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As if I had a really big fright. Hi, I’m Rens.
-And I’m Nellie. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. In this lab we try all kinds of drugs
to show what they do to us… so you don’t have to.
Curious about a drug? Let us know. Sub X and many others were curious
about… poppers. You already did it once.
-That was nice. Yes, I remember.
I still find it awkward. Hi, Mom. These are our poppers.
It’s a yellowish liquid. It evaporates at room temperature
and is highly flammable. I can’t say what it smells like yet
but I will tell you later. A drug that stimulates sexual pleasure.
-That’s right. It gets used mostly during sex, which I can
understand. It makes it nicer to come. If you don’t use it during sex, maybe you
like the high, it’s not very special. The belt is on.
My body temperature is 36.9. And my heart rate 85-95. Perfect.
-Looks good to me. Poppers have various active substances,
of which amyl nitrate is the most common. It lowers your blood pressure,
which gives you a pleasant rush. It doesn’t last long,
a minute at the most. You get nice and warm,
also in your head. That’s because your blood vessels dilate,
so your blood flows more rapidly. Don’t combine it with a drug like Viagra,
which also decreases your blood pressure. Nor with ecstasy, because poppers and
ecstasy both cause strain on your heart… so that can also be dangerous. I have experience, of course.
How do you take it? Very easy. You remove the cap, keep a finger
on the bottle so it doesn’t evaporate… yes, like that, then bring it to your nose,
remove your finger, inhale… and then the other nostril.
-I smell it already. Here we go. I like it. Wow, my heart. It doesn’t amount to much, but…
-I don’t feel anything special, really. Right away I felt pressure in my head
and my heart started beating very fast. I didn’t feel my bum or anything. It’s not like you feel your bum
when you take poppers. It wasn’t that I thought like: Gee… It’s not that intense. This is basically it.
-It’s just a short rush. Poppers are not physically addictive, but
psychologically they can be. You’ll think: I don’t enjoy sex without poppers anymore.
-So I’ll take another hit. Somehow I can imagine that,
because during an orgasm it’s really nice. Then it adds something extra. But if you do it like this, as you’ve noticed,
the rush isn’t intense and not all that great. But if you take it just before you come,
it can make for a really nice experience. Coming is already nice by itself,
of course, so if it lasts even longer… Some time has passed,
and I have an eye test for you. Poppers increase the pressure behind your
eyeball, frequent use can cause damage. You may also start to see yellow spots,
as some people do. Due to that pressure behind the eyeball. Go ahead, take some and let’s see
if you can read the letters on the chart. Okay, let’s start the test. Start at the top
and go down to the bottom. C, R, B, T, F, P… 5, C, Jesus, my heart, G, O… O, G, D, square, C… Hot. And your heart rate, 147 just now.
-Z, 3, B… Yes, wow. F, T, T, 2…
-Wrong. F, T, Y, V, P, C?
-No. I’m already normal again. I was primarily impressed by my heart. As if I had a really big fright
all of a sudden. You could tell,
your heart rate went up to 147. It feels very unhealthy. I don’t mean
that other things we do are very healthy… but this feels gross.
-It smells very chemical and unhealthy. I briefly had this warm feeling,
but it was very short. Did you see things differently?
Was your sight blurry? I think it went pretty well, actually.
-Yes, I was actually… No, not really. I was more distracted by my heart
and the way I felt. I did have to focus a little.
I was going a bit like this. Of course your vision only gets impaired
if you take it often and over a long time. You do have to look out.
-Definitely. But you won’t go blind
after doing it once. The effect lasts really very short.
So people have the tendency… at least I can imagine they do,
to take more. Just as with laughing gas. Everyone is like: ‘Oh, poppers.’
But they do carry risks. My head started aching immediately,
my heart was palpitating. It can also make you pass out
and feel nauseous. And it can cause anaemia. Also avoid skin contact,
because it irritates the skin. And I heard about someone
who thought it was a shot… so he drank it,
which went totally wrong. That may be the most important warning:
don’t drink it. And don’t do it too much. Why don’t you take the bottle home,
so that if you’re in the mood for sex… you try it during sex? Rens won’t be the only one
wanking to YouTube. I’ll take it with me, but no guarantees.
-Don’t let me down, girl. That’s nice, so the day after
we can see what it was like. The day after poppers. The big question now, of course, is:
Did you use it or not? Well, no. I was on my bike
yesterday and thought: No. How awkward if you have to inhale
from a bottle just before you come. I don’t think it’s sexy. It’s basically sniffing
glue, after all. And it gives you a headache. And I always feel that an orgasm
is healthy and good for the mind. But that’s me. Other than that, I slept
really well and nothing’s bothering me. But if you have stories about poppers
and are like: Nel, I’d really try it again… share it with us in the comments, or let
us know what drug you’re interested in. Thumbs up and subscribe
if you haven’t done so yet. And follow us on Instagram,
@drugslab_bnnvara… and personal accounts
of Rens, Bas and me. Lots of kisses, take care of yourself
and see you next week. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Nellie gets a high from poppers | Drugslab

