley, my husband, walking down the aisle on
her wedding day. SR: Alright. You listened to this
tape of Andrew Wommack, which built your expectation.
Then you found out he was speaking near
you, right, in England. And, you took her to
the meeting and he prayed for her. CT: Yeah it was, it was
totally a God set up. We found out that he was
only in the UK one day and it happened to be
the very next day. So we got permission
from the hospital to take Hannah out of the hospital
and we went straight to the conference. And Andrew Wommack laid
hands on Hannah and prayed for her and she was
instantly healed. [Applause] Two out of those
three things we’ve seen. SR: [Chuckles]. But I have to
ask you this. When you saw
those pictures, did you tenaciously hold
on to them or did you say, “I hope!” What
happened? CT: I meditated on those. That’s really what
kept me going. Because when you we
have to learn to develop spiritual sight. We have to learn to see
by faith. We walk by faith, and not by
sight and faith sees the unseen. The imagination
is so important. It’s linked to
ah, to hope. And hope
doesn’t disappoint. Biblical hope
doesn’t disappoint. In fact the word, “mind,”
in the scriptures is, it is also translated,
“imagination.” Our imagination.
We need to start seeing ourselves the
way God sees us. He sees us as the
healed of the Lord. He sees as walking in
health and in wholeness and in His power,
And by His Spirit. That’s how He sees us. And when we start to agree
with His picture on the inside of us it’s not
gonna be long before we start seeing it on the
outside because miracles start in the heart. SR: You know, when we
return, Carlie will pray for you to flip the
switch for your miracle. Be right back. [Applause]
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Call or write today. [Applause] SR: Carlie, how
important was praying in tongues or in a
supernatural language to that woman
that was healed. As I was ministering
to that lady, um, she didn’t actually,
her heart was so broken. She’d been sick for
such a long time and hope deferred will
make the heart sick. She was so disappointed
about just struggling and not being able to receive.
Then when she came and met me for ministry
she’d didn’t actually want to tell me what it was
even wrong with her. And she said to me, I’m
not going to tell you what’s wrong with me. And I just believe the
Lord is going to show you. And, and so in
that moment I, I just knew that I could
only understand that by, the by the power
of the Holy Spirit. So I just, I just spent
just 30 seconds just praying in the Spirit.
And as I did that you know one of the jobs of
the Holy Spirit as we pray in the Spirit, He
gives us wisdom and revelation, He reveals
to us hidden mysteries, things that we couldn’t
otherwise have known. And as I was listening
to the to the, to the Holy Spirit talking to me I
just heard the word, liver. I just said, “I don’t know
if this means anything to you but I just hear the word,
I think it’s from the Lord, saying the word, “liver.”
And at that moment, the woman just kind of
broke down crying. I thought, “Oh no,
I’ve broken her.” Right, I’m supposed
to be helping her, I’ve messed this up. But she was crying
because she, she had liver, she had liver failure. And in that moment as we
prayed faith rose on the inside of that woman, just
as a result of me starting out by praying in
the Spirit but one, one word of
knowledge was all, was all it took to raise
that woman’s faith to the point where she could
receive and she walked away from that encounter
completely healed. [Applause] SR: There’s a phrase you
use. And I like it. “Do not give a lie
permission to land.” CT: Amen. You know,
sometimes we hear things and the world is
always speaking to us. We live in a world
where we’re constantly bombarded with
information. Some of that information
is good. Some of that is just, just lies. It’s
not true. And we need to be
careful what we allow to, to stand in our heart,
to land in our mind. You know we cannot stop
thoughts coming to us but we don’t have to give
them permission to land. And when it comes to, when
it comes to our experience or even symptoms in
our body, they are not the truth. There is
a truth that trumps that, that fact, amen?
[Applause] SR: James 4:7. You say it
makes you bold as a lion. CT: Amen! “Submit to
God, resist the enemy, and He’ll flee from
us.” You know Sid, SR: Say that again slowly. CT: “Submit to God, resist
the enemy and he’ll flee.” SR: That’s God’s Word! CT: Right? That God’s Word,
that’s James 4:7! You know Sid,
I meet a lot, a lot of believers actually that
have gotten the submitting to
God bit down. They were okay with that.
They submitted to God but they don’t realize
when it comes to sickness and disease that we need
to resist the devil. [Applause] CT: We need
to stand against him. SR: And you know,
that word resist, that’s a strong word. CT: It is. SR: It isn’t,
ignore. It’s resist! CT: That’s right. And, and passivity is like
giving the enemy permission. Can’t just lay passive
and hope he’s going to run away from you. And so many Christians
just think well, God’s just going
to take care of it. No. God already did
two thousand ago. CT: Amen! Amen!
[Applause] SR: You enforce it! You resist!
Okay! Deception is the only
weapon the devil’s got. CT: He is! He’s the
accuser of the brethren. He is the father of
lies and there are so many people today that is, that
are sick because the devil has deceived them into
maybe thinking it’s even from God that God’s trying
