Nebulizer Administration

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Position the student while attempting to provider
him or her with as much privacy as possible, given the urgency of the situation. Explain the procedure to the student at his
or her level of understanding. Encourage the student to assist in the procedure
as much as he or she is able, to help them learn self-care skills.
Review the individualized health plan and/or the health care provider’s orders.
Wash hands. Set up and plug in the nebulizer machine in
a location where the power source is close to a comfortable location for the medication
to be administered. Follow the directions for the specific brand
of nebulizer machine and cup. Unscrew top of nebulizer cup.
Add medication into the bottom half of the nebulizer cup.
Screw the top of the cup back on. Attach the tubing from the cup to the nebulizer
machine and the cup onto the facemask or mouthpiece. Place either the facemask on the student or
have the student put the mouthpiece in his or her mouth.
Turn on the machine. A mist of medication should rapidly appear. Instruct the student
to take normal, slow, deep breaths. Be sure to keep the nebulizer cup in an upright
position. The cup may require some tapping on the sides towards the end of the treatment
to optimize the completion of the dose. The treatment is complete when there is no
more mist from the cup. This usually takes 10-15 minutes.
Turn off the machine. Remove the mask or mouthpiece.
Rinse nebulizer cup, mouthpiece or mask under warm water.
Shake off excess water. Place on paper towel to dry.
Wash your hands. Document the intervention and outcome in the
student’s healthcare record. Update the parents and health care provider if needed.

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