Nora’s Story

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When she was about six months old she had
constant snotty nose. She had a rattle in her chest that just wouldn’t
go away. You’d touch her back and feel the rattle. We were doing nebulizers twice a day, from
when she was six months until she was a year. She was still so congested all the time. She was always looking like she was miserable. She was going to be on them forever. We took a recommendation from somebody that
I worked with and called and made an appointment, and it was super easy. We’ve had fantastic results. We have no runny nose, we made it through
a tooth without an ear infection. She is a completely different kid. She sleeps through the night. No nebulizers, none at all, and the rattle
in her chest is gone. Everybody makes you feel comfortable. It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s inviting, it’s
happy. She loves it. She interacts with the other kids. It’s the “tree doctor”.

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