Nurse Thinks Mom Hasn’t Noticed Her, But Mom Can’t Stay Silent About What She’s Seen Her Do

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Mom Can’T Stay Silent About What She’S Seen Her Do Shelby and Jonathan have a daughter named
Sophie who is currently fighting for her life. When the sweet little two-year-old wasn’t
feeling well, Shelby thought it was just allergies. A follow-up appointment with the doctor didn’t
uncover anything concerning and she was diagnosed with asthma. Shelby scheduled Sophie for allergy testing
but one night, Sophie stopped breathing. The Skiles family followed her in the ambulance
to the hospital and that’s where their world changed forever. Doctors discovered a softball-sized mass in
tiny Sophie’s chest. The toddler was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma
and has spent months enduring terribly aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Even though Sophie’s body fought hard, her
cancer still spread. The chemotherapy has impacted her ability
to walk, talk, use her hands and eat. She’s currently undergoing therapy to prepare
her weakened body for a stem cell transplant. Sometimes the days run together and Shelby
forgets to take care of herself, since she’s so busy looking out for Sophie. To keep family and friends informed of Sophie’s
progress and to have some semblance of contact with the world outside the hospital room,
Shelby set up a Facebook page called Sophie the Brave. It was one particular post Shelby shared that
has since gone viral. Moms with sick ones everywhere have rallied
behind Shelby for what she’s said about the nurses. “I see you. I sit on this couch all day long and I see
you. You try so hard to be unnoticed by me and
my child. I see your face drop a little when she sees
you and cries. You try so many ways to ease her fears and
win her over. I see you hesitate to stick her or pull Band-Aids
off. You say ‘No owies’ and ‘I’m sorry’ more
times in one day than most people say ‘thank you.'” Shelby shared that she watches the nurses
carry armloads of medicine and supplies into one ill child’s room while their phones are
ringing for help in another room. She sees them sorting piles of beads for patients
so they can add to their milestone necklaces. “I see all of those rubber bracelets on your
arms and wrapped around your stethoscope, each one for a child that you’ve cared for
and loved … I see you stroke her little bald head and tuck her covers around her tightly. I see you holding the crying mom that got
bad news. I see you trying to chart on the computer
while holding the baby whose mom can’t-or won’t be at the hospital with her.” Shelby credited the nurses who pop by and
visit her daughter even if she isn’t their patient and for sitting with parents facing
the unknown when their own on-the-job to-do list never stops growing. Their phones are used as templates when painting
cartoon characters on patient’s windows; they are cheerleaders for the kids taking cautious
laps around the nurses station. “I see you with that Nerf gun hiding from
the kid around the corner. I see you hold tiny hands, change dirty sheets,
translate medical talk for parents and wipe your eyes coming out of a particularly hard
room. I see you put on gloves, masks and a gown
then pause before you hang en IV bag of poison chemo for my kid.” Absolutely no amount of snack baskets or cards
will ever communicate just how appreciative she is for what the nurses have done for her
daughter and all other ill children Shelby’s met along Sophie’s journey. The nurses are the backbone of the peds floor. “You are Jesus to us every single day. Our children wouldn’t get what they need without
you. Moms like me wouldn’t feel sane or heard without
you. You save our babies and we couldn’t do this
without you.” So far, Shelby’s post has been shared more
than 25,000 times and garnered more than 48,000 reactions. Nurses everywhere are touched by Shelby’s
heartfelt sentiment and emotional outpouring of support and gratitude for their profession. Pediatric nurses in particular not only have
sick patients, but they have tiny sick patients who should be running and playing, jumping
and giggling, smiling and healthy. Pediatric nurses are among the most stoic
individuals with an unimaginably difficult job to carry out. Shelby noted that nurses not only care about
their pint-sized patients, but they also look out for the family members, too. She herself has been the recipient of love
and concern from Sophie’s nurses. “You put aside what’s happening in your life
for 12 hours straight to care for very sick and something’s dying children. You go into each room with a smile no matter
what’s happening in there. You see Sophie’s name on the schedule and
come to check on us even when she isn’t your patient. You call the doctor, blood bank and pharmacy
as many times as necessary to get my child what she needs in a timely manner. You check on me as often as you check on her. You sit and listen to me ramble for 10 minutes
even though your phone is buzzing and your to do list is a mile long.”

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  1. Someone tell her mother not to do chemo … it doesn't treat cancer it makes it worse … pray to God for recovery & eat & live healthy … wellness is what destroys illness.

