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You know St. Louis can be a really tough
town for asthma sufferers the almost constant weather changes, talking pollen
and mold can drive patients into the ER one SLUCare doctor though turning to
some new therapies to help patients stay out of the hospital and enjoy their
lives Fox Two’ss Kim Hudson on the Health Watch SLUCare pulmonologist Dr.
Ghasan Kamel at SSM health st. Louis University Hospital says, “asthma can
cause shortness of breath even at rest” They can have coughing and difficulty
sleeping at night because of coughing and wheezing traditional treatments include oral
and inhaled steroids called bronchodilators which are medications
that that will relax the airway muscles and open up those Airways but these drugs can have some major side effects like osteoporosis
so Dr. Kamel also uses more targeted therapies called biologics but we’re talking specific molecules or antibodies so you’re addressing the biology of the
underlying disease because they have been shown to improve the symptoms keep
patients out of the hospital and improve their quality of life Dr. Kamel says these drugs can have fewer side effects and are given in the
office so he can monitor patients after they are injected on the HealthWatch
I’m Kim Hudson

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