No more suffering from Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps for Amanda

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Having never had any symptoms before I was 30 years old, to be told I have nasal polyps, to be told that I have a deviated septum, all of these things, it was shocking. And it was really impacting my daily life. We worked together for a long time. More than 8 years now. Allergists have some unique tools to help people with asthma because of the connection between allergies and asthma and other allergic conditions. So an allergist is almost one stop shopping where they can addess all of these things. I had my first surgery and the surgery was great, and I had great success for about six months. And then I remember going for my second surgery, also successful for about two months. And then within a month or so, they had started to come back. And so for me, I think, I was really at a low point and just looking for somebody to help and I remember you saying, we’ll find something for you. Until recently, there had been no real FDA approved therapies for sinusitis and nasal polyps. Recently there’s been one of the asthma biologics was FDA approved for nasal polyps. And we have been using this in folks with asthma and sinus disease and nasal polyps. And the responses we’ve gotten, as you can tell me, have been really remarkable. Research shows that they are effective and safe. And for individuals who are relying on things like Prednisone or steroids frequently, these new biologics offer a much, much better option because of their safety and effectiveness. To have a doctor who understands your symptoms and who understands what is in fact happening and how to help you feel better is huge. This is the healthiest I have been since eight years ago. And again, that’s after three pretty intense surgeries and a lot of medication. So to be healthy and happy for over a year now has made a world of difference.

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