  1. Try butttrumpets. Its where you put your lips around the circumference of my butthole to wear it forms a nice seal. Then, ill trumpet out a thundering fart and you inhale very quickly and deeply.

  2. Poppers when you are drunk is much more fun! I literally pee myself laughing every time

  3. When I was younger we used to go into NYC and buy these small bottles of stuff called “locker room”. Everybody would call it “Rush”. I believe that’s the stuff they had here. I always thought real amyl nitrate was different than the liquid stuff.

  4. I think homeboy was hinting that he wanted some pussy from ol' girl there….Id wreck that pussy personally no poppers needed at least 2 hours of me slamming cock into her. Whooooooooooo!!!

  5. Stronger poppers

  6. Smoke Crystal Meth followed by a few fat lines of Coke…. then mix some Hennessey with Red Bull… then do a few hits of Crack.

  7. Hey! Everyone mentions that its a skin irritant, but then again, while sniffing it they put their finger on the top so that it doesn't evaporate!

  8. One time I done base, poppers, shrooms, magic truffles, weed, acid and dranks 2 bottles of wine in one night and had a seizure, good times haha

  9. This stuff is amazing in the club. (With alcohol/cocaine/speed) The music and sound intensifies 10x! I usually pass it around and within 10 minutes the whole room is puffing and passing it around xDD

  10. There is the coughing and the urge to vomit that recently came along. I do find that they wear off as their is less in the bottle. If abit it poured or spilt it doesn't do the trick.

  11. WHY the fuck everything is in English implying that video will be as well but when you open your mouths ITS FUCKING NOT ?!?!!?! Why u guys keep doing this… Indiand so this very often as well….even description is in English…what's the fucking point if you speak nor or fucking sweedish of whatever…seriously..i so hate when this happens…anyone else ?

  12. My friend got a half-empty poppers bottle and he sniffed it for so long that his nostril was all red and scabby the next day. He was also clinging to the empty bottle like it was some sort of a relic to him. Pretty sad. Then he tried to score some more from sex-shops — without any success.

    Druggies are pretty sad. You get the same effects from sniffing lacquer, glue or benzine. It's a lot cheaper too.

  13. Ehh, what is that chick doing? You sniff it HARD, like there's no tomorrow. So that your nose and cheeks cave in. For 30 seconds at least — hard. That was completely bogus. The same as taking a ­¼ of a weak E. If you do it, do it good. If you take MDMA, take 2×125 mg hits some time apart from each other.

    Gays use poppers to make their anus loose for analsex.

  14. ok so… i thought she started speaking gibberish after smelling it in the opening thing, and i thought "jesus, that stuff must be strong as fuck"…..turns out they just speak french.

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