Nicole’s had eczema since she was a baby. It’s finally under control | Treatments – Biologics

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I didn’t know anyone else or any other kid who had eczema as severe as mine. At a young age, even just growing up as a girl, self image was always a big… a big thing. And my eczema, while not always… it wasn’t usually up in my face, it was on the rest of my body. I remember being on the beach, like Virginia Beach, and I didn’t want to go outside because I was so embarrassed. There’s so much emotional, psychological, psychosocial aspects in this. You know, there’s this pain of, if your hands are affected you don’t want to shake hands Right. If you’re burning inside, you don’t want to get a hug. Right. You don’t want to be seen outside because people think you might be contagious. Right. You were one of the most severe atopic dermatitis eczema patients that I’ve seen. So I tried to simplify things. Yeah, so right after the first dosage I definitely noticed a difference in not only the itch level but also the texture of my skin. It tremendously smoothed out a lot of my problem areas that are typically rough and dry. I haven’t had any kind of flare ups since starting the biologic, and it’s been over a year now that I’ve been on it. And my sleep hasn’t been affected, and the itch level has almost dissipated completely. You feel normal. Yeah. Whatever normal is, I feel that now, yeah.

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