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hello guys
welcome back to Gritte Agatha Channel! A Channel that always give you the information, a broken heart healer, and also motivations still giving you information about hotels / hostels that are perfect for you, young people Hello Guys! Welcome Back to Gritte Agatha Channel! A Channel that always give you the information, a broken heart healer, and also motivations alright guys, can you guess now where I am? I’m at Soekarno Hatta Airport Certainly all of you know that the place looks like this is definitely in Soekarno Hatta I want to travel and making a hotel review. Especially for you from Bali Because I got so many requests from you guys, so I and my team will go to Bali Because I needed a lot of preparations, so I brought a lot of things there Because I will review a lot of hotels So I need a lot of clothes, a lot of needs I have tips for you! If I want to go for traveling, I have prepared everything beforehand such as airplane tickets, booking hotel, the attractions and all the other travel essentials, I already prepared it. And all my needs for traveling I always shop at Shopback So guys shopback is What is the reason why I love shopping here? karena gini loh, kita tuh kalo belanja apapun because when we shop anything or make any online transactions we will always get cashback starting from airplane tickets, I definitely get it, hotels too certainly all of that can get cashback it is very helpful, we can use the cashback as our pocket money while there So with that we can save even more! This is perfect for you and your friends who want to travel with a minimum budget Look at this! This is the cashback balance that I got. I have this much This is income from my cashback, for example if I shop for a plane ticket, book a hotel See!
Oh man! We can use this as our allowance And how to use it is very easy so before you open your shopping application, you must open the Shopback application first then choose the merchant that you want to make a transaction for example I chose I want to review Bubble Hotel and will stay there so I just search Bubble Hotel, then buy Okay, the date is for tomorrow oke, search and after the payment is verified, we will immediately get the cash back so my cashback balance has increased it’s very profitable, guys! it’s very profitable, guys! so this will make it easier for you So I used the Shopback application to make it easier and save my money too Because there are so many merchants in it like, Agoda, booking, it’s all there and I also need a place to stay I mean, my team and me. usually I order it using shopback Halo Guys, welcome back to Gritte Agatha Channel A Channel that always give you the inspiration, a broken heart healer, and also motivations See! Over there we can see the vast expanse of sea but it’s not easy to get there, my friends! because we have to track first, and the track goes down for about 30 minutes But don’t be sad! because of experiences, the experience that we will get, it will be more amazing than just a small track like this So let’s go! So actually there are 3 Bubble Hotels here is one 10 minutes from here, there is one more. And the last and the best is in Ubud but unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to go to Ubud So we can only review what is here 12 minutes left, 10-12 minutes that way finally we arrived at the hotel which I think is the most unique hotel in Bali this is the Bubble Hotel Bali so in Bali I will review a number of hotels and the location is far away which is in Ubud, then the one here, in Uluwatu then there are also those in Seminyak, which is definitely a lot of it because me and the team need a place to stay overnight so I usually look for recommendations on Shopback and of course order via Shopback Moreover, this is what young people will really like, there is cashback So, we can use the remaining money for snacks, to feed the crew, the teams now we will enter it soon! This is the most unique hotel in Bali So in Bali there are 3 Bubble hotels, guys! Nunggalan, Nyangnyang and also in Ubud So Nyangnyang actually has a long beach And actually there are two that are put together here, do you understand? do you understand what i mean this is Nyangnyang, the beach is very wide guys at the end there is one and here is one Over there there are 2 bubbles, over here they have 6 And now we are in the place with 6 bubbles Previously, have you seen the tracks? and here it is We will enter the Bubble! Oh my God! How does it feel to sleep here? The way to enter here is very unique, we must first enter into it first then close this section Oke! we will go inside here we should have just come here earlier I’m in the Bubble, guys! I’m going to sleep here, Oh my God! Geez, with a view incredible view Look, it’s really good! I like it so much So this is the bed, guys the bed we can close this part, if we want to do things that are privacy, we can close it and it won’t