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NEBULIZER function is clear! transforms a liquid into a respirable mist! Thanks to this we will be able to absorb the drug through the lungs instead of the digestive system Actually we have 2 systems to nebulize AIR COMPRESSOR Composed of an air compressor , nozzle, masc and medicinal deposit we have different models, kind and trademarks BIG VARIETY OF PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET! In the compressor system, the key element is the medicine deposit Compressed air is passing through the nozzle nozzle is decreasing section area and air increase speed while the spray is formed generated a venturi effect sucking medicine from tank and aerosolized medicine will be added to the stream of air to breathe who use the mask Larger particles deposit and return to the more volatile reach mask to be breathed and introduced in our system that fog only contain medicine fog liquid, antiobiotics, antimucolitic arriving to our lungs The second system is working by ULTRASOUNDS a piezoelectric crystal receives a voltage which changes its crystalline structure causing vibration This change in structure generates vibration of ultrasonic waves that generate turbulence and make the most volatile parts correinte rise to where they will be dragged breathing From this point the operation is exactly equal to the compressed air system The ultrasonic system has two variants the first uses distilled water as a vehicle to bring waves to medicinal deposit the second type is direct contact between the piezoelectric crystal and medicine to aerosolize for hygiene reasons I like the first type The droplet size generated is important according to this slide we can see that the compressor type generates a bigger drop than the ultrasonic so with ultrasonic get a more readily absorbable drop from the pulmonary alveoli nebulization is effective to treat conditions of the respiratory system such as sinusitis, allergies, bronchitis , asthma and many more we bought for our son ‘s allergies to moisture and combat reactions in the market have very many different models with 2 masks for 2 people at a time , with a department , bigger etc … to me it was very clear that the team that worked better was the ultrasonic equipment more efficiency, working better, lower diameter of the particle only i missed RELIABILITY then entering in forums and founding many people who complained that the ultrasonic equipment breaks easily the piezoelectric crystal is broken when spent water that cools the glass so that the operating temperature exceeds and crytal is broken The coolant is very easy to spend without paying attention and this made me CONSIDER compressor equipment in internett many people seeking spare and … so you ‘re going to buy something if you’re going to break soon? I DECIDED BUY COMPRESSOR SYSTEM Bag included is very usefull!! bigger model i think is not needed because no more than 10 minutes is enough CONECTIONS AND FILTER MEDICINE DEPOSIT 2 mascs LIQUID HERE now test with physiological serum MIST!!!!!! The mist is created from medicine deposite NOTHING MORE SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!! ON MY NEXT VIDEO!!!!!


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