NLP Crustacean Allergy Removal

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Okay – so then the lactose-intolerant came
first and sequentially – well they came together first and then the crustacean
the shellfish all the lovely things most lovely things so what, how old were you
when that was happening when was that where when and where were
you – I had a job working he was I was 15 and I had a job working at a grocery
store I had to walk along in there and I came home one day for lunch my aunt was there and she made crab
salad mm-hmm and I ate it anyway I went back to work and the shrimp and
everything in the juices yeah yeah sure I got you all right so did she wanted to
check one thing on the timeline so we got this event which happened around
about five or six years old then we got this event which happened around about
15 years old then I wanted to check on the timeline here just allow yourself
your unconscious mind to go back on that timeline and just notice was it ever a
time when you took some of that lobster or crab when you shouldn’t really have
just check on that if there’s a time where you kind of because someone told
you – well when they told me you know it was just not me and some other children as well right – well I took some anyhow you took some anyhow! (laughter) you did didn’t you? yeah well it’s kind of picking that up
somehow or other – right all right let’s do the shrimp thing – cuz it doesn’t
really smell a lot does it – yeah okay
so there’s a bowl of shrimp there okay just imagine that it’s this afternoon
– you’re there it’s lunchtime you go yeah a bowl of shrimp with some some lettuce
just notice that you can sit there and you can eat that bowl of shrimp with
lettuce mm-hmm okay how’s that for you to do that what’s the reaction of your
mind and your body it’s nothing – it’s substance, food okay – all right great
now his shrimp does your body have to have you solved everything you needed to
solve about the past – oh yeah about you being a boy mm-hmm
I mean it’s all right that’s what boys do they’re supposed to push the
boundaries a bit they’re supposed to do things they’re not supposed to do and
that’s how they they keep adults flexible as well by not doing the things
that they’re they’re always supposed to do “well that was me!”

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