Nursing & respiratory therapy students help kids with asthma

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I’m a nursing student at Bellarmine and as
a part of our community clinical we are here at Healthy Hoops. So, these kids have respiratory problems,
most of them have asthma. This is like a preventative screening to see
how they’re doing as far as their inhalers, their rescue drugs and their maintenance drugs. Service is super important in our education
at Bellarmine because we want to do everything we can to support our community and the people
in it, making sure that we’re meeting the needs of the community. We mostly work in the hospital and with sick patients
but also it’s really important for us to get out in the community to help prevent them
from coming to the hospital. Every day you learn something new and so being
able to go out and just kind of learning from each other, I just absolutely love it. What better way than do it through service? I am here because I have a son who has asthma
and we want to check and make sure that he is doing fine and he’s able to play sports
and stay active. It makes me feel good that they have an opportunity
to go out and to play and being checked at the same time. It makes me feel very good seeing all these
kids come in here — they’re smiling, they want to talk to us. That’s really helpful that hopefully we’re
making an impact on their life. I chose Bellarmine for my nursing degree because
I love the whole idea of the small school and getting to know everybody that I’m in
class with. I feel so lucky to go to Bellarmine.

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