NLP Allergies

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Lots of ways we can now start to use the
ability we’ve got to move meaningful internal representations around to make
the – to inform the nervous system of what we wanted to have and also what we don’t
want it to have yeah in a way what we’re doing is we’re breaking habits all the
time because the whole system wants to be a habit it keeps them wanting to be a
habit and we keep we’re saying no we want to be in the present tense we we
want to decide how we feel now and how we feel now and how we’ve decided things
and our belief systems it’s your right as a human being – so in
terms of let’s say allergies for instance or phobias you could say that
an allergy is a phobia of the immune system in a way – so it’s informed the
immune system not to do anything about this particular thing so an immune
system should basically be going right don’t need that that was not needed yeah
we like that one we don’t want that one that one goes away not a problem so when
it starts thinking something’s a problem when it’s not – and then starts thinking
it’s a you know like some nuclear attack on the body that’s when you get
something like an allergy it’s decided that the pollen is the most dangerous
thing on the planet and they must you know chuck buckets of water over, it and
throw it all all out of your eyes and and make big lumps on your throat or
something like that – that’s just kind of like a it’s a it’s a misinterpretation
of some information that’s coming in and that’s all it’s mistake – but of course
there are no mistakes and they will have meanings linked to them so as much as
possible with a client I’m going to look to see what meaning might they have in
their life as well because you can work as a practitioner I just do just do the
ABC they’ve come with you for like stopping smoking or weight loss generally
I find the biggest changes I’ve made and you’ve probably found that as well is
when you start to look at their life in relation to the thing itself then you’ll
make a huge generalized change and they’ll love you forever and go and tell
all their friends about you etc etc so let’s have a look at this in
relationship to allergies and cuz I know there’s a couple of
at least who have at least one allergy so I know that Vaughn you do you do that
and Sandra you do that as well anybody else have an allergy to
allergies yeah what do you do – oh crustacean okay now well they’re my
friends you see, crustaceans yeah crustaceans all right
so okay so is it like a real histamine reaction to that yeah wow there’s a
proper histamine reaction yeah all right okay
would you like to relieve yourself of that “certainly!” I don’t know but we have to check
yeah all right do we want to come and play – all right fantastic all right so
let’s just check a little bit of history here so how long how long have you had
that for? “Ever since I’ve been Lactose intolerant!” (Laughter) – so we got a timeline here based on allergies okay so then the lactose-intolerant came
first and sequentially or they came together? Yes actually they did……

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