to put a sickness on them to teach them something. That’s a lie from
the pit of hell. Jesus had a
healing ministry. He went around
healing the sick, casting out devils,
raising the dead. Amen?! Everyone that came
into contact with Jesus, every single time was
healed. But we need to understand that the
devil only comes with deception
and with lies. And if he could, but he
needs our buy-in Sid, he needs us to agree with
him in order for him to have any power in our
lives and the minute we resist him we cut
off his power source. [Applause] SR: You say, you say faith is
like a muscle and we should not despise
small beginnings and you illustrate it through
the life of David. CT: The reason
that David had that, you know, we know
David being, for being famous for chopping
off Goliath’s head. SR: Right. CT: But he faced a giant,
many people today are facing giants. They may be called
different things, maybe called poverty or sickness
or depression or whatever is, you know, your giants
have different names. The reason that he was
able to run after Goliath with such boldness,
and such confidence was because he’d fought
the lion and the bear, first. He’d exercised his faith
based on some smaller things. And I just
want, I just encourage people today Sid,
because sometimes people been hearing
programs like this and thinking, “Well
where do I even start, where do I even begin?” And you know we can
start exercising our faith on everyday things. Let’s start, let’s start
exercising our faith muscles, not despising small
beginnings. But next time we get a
headache rather than popping a Tylenol,
let’s pray. SR: But I’m reminded
of this young girl, Carlie, that had,
had a little touch of the reality of God. But couldn’t put
it all together. Well, the truth is, you’ll
never put it all together because you’re not God
but I can tell you this, if you’ll take
that first step, He will run to you. And He will put His arms
around you and there’s some that are
watching right now. You need the love of God
to put His arms around you. I want you to say this
prayer so that God won’t be just on the outside
of you but will live big inside of you. Dear God,
>>Dear God- I’ve made many
mistakes in my life.>>I’ve made many
mistakes in my life- And I’m truly sorry.
>>And I’m truly sorry- I believe,
>>I believe- the blood of Jesus,
>>the blood of Jesus- has washed away
every mistake,>>has washed away
every mistake- And I have a new beginning,
>>And I have a new beginning- and now that I am clean,
>>and now that I am clean- Because of what
you did Jesus.>>Because of what
you did Jesus- I ask you now to come
and live inside of me.>>I ask you now to come
and live inside of me- Take over my life,
>>Take over my life- I make you Lord of
my life.>>I make you Lord
of my life- Amen.
>>Amen. Now, it’s time to
flip the switch in reference to your
healing. Anyone ready to have the light
switch come on?! [Applause] SR: Pray- CT: Father God, I just thank
you for everyone that’s watching this broadcast, for
everyone that’s listening to the sound of my voice. Right now in the Name of
Jesus we take authority over every sickness,
over every disease, over all pain. Right now, we command sickness
and disease to leave your body in
Jesus Name. I’m seeing brains
becoming whole. Neurological function
returning to people right now in Jesus Name. Alzheimer’s is leaving,
Parkinson’s is leaving, right now. There’s
arthritic conditions, right now, we release the
power of God in your body, we drive out
arthritic conditions, every bit of pain, every
bit of inflammation we command in Jesus
Name, limbs to move. Joints to move right
now in the Name of Jesus. Lord, I thank you that
your healing power is flooding through our
brothers and sisters right now from the top of their
head to the very soles of their feet,
that every ounce, every ounce of sickness,
every ounce of disease is draining away from
them, pain is leaving. There is, there is, there
is bound joints that are becoming loose there.
We speak life back into organs that have
ceased to function. I declare every
organ in your body, full capacity,
full capacity, right now, every,
every symptom, every lying symptom
from the pit of hell, we command it to
leave right now. Woman be loosed
of your infirmity, be loosed of
your infirmity. Right now, Sid, I’m seeing
a lady and she has a spine, she has scoliosis
of the spine and those vertebrates are lining up,
they’re lining up, there’s straightening coming, there’s
bones that are growing. Somebody has holes,
there’s a weakness in your bones, like an
osteoporosis, but right now those bones are
becoming strong. There is, there is, there
is bones where there was space between. Someone has knees,
someone’s getting new knees, right now, where
your bones were rubbing together, new knees
are being created, this is Holy Spirit
knee replacement! Lord, thank you,
thank you, that your power is, is flooding through
us. Eyes, eyes see, ears hear, right now in
the Name of Jesus. Right now, I want, I
want to declare an end to infertility. There are women
out here, there, there are married couples
that have been trying for a baby for, for
years with nothing. You’ve had parts of
your body removed, you have things
that don’t function, but God is doing a
creative miracle inside of you right now.
[Music] There’s ovaries that
are coming back to life, right now. We
declare health and wholeness over your
reproductive system and we declare the
fruit of your womb, blessed in Jesus Name. SR: Repeat after me, “I
have flipped the switch!”>>I have flipped the switch!
[Laughter] [Applause]