  2. Seven miscarriages, three love births, two kinds of cancer one during each of my last two pregnancies… Just give months apart, radical hysterectomy after third birth. Few years later multiple procedures and disc replacements and fusions in my neck as well as many ongoing out patient procedures yearly for last nine years…I KNOW NURSES!In fact, I know NURSES & Doctors! I have met more than my fair share of both! But I can honestly say I have only met two "BAD" NURSES in the last 25 years.! And both of them lost their jobs… very serious, dangerous, and PROUD ( "I am a Nurse! I trained to do this!") {You can't know your body better than my text book attitude. And one was a male nurse in O.B.~ I was a first time mom, in pre-term labor! Sent there by my OB/GYN's FABULOUS Nurse who had called me "at home" 'just to check on you, after surgery last week. I was thinking about you and wanted to see how you are?' [After 3 or 4 Q&A… " Hon, don't stress, but the Doc is gonna meet you at the Hospital OB to give to a check up. You might be in early labor (@6 1/2 months😱) and we will stop it.] So calm I didn't think to panic till later!}IThe second disobeyed the Dr and ignored my husband when our last was being born. This almost killed me and the baby. Broke the baby's clavicle, and led to an infection that had him medicated to Anch. He died for almost two min., Ended up in the neonatal intensive care ward. And had to wear a heart and breathing monitor for over three months! (She lost her job but that need not have been.Other than these two I have had wonderful experiences with NURSES over the years for me and my family!

  3. As a nurse for more than thirty years, I really never thought about how the families perceived the individual and nursing team. I always thought it was fear, sometimes suspicion but little to never with such compassion; never such trust and certainly never as caring, loving people that we are. Because of the terrible things we see, hear and at times must do to help or save a life, we appear had on the outside to hide what we feel and know what’s happening to the most important person in your life.

    Thank you to the family who took the time to share the most difficult times in their lives.

  4. That is awesome…to acknowledge and praise the nurses for all their hard work and love the give to your sick child…and i have to say what a wonderful woman you must be to even acknowledge that in such a troubling time for you and your child…

  5. Beautiful! Thank God for these angels of love and compassion. I thought it was going to be a horrific story. Thank God its a blessed one!

  6. I recently had a long stay at the hospital with my son (nothing super serious thank goodness just a GI issue they wanted to keep a close eye on him but we were there for almost a month) and before I left I made a poster for the peds nurses to hang, "super heros come in all genders, shapes, sizes, and colors. some wear capes and masks MINE wear scrubs and stethoscopes and fight evil with a smile."

  7. Nurses are angels on earth! God bless all the nurses everywhere in a very special way! Thank you all much ‼️✝️🙏🏼❤️😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  8. This nurse cried when she saw and heard that video. Thank you so much. We really don't get thanked that often, but that's not why we do it. But it's so nice to hear. So thank you for noticing. ❤

  9. I'm sorry. I think that is so selfish to put your child through. She became limp due to the chemicals being put into her little small body. If God said it was her time then it's her time no matter what u do. I couldn't imagine putting my child through that.

  10. i hate that im so awfully heartless because people like this touch me so deeply in the heart and i'm over here saying 'just let her die. she's suffering, put her out of her misery.' im such a bad person

  11. Not all nurses are that great, but so many are… I love my nurse practitioner, her nurses, and would wish them the best always. I have had one bad nurse, but the rest have been so great, I can't even remember the bad one's name! The world would be very poor without nurses! I'd rather have a nurse than a doctor these days; the doctors mostly are just putting in time to get paid, while the nurses do most of the work. My nurse practitioner is GREAT! She really listens! and she is very generous with her time, which makes the wait to see her sooooo easy, because you KNOW she's going to treat you the same. You KNOW she will spend as much time with you as you need. Nurses make the world a better place!

  12. GOD was and is with all cancer paitents either if they passed through the pearly gates of heaven he is still with them and those nursses that go through hell and back caring for them every step of the way helping family's and children with cancer and we havent foound a cure for them is because we test on creaturs with higher or lower matabaalism then us and if we tested med's the way we would need to make cancer easy to cure like strep throught

  13. Nurses are angels. Their job is very demanding and they deserve all the money they earn and more. They are blessings to the patients and families. My Mom was a nurse and she loved caring for her patients especially the young ones. I am sure she is helping many babies in heaven now. I look forward to the day when I am reacquainted with her. And Dad. But hopefully I will care for many grand babies before that day comes.

  14. My son has crohns disease and over the many years of infusions we have gotten close to some of his nurses. When my son stayed in the hospital it was the nurses who taught me how to do almost everything for my son as I felt that it was my job. I only had to fire two nurses in my experience with the hospital. That shows me that nurses really are the backbone. I wish I could find one nurse I had over 12 yrs ago. I know for a fact she has to remember me. I was her first patient by herself and I coded right after having my son. I had to tell her what to do and she did so frantically. And the nurse who was my labor and delivery nurse said she has just transfered from cardiology. A voice told me to remember everything about her. She saved my life by coming in a giving orders to nurses who barely spoke english. Without those two nurses I'd have died and I'm thankful they saved me.

