Nettle Benefits – The Plant that Heals Almost Everything!  – My Top 5 Benefits of Stinging Nettle

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– Five health benefits of
stinging nettle, of nettle leaves. I’m so excited to share this
knowledge with you today, ’cause this is my favorite healing plant. I’m gonna dive right into why these powerhouses of nutrients are so beneficial for your health. My name is Peggy Schirmer
from, welcome to Gut Feelings,
the channel to support all the gut feelers out there to become their own health experts,
to help heal their body so they have all the energy to bring their gifts into the world. And today we’re gonna talk
about the five benefits of the nettle leaves,
what they can do for you, and why they are so awesome. Did you know that these
beautiful leaves here that are often stinging us if we don’t know how to touch them, or if they are not
wilting like these ones, they are powerhouses of nutrients. For example, they contain
ample amounts of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the blood of the plants. You see dark green leaves
you think about vitamin K, which they have ample
amounts from and chlorophyll. Apart from that, stinging nettles contain a high amount of minerals, for example, Iron, Calcium, Zinc,
Chromium and Magnesium. And also vitamins, they
are not short in vitamins. Of course vitamin K,
because of the dark green, and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D. Yeah, if you think about
vitamin D deficiency, a lot of people struggle
with that, and vitamin E. This nutrient density is also the reason why they are health benefit number one, such strong immune boosters. They do everything for your body. They make your body stronger, just like if you look at the signature of the stinging nettle, it’s kind of, it’s a Mars signature. It’s very strong, it’s
very solid, very grounded. This is what nettle does
for your immune system. And because it’s such a immune booster, it’s also called the fatigue killer, yeah, it helps boost your energy, and dispels any sluggishness. Just try it out, you’re
gonna be surprised. Health benefit number
two of stinging nettles, and especially stinging nettle leaves, the positive impact it has
on our endocrine system. nettles, and this is a
major-major health benefit for us, helps us to support and to balance our hormonal system. Here especially our pancreas,
think about diabetes, because it helps there
to lower the blood sugar. And also think about you thyroid. A lot of women, especially, have problems with their thyroid, either
it’s under productive, or over productive, here
stinging nettle can be a great support to help rebalancing that, also because it has so
many helpful nutrients, and as we’re gonna find out in health benefit number three right now, it’s a major detoxer for your body. Detoxing your body will
give you more energy, it will help you heal your liver cells. These guys basically what they do, they don’t only help
to cleanse your blood, but what they also do is
they kill, literally kill the bacteria, the viruses,
the other pathogens, that are still in your system, if you suffer from
urinary tract infections, from bladder and kidney stones, stinging nettle can
break these stones down, so you don’t have any
problems with that anymore. Health benefits of stinging
nettle, number four, and this was a major one for me, is that it helps with
allergies, and with any kinds of respiratory tract
infections and ailments. So, if you suffer from hay
fever, you have a pollen allergy, you have ragweed allergy,
you’re allergic to cat hair or mold, or you’re just
sensitive to certain foods, think about using nettles
in your daily diet. I’ve recorded a separate video of how to use stinging nettles, I give you three ways
how to best use them. You right now important to know is that stinging nettles are acting like a natural antihistamine. So, they’re basically,
they stabilize the cells that release histamine into the tissue, and that’s what makes them
also anti-inflammatory. This is a major-major
help for if you suffer from asthma, if you have chronic coughing, if you have sinus infections. stinging nettle helps you
to decrease the swelling in your nose and also in your lungs. Helps to relax your body, and
stabilizes your whole system. And last but not least,
health benefit number five, this is an important one for this channel, it’s all about your digestive health, and stinging nettle won
the first price here. It helps with any kinds
of digestive issues. It helps to stabilize your
digestion, make it stronger, again, think about the
signature of a nettle. It’s very strong, it’s
very solid, grounded. So, if you suffer from nausea, if you have any kinds of
inflammatory conditions, leaky gut, colitis,
irritable bowel syndrome, cea bowel, it helps to
kills the pathogens as well, acid reflux, even has some
anti-cancer properties, if you suffer from colon cancer. So, make sure to try out this herb, and just get it, yeah,
it’s growing everywhere. I’ve just made a video of
how to harvest nettles. You can find them very likely wherever you live, in the world, just around your corner, and if not you can always order
them over the internet. I’m gonna put you a link
there for nettle leave powder which you can put in your smoothies. And for nettle tea, lose nettle tea, that you can use as a tea, which will help your
body stabilize it self, get enough nutrients and minerals, and vitamins in there, and really boost and speed up your healing process. These were the five health benefits, just to recap, number one, nettles help to boost your immune
system, fight off fatigue and energize you. Second, nettle leaves benefit you from supporting your hormonal system, especially your thyroid and your pancreas. Health benefit number three, nettle leave benefits you
by detoxing your body, supporting your liver
to flush out the toxins, and even are able to kill off bacteria and viruses and other pathogens that you have already in your system. Number four nettles help with allergies and with any kinds of
respiratory tract ailments, asthma, sinus infection, chronic coughing, COPD lung diseases. And last but not least
health benefit number five, nettles help you boost
your digestive health, they make you digestion stronger, and help you heal from all
kinds of digestive issues. Thank you so much for watching this video. Check out if it’s summer
or spring at your place, and you wanna have a
awesome detox ice cream, I made this liver detox ice cream, which was basically with blue berries, and with nettle leaves, check that out. I’m gonna link that here
in the end screen for you. Thanks for watching. I love to welcome you to
our gut feelings community, just press the logo and become
a subscriber of this channel. Like this video if you did, and I see you in the next video, bye.