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  20. Dear friends, please pray for me as well. I'm young but I have a serious form of ostheoporosis. I'm terrified of fractures and my muscles are also very weak. I'm not risking my life and my condition is much better than that of other people, but please, pray for me, and pray for my faith to be stronger. Thank you ❤🙏

  21. To all the judges here who declare Sid and his guests guilty of selling. I guess you think the one who multiplied the widow's oil and asked her to sell it was Lucifer ? So please, you write your own book and come share it for free. I would like it with Hardcover for me and my family ,please send 20 just for a start. Thanks

  22. Hi, 2days ago I was sitting on my couch I close my eyes and then I saw this bright light. This man in this light was Jesus. I said what is going on! I did not know just what happen to me. I wasn't sleep. I was just watching TV. This was around 4 to 5 o Clock. Some body can tell me something? It look like your pic on here, but there was no face. The light was bright at the face.

  23. please pray for my love, jaffery. he is in coma and doc said he wont be able to remember things. please pray for him. i love him so much.🥺🙏❤

  24. Omg… it's the weirdest thing when you're watching a tv show and you realize you know the person who's on it… she and I were at Bible college in Colorado together


  26. I come from a family with strict obedience to the ideals of equality, and freedom of choice. By the deeds of my Father putting his trust into my Mother’s authority, and respecting her the same way he expected to be respected I was raised in a conflict free environment. My parents laid the foundation for the creation of the beginning of my first chapter of Life in heaven.

