Nebulizer troubleshooting

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Hi Lash Circle members, how’s it going today! I’m a just want to, I’m in between clients, so I’ve thought I would jump in really quick to address a couple of question that some members had in this group when it comes to lash nebulizer and why it stops and go. I wasn’t really sure exactly what it was but so I’m going to show you how it works and hopefully will help you guys. So here we go so this is the lash nebulizer that we have in the shop, it’s my favorite I use it with every single application. And so basically what you have to do is you need to make sure the water do you see this is filled all the way that – you know just a few millimeter below the top but it’s basically, see in a few minutes, so just about there so that you close the top you also need to make sure that the lash nebulizer is charged now – never charged all the way because I use it so much but if it’s red that means you have no more power and you have to charge it or else it’s not in the water. It’s really simple. So then once the what once you have everything set the water is good and you have in that power what you have to do is that button right here all you have to do is you have to once and voila okay that’s it if the button starts to flash that means and stops that means you do not have enough water in the little tank my nebulizer lasts me the whole day basically with the water because you only never use it for a few like 15 seconds so that should last you for a long time but that’s it do you see how awesome that mist it’s like super super fine it’s just amazing so that’s how that’s how it works okay Laurie I hope this helps you if you have any questions just jump in and let me know put your questions on the bottom and I can even get on the phone with you to troubleshoot if you need to but that’s how it should work it shouldn’t stop and it shouldn’t go it should just be going very smoothly the whole time so give it a try and let me know how it goes and then when you when you need to stop it’s all you have to do is click the button that’s it alright so see like that and you see it didn’t use much water okay and then so again you press a bunch of the ones and it starts and that’s it you shouldn’t have any trouble I applied my nebulizer for two years now and like I said I use it a lot so let me know how it goes and and hopefully it works for you bye guys

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