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It is one of the top 10 causes of deaths worldwide and the world’s deadliest infectious disease in The past 200 years it has killed more than 1 billion people more than malaria HIV and AIDS influenza cholera and the plague combined in ancient Greece It was called ‘the isis tabbies in ancient rome and scotch up earth in ancient. Hebrew It was also called the white plague and the captain of all these men of death before being given its official name tuberculosis or TB for short Numbers are less drastic than they used to be but still 10 million people in 2017 fell ill with it and 1.6 million people died from it including 230,000 children that is over 4,000 humans every day TB still exists and drug resistance is a continued threat So what is it? How does it work? And what is being done to combat the disease? Two billion people or one quarter of the population of the world has TB in latent form this means they have been infected with it, but are not ill with a disease and cannot transmit it a Person infected with TB has a five to fifteen percent chance of it turning active and getting ill with it in their lifetime People have a much higher risk of getting ill if they have a compromised immune system those with malnutrition Diabetes or HIV for example children pregnant women and the elderly also are at a higher risk So what is it TB is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis This bacterium primarily infects the lungs but it can also spread to other organs a Person with active TB in their lungs can spread germs through the air when they cough sneeze or spit Just a few germs are enough to infect a person if you inhaled the bacteria by another person it travels down to the lungs where it will begin to multiply your Body’s defense system will engage engulf and transport the bacteria to lymph nodes and try to kill or neutralize the bacteria Most healthy people will kill the bacteria And have no symptoms afterwards if your defense system can’t kill the bacteria, but contains it This is when it is classed as latent if the bacteria Overwhelmed the defense in the lungs and it is not contained. This will then be classed as active and you will become ill Even in the latent state the bacteria are dormant and can activate and spread in months or even years later Having a low immune system as mentioned before heightens the risk This is especially true in young children who do not have a fully developed immune system for people with HIV Typical symptoms of someone infected are a persistent cough lasting more than three weeks blood when coughing a high temperature night sweats weight loss loss of appetite Swelling in the neck If you or anyone, you know coughs up blood or has any of these symptoms for three weeks or more You should see a doctor as soon as possible There are areas known as the thirty high burden areas where it is most common eighty seven percent of new cases in 2017 occurred in these countries and Two-thirds of these were from eight countries alone These are India China Indonesia the Philippines Pakistan Nigeria Bangladesh and South Africa Overall 95 percent of cases and deaths are in developing countries The vast majority of TB cases can be cured when medicines are available and administered properly Infants in countries with high infection rates are often given the bacillus Calmette gain vaccine or BCG But generally because of underfunding many infants are not and many adults go undiagnosed with TB until it is too late without proper treatment 45% of people if you get TB will die and nearly all of those who are hiv-positive will die Smoking also significantly increases the risk of getting infected and dying from it 8% of cases worldwide are connected to smoking When diagnosed the standard course of treatment is six months of four antimicrobial drugs, which is normally enough to cure the patient fully From 2000 to 2017 an estimated 54 million humans were diagnosed treated and saved from TB drug-resistant strains of TB are rising and in 2017 approximately five hundred and fifty-eight thousand new cases with resistance to rifampicin the most effective first line drug 85% of people resistant to this drug were also resistant to the common alternatives There are limited resources to the second line of treatment which can require two years of chemotherapy and medicines that are expensive Toxic and not always readily available Many cases have even more severe resistance to drugs leaving them. No further treatment options at all It is estimated that 3.5 billion US dollars are needed per year to fill the resource gap for implementing even the existing TB intervention research is ongoing to find new ways to treat drug-resistant TB and a few promising drugs are starting to emerge but More research and development is needed Some companies doing this development can be found in the description Volunteers are often the frontline in helping and more are needed to diagnose and administer drugs that help save lives all over the world Awareness is also important the more people know of the symptoms and how to react the higher chance of lives being saved watching and sharing videos like this following and supporting charities and Organizations that are on the ground helping humans overcome the deadliest infectious Disease in the world and also are trying to hold individual countries governments accountable if you have any thoughts on this video and a topic of TB Please let us know below and if you appreciate videos raising awareness for human causes like this, please subscribe for more


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  2. Beautiful animation. It's beyond me why you guys don't still have at least a hundred thousand subscribers, keep up the good work! 😀

  3. How can you even compare coronavirus 2tb when this thing barely came out last month? And has killed unofficially numbers that we don't know and are sickening mini that we don't know.

  4. Malaria is even worse!….but why should they care about the poor countries and people….we are their petri-dishes!…According to a documentary I watched, 500 people die every 3 minutes in Africa countries of malaria….no videos gone viral about that!…why?….because it is not China, USA or Russia…..

  5. Interesting. So the death rate of TB is about 45%. Have you checked out rabies? Far as I know it's the only one with a 100% death rate.
    And No, No🐧🐧🐧for you. Oh wait…. Never mind. :p

  6. #coronavirusupdatesfromindia
    Total Infected Cases – 43,101
    Total Death Tolls – 1,018
    CheckOut this, Really informative 👌👌
    China – Infected Cases = 42,638
    Death cases = 1016
    Japan – Infected Cases = 161
    Death cases = 0


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  8. To be fair.. the numbers are agrivated quite heavily by the susceptibility of the millions of immunocompromised people.. mostly in Africa…. Never hear of someone dying of aids.. it's usually TB or some other infection.

  9. Another great video, you don’t think I’ll catch it by watching the video do you ha! Seem to be picking everything up lately 😉

  10. I have thoughts about TB. I believe that the new vaccination schedule is responsible for the out break, they are blaming vaping. The respiratory distress causing death among our youth is human bodies response to the second dose of TB. The deaths from respiratory distress happening to travelers right now is also being blamed on (Corona) virus which is in reality the bodies response to a second dose of TB. This has been going on for years. Only now numbers are being tracked. Wake up. TB is man inflicted. Population control is just another term for murder, genocide, theft of life by pirates.

  11. HIV is consumption end stage. They say sexually transmitted, because when people are experiencing climax heavy deep breathing is involved. This is also how TB is spread. By claiming the disease is sexually transmitted, is only to get people to go along with accepting responsibility for their illness. TB is a 🔥 fire being fanned and directed by mankind.

  12. Love your videos every time!!! I've been off from youtube for a while, but now I'm ready to bingewatch them. Thank you, keep it up!!! 💕✨

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