NUCALA (mepolizumab) Results for Eczema, Asthma, & Allergy Treatment | Ep.118

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First Utah medical trip of 2018 it’s
actually been over a year since I’ve been up there so okay now from the
beginning it’s been about a year since I’ve been
up there so definitely need to check in with my doctors and several things
happen in the past year so there’s some good but last I guess like 15-20 minutes of the
flight they stomach started cramping up a lot so hopefully I can get my bags for
you soon go and get the rental car and then
to the hotel so hopefully I’ll be okay this magnificent view outside my window
before I get into what I’m doing here this time a year and three months since
I did my last health update video so there’s a lot to catch you guys up on
several major things that happen that kind of shook my world so let’s do that
first the last health update video that I did
was when I first started Nucala (Mepolizumab) trying to use it to treat asthma but also was
hoping that my food allergies and my eczema skin problems would improve also
the idea was like if new kala was able to at least take care of the asthma so
that’s out of the picture then my body would have a lot more energy to fight
the eczema and the food allergies but the problem was Nucala backfired big
time instead of improving asthma or just not doing anything it made my asthma
probably the worst has ever been in my life and I’ve had very severe asthma
throughout most of my childhood into my early teens and even in high school I
had to get I had to be rushed off to the ER because of asthma several times in
the same week by the third Nucala injection my breathing was so tight and
none of the breathing treatment and inhalers were working that you know I
just told my doctor how to stop it there’s no way I could even survive
another injection even though we’re trying to even though how trying to hold
out and give us some kind of work and maybe sometimes new medications need
some time to integrate with the body sometimes the body will fight it but
Nucala’s of these monoclonal antibody new medications that supposed to be
engineered that it’s not supposed to have any side effects other that yeah
it’s not supposed to interact with your body in any way other than what it’s
meant to do and for Nucala supposed to fix asthma or otherwise it’s not
supposed to do anything at all but obviously with these MABs there’s a
slight chance of having an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock but I’ve
never really had that in my life so for me to be reacting this way was just
ridiculous so in February of 2017 I stopped Nucala
but even till today a year later I still can’t breathe
properly I’ve been constantly hooked up to my breathing machine never had to do
that in my life even though I’ve had severe asthma just how to use the
breathing treatments a couple times a day at most it just calm down to just
loosen up the breathing and deal with the inflammation my lungs in my Airways
right but uh ever since starting you called none of that really works and
it’s just been such a tough year not being able to breathe every single
moment I’ve been struggling fighting for every breath and just how to keep
pushing it’s like my chest is constantly tied with ropes and I just need a push
push push to get paid breath in and asthma was kind of the the least of the
three major problems that I had so I was just hoping I can knock that one out and
then I could just deal with the skin and eczema problems and the food allergies you you

8 thoughts on “NUCALA (mepolizumab) Results for Eczema, Asthma, & Allergy Treatment | Ep.118

  1. Have you ever considered omalizumab? A top immunologist once told me that it is effective in 60% of cases. Primarily used for asrhma treatment, but off label for food allergies and eczema as well. Just wonder if you had experience with this particular medicine?

  2. PART 2: Dupixent (Dupilumab) trial treating Eczema, Allergies, & Asthma

  3. I hope u really get better I actually stop Nucala it's so worst I can't I feel out of breath more often and back pain have of my face nume… Is scary so hey clean ur liver with dandelion root, ur colon and yes I recommend u that hope in god u feel much better

  4. Hey Jeffrey. Thanks for ur videos. I'm also a severe eczema sufferer so I feel ur pain. Have u tried drinking baking soda and lemon juice? Just started drinking it a few days again and really clearing my skin and improving my food allergies. I've literally been allergic to all foods. Now just able to add apples in. Never been able to eat apples for like years. Adding a new food everyday. It may or may not work but it's only a dollar. The idea is to make ur blood pH more alkaline. I'm praying for u Jeffrey. Good luck!

  5. Jeff just by watching buy coke gives me an indicator about the little you know how this product affects your health in general. Go plant based stop all junk food , sugar drinks, and dairy . I bet youll improve in no time. Best of luck

  6. Omg..😨.. thanks for the info I'm ultra sensitive like you my doctor is recommending me nucala. I'm scared as f*ck. The last time I was intubated they gave me a medication that gave me a side effect that I can't hear on one ear. I can just imagine this injection. I'm sure I'll get a side effect.. God dam being intubated is like your playing with death..thanks dude. For your f.y.i I'm not going to my doctors tommmor.

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