  27. The white Jesus deceived us awhile ago ,and Pope Julius the 2nd payed Michael Angelo,i know this happened in 1519 yet, this is a image i cant seem to forget!!
    Krs One…song
    Higher level

  28. We all know by their fruits. Dont be easily deceive.
    Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers. This parable spake Jesus unto them: but they understood not what things they were which he spake unto them. Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. 👮‍♂️🕴All that ever came before me are thieves🕴 and robbers🕴: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.John 10:1‭-‬9 KJV
    But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. John 10:12‭-‬13 KJV

  29. You guys are amazing parents and gemma is very intelligent for her age. Be safe, enjoy yourselves and return safely.

  30. Im from Africa. Nigeria to be precise. A land rife with witchcraft and all firms of wickedness. I had an altercation with a friend. Cut the long story short strange things started happening to me weeks later. Every night at about 1 am EVERYDAY i will wake up to the sound of what sounds like a giant pacing round my house, sending shivers down my spine. The dogs in the neighborhood will be shreiking and crying. It was horrendous. This went on for more than a week straight.

    The one night i had the most frightening experience of my life. I was deep asleep then suddenly i woke up with a start. Now im gonna explain this as much as i can with mere words. I was in my room but i could see a creature outside my house. It moved with speed like a vortex. Like a swirling tornado it burst first into my living room, then into my bed room. Again like i said i could see it..i jjust cant explain how. When it burst into my room i could practically feel the rage and anger of this creature. An anger that is beyond this world. As it burst into my room all i could do was whimper in freight. I couldn't even scream. It actually felt like my spirit sat up from my body and all i did was whimper. With that rage it came to grab me.

    All i could remember was falling back into bed slowly and peacefully and sleeping like a baby. There was a stronger force that protected me. God in his infinite mercy erased this memory from brain. I was going through experiences i had never ever experienced and was confused. God knew i could have gone mad in panic remembering this event so he kept that memory from me. It wasnt until about a month later that i remembered this incident and it still give me shivers.

    What every human should know is that there is a war going on and we are at the center of it. Satan had it all. He was Gods favorite angel. He knew nothing but joy and happiness. The ungrateful devil allowed pride get into his head and rebelled. He got kicked out. Banished from heaven knowing he is no match for God and seeing Gods love and affection for man drove the devil and his demons mad with jealousy and hatred. So they figured they could cause God pain by attacking his crown creation made in his image. We humans have no idea the level of hatred the devil and his demons have for man knowing they are forever damned with no hope and we children of God are saved by Jesus. Every human is hated with an intensity beyond our comprehension. We have no idea how God fights for us on a daily basis. We have absolutely no idea. If not for God the devil will wipe us off. No matter what you going through, never ever forget to give God thanks. Cos there are Angels under orders from God fighting for us every second though we cannot see them. Its war.

  31. I know that Jesus healed everyone with whom He came into contact and I believe that God would heal everyone today if He had His way. And then I look and see that many, even some who have genuinely sought God and continue to look to Him in faith, are not healed. This is our dilemma, beloved: How can we strengthen and bless those who continue to suffer, even after much prayer? We mustn't leave anyone feeling as though they are in some way deficient or rejected. Some things are even more important than healing. Let us walk humbly, in love and faith mingled with compassion.
    As a final thought, I have found the deepest and sweetest faith in those who are walking hand-in-hand with Jesus even whilst they suffer. This too is a gift. There is so much that we don't understand. Lord, give me the heart of a child.

  32. Rapture – Word From Jesus! "I Weep For The World," End Time Sings 2019NDE & Meeting

    Jesus at Heaven's Gates I Sid Roth & Carlie Terradez

  33. While 'some' may have the submitting to God down, as from James 4:7, and don't know how to resist the devil…'most' do not have submitting to God down…since Jesus said that if anyone wants to be his disciple they must take up their cross daily, and those who don't take up their cross, is not worthy of Him and cannot be His disciple (Luke 9:23, Matt 10:38, and Luke 14:27).

