Nespresso Barista – First Use

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This tutorial will guide you through the first use of your Nespresso Barista. Firstly, remove the jug, the whisk and the lid from the power base and then remove the warning label from the whisk. Ensure that they are clean before any use. Except for the power base, all of the elements are dishwasher safe. Place all the parts as shown. To prepare a recipe, make sure the whisk is in place before adding the ingredients. Pour the required amount of cold fresh milk into the jug as specified in the recipe instructions. To avoid any overflow, please note the highest “Max milk” level indicator is 250 milliliters. For iced recipes, add the ice cubes directly in the device. For chocolate-based recipes, add the chocolate squares directly in the device. Make sure the jug is dry before you put it on the power base. Close the lid. Choose your recipe via the App, click on it and press on the device to start the recipe. You can also manually choose your recipe by navigating left or right on the device directly. There is an animation on the screen during preparation, this will come to an end when the preparation is ready. To avoid any scratches, use only a non-metal spoon to collect the foam in the jug. Preparation can be stopped at any time by pressing the button or removing the device from the power base. Beware, the surface of the jug will be hot during and after recipe preparation. Do not place the hot jug on a heat sensitive surface. The device turns off automatically after 3 minutes of non-use and the display will shut down. To turn off your device before the auto off, press and hold the main button for 5 seconds. It is important you clean your Barista after each preparation. Cleaning each part separately. Thank you for watching this tutorial, you can now have a look at the coffee recipe tutorials to learn about your Nespresso Barista.

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