Norman Tiffin Respiratory Therapist Recommends MyPurMist

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hi my name’s Norm Tiffin I’m a registered respiratory therapist and I’d like to
introduce you to a new product called MyPurMist MyPurMist is used for direct humidification the symptomatic relief of colds and flu’s
allergies and sore throats cough and dryness of the
throat and mouth the technology used in MyPurMist comes
from the hospital where it’s currently being used with
mechanical ventilators to heat and humidify the gas that goes to patients MyPurMist is
superior to room humidifiers because room humidifiers are not effective enough to
bring the humidity in the room high enough for symptomatic relief. In addition, warm mist humidifiers have a scalding issue
the reservoir is hot and if it’s spilled on your child it’s
called them cold mist room humidifiers spread germs if the reservoir’s contaminated those
terms could spread your child my MyPurMist his direct humidification
that is disinfected before it gets to the
patient the reservoirs room temperature at all times has no
scalding issues at all healthcare professionals up until this
point have wanted to recommend heated humidification but couldn’t
because of the safety profile now they can, recently the FDA has
suggested the discontinuance the use of medications for cold and flus
in children this is because the overdose its potential MyPurMist is safe and effective uses no drugs and is wonderful for the
symptomatic relief colds and flus allergy sore throats and
dryness in the throat mouth recommended now by health care
professionals who have always wanted heated humidification in the safety
profile. I highly recommend to use for it’s safety profile and for its efficiency. Go to and order yours today.

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