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Nuaire Air pollution in the UK claims an estimated 40,000 lives each year Today increased road traffic accounts for up to 65% of environmental pollution. Petrol and diesel engines produce harmful gases and particulates. Notably nitrogen oxides or NOx particular matter and VOCs When these pollutants react together they create secondary pollutants such as ozone and PM 2.5 annual mean no2 levels near busy roads frequently exceed 100 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Where there is an acceptable European mean level is less than 40. People living in homes near busy roads are at risk of developing asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and dementia. Prolonged exposure to NOx has been shown to result in accumulative reduction in lung function growth in children to worsen symptoms of heart and lung conditions and shortened lifespans. PM 2.5 causes cancer lung and heart disease volatile organic compounds VOCs and sulfur dioxide so2 are linked to cancer lung inflammation and cardiac disease. Unfiltered outdoor air entering our homes includes these pollutants directly damaging our health and reducing life expectancy. Until now only new-build homes have benefited from technology to remove air pollutants. Here carbon filters are fitted as part of the ducted mvhr system installed during the first fixed stage Nuaire has designed the UK’s first retrofit carbon filter system for existing homes at risk from poor air quality. The Noxmaster is a whole house system which ventilates the entire property with fresh pre-filtered air. A unique combination of positive input ventilation or PIV and high-efficiency carbon filters the Noxmaster is designed to remove up to 99.5% of NOX and 75% of PM 2.5 Using our proven PIV technology Noxmaster ensures the air throughout the home is constantly diluted and replaced with fresh filtered air. It also reduces humidity which prevents condensation dampness and forces out indoor pollutants generated by household products fuel cookers and wood-burning stoves. So how does it work? The Noxmaster can be retrofitted into existing homes. An installation is nonintrusive it is installed in the loft space and comes in two parts so fits easily through most loft hatches. It removes harmful airborne pollutants using activated carbon pellets Held inside two cartridges carbon is micro porous and has a much larger internal surface area than its external dimension suggests so a spoonful of activated carbon easily equates to the surface area of a football field. Pollutant gases are attracted to the surface of the carbon by a process known as adsorption at a molecular level. The carbon filters have a lifespan of five years and are recyclable. Additional PM 10 or PM 2.5 filters remove high levels of particulate matter. The fresh pollutant free air is then delivered into the home via a ceiling diffuser. The Noxmaster ensures that the air delivered into the property is safe to breathe. Noxmaster is a game-changing technology that safeguards the health of occupants living in polluted areas. For more information visit us online or call now!

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