  34. People need to read the whole Bible,, supernatural things does not happen in today's society,that only happened in the days of Moses and Noah and Jesus days, those books did not disappear,,I challenge her to prove it and I will prove the Bible is a lie how culuble people are in this day and age,,so sad….u notice she didn't say anything about how he looked or the big questions that people ask the most what color is he it doesn't matter as long as I live with him for eternity, but if I see Jesus im going to tell the whole world what he looks like, she didn't even mentioned the nail scars in his hands or feet, did not even say what color his hair was,or the fire in his eyes,,,who said I suppose to pay for the word or prayers of God,,I need no man to pray for me,I can pray for myself,and have the faith God is going to answer my prayers,,amen fake prosperity preachers,your judgement is coming to us all,,repent u been warned, stop watching a lie,,God bless from the messenger….u been warned… anyone that's sells the word of God is not of God,and if a man or preacher can heal,why wouldn't God send him into the world and heal everybody,give me a break, most so called healings takes place in the church, I wonder why,no one has the power of healing but Jesus,u can pray for somebody and have the faith that God is going to heal them, but no man or woman can confess healing in your life but you,,stop running to your pastor for prayers and pray for yourself and believe and have faith that all it takes,I know I'm living it….and why would Jesus only heal one or two people and not the whole world,read your Bible the answers are there to why healing does not take place today, how many people have prayed for there loved ones and nothing happens, because sometimes the greatest healings come through suffering,you must pray for yourself,and have the faith,and if you are not healed there is a reason why it might be you,never questioned God….or his will and plan for the human race…just worry about getting to heaven to live with him for eternity…some of us are going to go there in pain and sickness, only God knows why,and I can promise you one thing you won't be sick anymore if you make it there… sometimes we worry about are sickness more than we do getting to heaven,,think about it????? This is a sick world everyone is sick one way or another…the devil comes to kill and destroy, it's gods world,but don't forget it's the devil and demons playground….????!!!!!

  35. Please pray for me my name Leon I just really want to feel Jesus presences and to be delivered sanctified filled with the Holy Ghost. To bear good fruit rivers of living waters flowing though me and my wife Rosa and all our children. I’m Jesus mighty name.

  36. Neither Jesus Christ or God told her to stop believing what New Age people believe. They would not do that because they do not judge. She used her freewill, power of choice to let go of her New Age beliefs and to change her beliefs to whatever she found in that bible. Love accepts and trusts all things and does not judge. Love, God, Jesus Christ accept any experience as just an experience and with no judgement. I have come across several people who met God during their near death out of body experience and God said to come back here and tell everyone the Word of God was changed in the bible. Jesus Christ said [through a psychic medium at Channeling Erik YouTube channel] that the bible is 80% not-true if you take all humans as a collective and to only believe the positive information in the bible. That means the bible is 20%-truth. Proof the bible was changed is the fact that the bible contradicts itself literally hundreds of times [The bible would not contradict itself if it wasn't changed]. One contradiction is… the bible says "do not judge or you too will be judged" but then the bible says God judges people a sinner and sends them to hell [That is not the Truth. God does not judge anyone ever. God would be judging ITSELF if it did because God is EVERYTHING through ALL and in ALL as Ephesians 4:6 says very clearly]. Be True to who YOU are AND allow OTHERS to be true to who THEY are. Share your Truth but what others do with that information is none of your business [That is what God says in the 4 books titled Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. Search Google for 'book 1 2 3 4 conversations with god' to find PDF files and webpages where you can read those books free online now. God answers many questions in those books].

  37. God I wanna experience this please God 😩😩😩😩🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼, I love you my King so much and u already know ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  38. God please I want to be closer to you. I don't want money or fame. I just want to get closer to you please be with me always. I love you.

  39. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Lord thank you for Sid. Keep him well and healthy. Heal his body and I thank you that you continually Bless his family.♥️♥️♥️

  40. You are saved by the work of Christ, Ephesians 2:8_10, and not by " prayer salvation" there is nothing such called " prayer salvation" God bless you.

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