  15. I really hope the dislikes are for the robot voice, not the story. I'm a nurse and the story really touched my heart and made me proud of what I've done.

  16. Teachers complain.. MOST have summers off and every holiday and they make what nurses do in general AT LEAST WHERE I LIVE…. nurses bust their butts 12.5+ HOURS a day and that is NOT with OT. They have to sign a paper to work reg time if they want to work! Nurses are FAR underrated for all they do! Been there done that… there is no respect and mgmt allows patients to hit kick spit etc " because they arent in control here at the hospital". I say BUNK!

  17. The nurses at our hospital remind me of angels floating effortlessly into the rooms to tend to people when they are their most vulnerable and need human compassion and care. I know they have problems and aches and pains of their own with tired feet, legs, headaches and all, but they still manage to hide it all for the sake of others. God bless them all! Of course, this is Iowa, what more can I say.

  18. Trying not to cry. My daughter is a great nurse who love working in nursing homes. When she leaves or get a better job..patients says they're leaving too…lol.

  19. My wife is a nurse (mainly ER and ICU, but all over). She says it's harder and harder to do her job. There's been an incredible amount of added charting and excessive procedures nurses must follow nowadays. Adding to that, the patient load has increased to unsafe levels.

  20. As a nursing student it makes me so mad of the way people treat nurses when i go to the H for training i see them work hard and yet not even a thank you

  21. This was lovely, most fit this description but recently I witnessed in one hospital, with one pt, my aunt, awful care, IV, not flushed, was clogged so she was in bad pain, nurses to busy to help her to bathroom, or bring bedpan, got mad when she wet the bed. She awoke and saw a nurse eating off her dinner tray. I could go on and on. As I retired nurse I knew what I saw. Contacted MOD and reported this, along with video evidence.

  22. Nurses, teachers, firefighters, and yes, even cops should make a million per year. Sports players should make about 40k.

  23. Praying for you and your family and I hope little Sophie is okay I'm not for sure when this video was made but I just watched it tonight and it really breaks my heart may God be with you all and all the sick babies

  24. Yes more respect to all the wonderful nurses that care for us everyday. Let's up the pay for all they do.

  25. God the nurses docs and the kids who have to go through these things ur all heroes in one way or another and God bless the families who have this happening but even more so for the ones up front and center for there loved ones i keep u all in my prayers every day and wish nothing but the best for all of God's angels and also for the ones who work at the hospital bc u keep fighting to save as many as u can God bless

  26. When you find a good nurse it could only be immensely appreciated. I really admire who's strong enough to do that kind of job, it's the most innatural place for everyone.

    At first I thought the nurse did something bad. What a relief!

  27. Kids aren't supposed to be battling cancer when they're supposed to be scraping their knees at the playground.

  28. I hope Sophie is in permanent remission!!!
    Wonderful nurses that work in probably the most difficult part of nursing!
    Great job to not only the nurses but to the families of these tiny patients and the brave little ones who go through the most difficult thing in their little lives!!

  29. Nurses are the Angels not only for the little ones but my lost my husband and son two weeks apart with cancer and if it wasn’t for the nurses doctors would be so lost always keep them in my prayers and all the little ones God bless all these nurses

  30. Uhm I dont mean to be a clod but..the narrator say "No oh-I's" and I laughed so hard I unleashed the ultimate KNEE SLAP

  31. Chemotherapy attacks all the DNA it cannot be targeted to just the cancer area hence chemotherapy is deadly especially to children and young babies there are other ways one way is there was a very good Hospital in Mexico Tijuana chipsa Hospital they use a different tactic diet they still use some chemotherapeutic drugs but they do it so they attack not the DNA but just the area by bringing the cancer to the core with other techniques depending on what type of cancer you have Diet everything counts they do things differently metabolically through the body and they have a big success there was a man he was going to die within a matter of weeks he went home and remission on vitamin K3 and vitamin C all he needed was $1,000 to do the treatment there are Spanish doctors American doctors Spanish nurses American nurses European doctors they're using alternative treatments that are working

  32. Wow…
    Nurses & Nuses Aids are true hero's to everyone and they are the backbone of hospitals, nursing homes …thank you for caring

  33. Shelby, thank you so much for such a wonderful article you wrote about the nurses. I'm praying that Sophie will be able to get through all these, God bless you and your family.

  34. Stop talking rubbish nurses here in ireland are not good enough to empty bed pans always flirting with doctors to lazy to do their work think they are doctors

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