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Use the guava and its leaves to fight
diabetes, cure colitis, asthma, gout, colds and much more Have you ever wondered what we
would become motherless nature? The answer to this question would be fundamentally
“nothing” because everything we have comes from she . Thanks to natural resources,
scientists were able to develop medicine Conventional that we know today,
we can feed ourselves, build on what to live, etc. For this reason,
place to mistreat Mother Nature we have to take care of her and protect her.
In this video, I will show you how enjoy the benefits of guava and
his leaves to fight against the different diseases common to humans. If you are
a lover of natural medicine, stay until the end, you will be very surprised But before going further, if you are
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you write me and how does this s called in your country  My loves, to fight against asthma with
guava, all we have to do is to soak in a liter of water a
red onion cut overnight, the next day morning we pour this liquid with the juice
of an orange, a lemon and a guava in the mixer and treat up to get a
homogeneous drink. Ideally, consume a glass a day of this drink during
one week. Then you have to drink 3 glasses a week. You can also use this To Treat
the gout: Gout is a very common problem in
the world population and although there is professional treatments to fight it,
today I’m going to show you how in prepare a natural to treat it. For
the development of this remedy, just peel and cut four guavas into pieces,
make it in a container, add a liter pure water and let it soak for 3
at least hours. After the waiting time, extract the guavas and consume this liquid
a glass 3 x daily for 60 consecutive days. Before going further, think to share
this with family and friends for that it affects a maximum of people, If you do not know where to get it
can buy on the internet, in organic store or even in exotic groceries, it’s the same
for leaves As you know the power of leaves
of guavas is incomparable, guava leaves have properties
medications that are of great utility by offering a wide range of benefits
recognized for health, it is stands out among others by its great capacity
as antioxidants because it is very rich in polyphenols, carotenoids and flavonoids
, Works as an anti-inflammatory and
At a high concentration of tannins also recognized as painkillers, and
a multitude of others properties, The leaves of guavas favor the loss
weight their tea diminishes the feeling of hunger and
avoid food intake excessive for diabetics the leaf drink
of guava is very beneficial, help to prevent the absorption of sugars such as
sucrose and maltose for bronchitis the guava leaf tea
is strongly effective in the treatment of bronchitis in
calming cough decreases breathing difficulties and production
secretions, regulates the cholesterol levels in the blood For three months you can use the
guava leaves for contribute significantly to reduce
triglycerides and bad cholesterol, help with healing or improvement
some skin conditions such as acne The guava paste is effective in the treatment
acne and points blacks for their antiseptic properties
, Helps treat wounds or infections
Indeed the leaves of guava reduce inflammation and help
at prevent infections by speeding up the
wound healing This is good against aging the leaves of guava
have antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals,
Protect the skin from aging , improving the texture
and the complexion relieves the itching Topical use of guava leaves
is a instant cure to eliminate itching
skin This too is exceptional for the shoot
hair, if you suffer from problems hair ,
to make guava leaf tea is very simple, I already show you in
several videos Select the best leaves, tender
and healthy, Wash them with big water and separate them
branches For hair loss, baldness alopecia
you can apply as a poultice, with olive oil or even petrolatum
and rinse an hour later. If you have white hair, use
this in rinsing after your shampoo in a saucepan boil half a liter
from the water you add 6 leaves of guava at least then let it boil for a while
5 minutes at least you can drink it nature, again
hot, or let it cool. , add honey, if you have trouble
For skin problems, crush the paste and apply directly to the area
to treat let dry and rinse, redone this until the total healing
You can get these sheets in herbalists, capsules or even
dried, on the internet, in African groceries, or directly in the fields like this
In case of dysentery you can directly consume the leaves as you see me
to do, or even to crush, So here we are, we are done with this
video, if you like, think to like, comment and do not hesitate to share
can also share with us your uses of guava leaves if they do not have
summers mentioned in the video


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