be visible from the outside unless someone is watching us from above so this is the bed OK, oh my god! I’m in a Bubble So this is the queen size bed Apparently not, this is only 160cm okay, so here it is guides if you want to travel in Bali there is one book Here teaches you to take a break from your social media and cellphones so that we can better see the natural scenery with the friend we brought here to get closer to build more chemistry then here offers more experience There’s a cliff over there amazing experience, we can see the sunset over there sunrise over there wow, very interesting! Actually there is a WiFi connection here, but I want to detox my heart and mind, and this is a great place I don’t need wifi and so on the night here is very pleasant because we can see directly the stars in the sky what if we want to eat? So if you want to order some food make sure you order it an hour before or even more, because They cooperate with the restaurant above, and they will deliver to you. But, it will take a long time because they have to come down here but this is very good we can even order pizza pasta, coffee, all tea, and the price is standard, not expensive but it’s not cheap either so you can use this with your partner celebrate together flowers 20pcs to 10 balloons so it will be like, oh this is so cute! glad to be together. you can also order BBQ, the price is 840 thousand rupiah you can have BBQ, you can have a romantic too Honeymoon here, uh, so cute! and here there is a fan which is very, very big so don’t be afraid of heat And don’t worry guys, because they will continue to innovate, they will build the swimming pool over there, which is under construction. And for sure they will install AC here, because it’s quite difficult to get the electricity supply to get down here Do you want to stay here? I’ll pay the fees overnight write your comment below! I’ll give the prize for the fastest the prize is staying here but give me your stories to stay here I paid for it. I’ll buy the tickets at Shopback okay we are heading out again this is the bathroom there’s a shower but there’s no roof the toilets are here, but don’t worry they already use proper toilets the water is very heavy, there is a shower too you will get an amazing experience, there are parks see the sunset over there telescopes are also available here if at night you want to be together with your boyfriend or husband / wife you can enjoy it here too By the way. It seems I am the first Indonesian YouTuber who makes a review about this. no one else! Wow, the sunset, man! Does my face look red like sunset? there is also a swing if you want to have fun At night it’s really fun here we are waiting from sunset till it night and look! the weather wasn’t as hot as this afternoon, now it’s cool although there is no air conditioner inside but there is a fan here you can also be rich in photoshoot or prewedding. you will be given property like this water balloons also with your husband, your wife listen to songs or you don’t need to listen to the song just look at each other while listening to the sound of the waves from the sea something new that I’ve never done before sleep under the sky very fun, and soon there will be stars popping up so beautiful! Get up early, look at the beach, oh dear! Seriously, they really sell an amazing experience to us and maybe this is the only one in Indonesia Well, that was my review of Bubble Hotels very unique you can come here and enjoy your extraordinary experience starting from your struggle to reach here In my opinion, for those of you who like trekking, your efforts will pay off Because the view will not be found in other hotels in a Bubble we like being in a balloon then we can see full, 360 degrees Mix everything, the sky, mountains behind the sea is there, the park but there isn’t any air conditioner here guys but in Ubud there is So if you want to try Bubble, please try the one in Ubud because it’s more fancy, more luxurious and easier to access There is also air conditioning, there is also a pool although here will continue to develop, there will be a pool and there will be AC too But if you like the experience, the trekking Uh!! This is No.1 recommendation guys! you have to try this, you have to prove how strong your adrenaline is Alright guys that was my review I hope you are happy and add to the knowledge that you have never had before and for those of you who really like traveling do not forget to book plane tickets, train tickets, book hotels and other essential travel you can order on Shopback Because of what? because Shopback will always give you promos every week and in March there is a promo jalan-jalan shopback and of course the cashback is amazing and it could be your extra allowance because traveling starts from where? shopback! See you in the next video, bye! Thank you guys, you’ve watched it until the end Don’t forget to subscribe
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