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  2. Does any one know if nettle is ok for my dog to take?
    She is suffering really bad with allergies.
    She’s Congested, hacking and breathing hard.
    Great video!

  3. I follow a herbalist from Puerto Rico where this plant is called Ortiga, he claims that nettle is really good post workout because it has all the necessary nutrients to to replenish your body after a workout. He suggests that especially for people who workout at night because after their workout they go to sleep and don’t allow their bodies to replenish and so nettle tea will be a great way to replenish your body. I drink it after my workouts even thought I come home and eat lunch but I feel that it helps be to feel less tired and I don’t feel as drain.

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  6. Gut Feelings – What is the best way to ingest without destroying the benefits via making a hot tea? Can it be eaten raw or dried via a smoothie?

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  8. I read years ago that nettles picked and consumed in their flowering stage can have adverse effects on the bladder in women. Haven't heard definitively though.

  9. Nettle Benefits – The Plant that Heals Almost Everything! – My Top 5 Benefits of Stinging Nettle.

  10. Thank you….I had a cough for a very long time I boil nettle and water with honey and I drink it like a tea, hot.and it helped me with my cough and I had no idea it could help with the toxins in the body thank you so much for sharing this information.

  11. Hello, After I got stung by LOTS of nettles I noticed that my muscle mass started to increase. The sting happened 2 weeks ago and I’ve gained 4kg of muscle! My arms have grown a tremendous amount. If you know anything about this please reply ☺️

  12. I think this could be beneficial for my wife who suffers from endometriosis, asthma and hay fever. Thanks.

  13. The birdsong, wind through the trees etc. sounds familiar. Are you in England?
    BTW, it was so refreshing to hear such a lovely presentation without someone yelling into the microphone, or switching scenes every 30 seconds. Very pleasant.

  14. I was told that drinking nettle tea helps get rid of gut parasites. I just love the taste. :))

    Oh great video, thank you so much. You have a new sub, ms.

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  16. I live in Texas & nettles use to grow every where. I live on a farm & I just don't see it much anymore. But I'm going to start looking for it & wild lettuce. Great video.✌

  17. My son has bad allergies and I heard Nettle is good for it. So I bought Nettle Leaf tea and it made him itchy below the skin all over. Is this a normal side effect??

  18. Because of your videos I started to drink each day a green juice with that wonderful plant, but how you can touch it?😍

  19. i use nettle juice now for 3 years against my astma. I am that period almost free of any attack.
    Nettle jus i make with a stam juicer from Weck. And store them in little weck bottles.
    I drink 2 times a day 30ml 15 minutes before i eat. At day time 2 cups of nettle tea.
    I can understand nobody believes this. I first also did not believe until i tried.

  20. This is one of those herbs that I have heard about for years..but never tried. type 2 diabetes is really ruining my life..taking away all my I am definitely going to try this next. I'm just disappointed such a common plant is so expensive. The cheapest 1lb bag I could find on Amazon was $20..which is too much for such a common plant. I will try growing it to save money if it works well for me. Thank you for such a wonderful video. Your enthusiasm, positive energy and bright spirit filled me with hope. I liked & subscribed too. Namaste!😉

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  25. Peggy
    Thank You for this amazing footage on Stinging Nettles .
    I use this every morning;
    I put it under my tongue.
    My inner cells organs and Body is truly loving this power plant. 💃💞😊🙏🙌💕

  26. This is true!! I’ve been suffering from severe allergies and asthma. Out of desperation I bought some nettle tea and within 24 hours of drinking one cup, I’m no longer coughing, no more itchy throat or sneezing!! Ive tried everything and for me this beats every antihistamine I’ve ever tried:)

  27. Hi we have to much stinging nettle in Nepal.thank you for making video.where are you from?how much per 1 kg price in $?

  28. Hi peggy, pls tell which one i can give to my 2 year old son – neetle leaf powder or tea and how much per day and how to order from india

  29. PeggyShirmer means that nettles do all these things when eaten,
    not when it stings you! I suppose anyway

  30. Can we also use tincture? I found one from natures answer, alcohol free,2000mg, Nettle leaf fluid extract ( 1:1 ) 2,000 mg Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin and Purified Water.

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  34. Oh my gosh ! HELLO Earth Angel ;D you are wonderful . This is such wonderful news ;D))) my dog family member has allergies and I instinctively started harvesting nettles so I was relieved when you mentioned allergy healing, immune booster and anti inflammatory (which I felt it might naturally be ) THANK YOU , Thank you Thaaaaaank you soooO very much . I have subbed to your channel and will come back again as a regular go to in future ;D big HUG xXx

  35. I just saw your other video on how to use cilantro and spirulina to detox the body.
    Which one is best to use when it comes to getting rid of heavy metals? Can they be combined?
    Any advice on how to start would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I’m already taking spirulina daily.

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