New asthma treatment could bring relief to some

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3 IN THE U-S HAVE ASTHMA….THAT’S ACCORDING TO THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL. FOR SOME, ASTHMA ATTACKS CAN BE SEVERE. BUT, A FAIRLY NEW TREATMENT COULD GIVE SOME RELIEF. THE NOW’S TANIA ROGERS 3-“I was scared because I would ask him quite frequently, am I going to make it this time.” LINDA LEE STRUGGLED WITH SEVERE ASTHMA…. SHE WAS SCARED… THE MEDICATIONS SHE WAS TAKING STOPPED HELPING.Linda Lee/Asthma Patient– “When I go to bed, when I’m up, doing things I can hear myself wheezing.” AND WHEN SHE WAS SICK, IT WAS MORE INTENSE. Linda Patient–“Like in January I was in the hospital for 16 days because I just, they threw every medication they could at me, and I wasn’t getting better.” —— JUPITER MEDICAL CENTER’S DR. KENNETH FUQUAY IS USING BRONCHIAL THERMOPLASTY TO HELP PATIENTS LIKE LINDA BREATHE MORE FREELY. THE TREATMENT HELPS REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF EXCESS SMOOTH MUSCLE IN THE AIRWAYS, HELPING PEOPLE LIKE LINDA BREATHE EASIER.Dr. Kenneth Medical Center –forward in the treatment of asthma. And I think as we get familiar with the procedure and as we establish that it is safe to use, we can show that patients can come off very expensive medications for the management of their asthma, I think this treatment will become a very accepted form of treatment.” LINDA IS THANKFUL.– “I do everything. I go up and down the stairs. I can tap dance, I can play my violin, I do whatever I want to. It’s great, life is great.” FOR THE NOW, I’M TANIA ROGERS.>>3 THE TREATMENT IS DONE IN THREE SEPARATE PROCEDURES ON ADULTS.

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