Nut Allergy On A Plane Left Woman Brain-Damaged

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How’s it going Youtube I am Landon and lets
talk about the news. First up we have 29 yr old Amy May Shead who
suffered from a serious anaphylactic reaction a few years back while she was eating on a
plane. Amy informed the airline about this severe
allergy that she has but after just one bite of food Amy went into shock. Amys EpiPen was used twice and it didn’t
work on her. Amy quickly went into a coma where she lost
oxygen for nearly 6 minutes. She was rushed to the hospital where Doctors
told her parents she would not survive she suffered from to much brain damage. Is this real life right now this is going
to be the biggest law suit ever. Amy did survive this horrific event but her
life is now completely changed. After spending 19 ays in ICU in a coma she
woke up but she was severely brain damaged. 11 months after the incident she was finally
flown home where she was transferred to a hospital where they specialize in the brain. She spent 316 days there. This must have cost so much money and cause
so much pain. Amy’s parents are now set to live in a specialy
adapted home to continue their case for Amy. She is now confined to a wheel chair and can
no longer take care of herself. Her mother, family and friends are now trying
to raise awareness about allergies and how peanuts should be banned on all airlines. Her mom was saying that when your on a plane
the air is encircling and if someone is eating peanuts the allergens can be airborne and
it could effect someone else just like it effected Amy. Peanut allergies are very dangerous and must
be treated seriously this is why peanuts are banned in a lot of places like schools. So is it time for airlines to ban peanuts. Let me know what you guys think of this story
and should this airline be sued? How much should the family get? Although no money will be enough to really
compensate for the permanent damage that has been done. Well here is another big story. Johnson & Johnson has just been fined for
417 million dollars; this is because of baby powder that has been causing cancer. Is this real life right now this is absolutely
insane because I know ive used this product and so has millions of people. This is a very popular house hold item. Well this woman Eva Echeverria from Los Angles
has become terminally ill from the baby powder. Eva has been using the product since the 50s
but Johnson & Johnson failed to provide warnings for consumers about potential cancer risks. Eva developed ovarian cancer as a result of
using this product. This baby powder has talcum powder in it and
that can cause cancer. So in court Eva won $417 million dollars this
is the largest sum the company has been ordered to give in a very serious verdict. Of course Johnson & Johnson is going to try
and have this over turned but its not looking likekly. President Donald Trump joined the millions
of people who were witnessing history yesterday when the Solar Eclipse happened. We had only one rule when looking at the solar
eclipse and that was to not look directly into the sun. and I guess Donald Trump doesn’t
care about rules. After he probably killed his eyes he than
received the proper glasses. Let me know if you guys were able to see it
and where your from. A total Eclipse hasn’t happened for 99 yrs. These pictures are just amazing. This is a huge crowd that probably skipped
work to take a look at this phenomenon right in front of the Hollywood sign. NASA released some images of the eclipse and
these images are just so stunning. This has to be the greatest picture of the
sun ever. And this picture is so awesome because you
can see satellites in front of the sun. Apparently the sunset was the best sun set
in years as well. Most places the sky is pink. Pink sky at night sailors delight. The next Eclipse will happen in 2024 and it
will best be seen in the states going from South to north passing through mexico, Taxas
and Ohio. So I guess start planning your trips now. Logan Paul decided to make history. He spent $14,000 on a lens to capture the
Eclipse. 3:39- 3:49.
Is this real life right now that thing is insane. Logan Paul flew to Nashville to try and capture
the best footage of the sun and the moon. The actually footage should be coming out
in Logan Pauls vlog video today so look out for that. Game of thrones just came out with a season
7 Finale Preview.
0:02- 0:13 If you guys want to see the full trailer I will link to it down below. I would say this looks sick but I seem to
be in that 1 percent of people who haven’t seen any episode. I think maybe one day I will. We all know there has been a ton of tension
between America and North Korea well now the UK are feeling concerned as well that they
could possibly be a target of a nuclear blast. So the question is what would the UK do if
they are targeted. There are articles now talking about this
situation. When you are the target of a nuclear blast
there isn’t much time to prepare. The best thing to do is to find a bunker a
lot of the Uks underground railway system acts as a bunker for the blast. Back in 2015 the UK government actually released
a document titled Nuclear Emergency planning and response guidance. The science and technology advisory committee
will ultimately make the decision whether or not to evacuate and it will depend on whether
the public are at risk of radioactive contamination. Also in the news was this Anti- Trump lipstick
that has made $40,000 dollars for Charlottesville victims. This lipstick is called Lipslut. People are buying this lipstick and are posing
a ton of pictures online of themselves wearing it. Everyone has been hating on Donald Trump even
more right now because of how he reacted to the Charlottesville attack. Also there has been a ton of hate online but
trolls beware. Because now online abuse will now be punished
as severely as offline hate crime. So be carefully the next time you tell someone
to go kill themselves. You can be punished. And if that person for some reason actually
kills themselves you could be facing a serious punishment. Ok so I do have some huge Youtube drama and
news going on right now that revolved around an assault and defamation between some really
big Youtubers. Of course Jake Paul finds himself in the middle
of this. Jake Paul claims that his assistant was assault
by Faze Banks at a night club. Meg Zelly is Jake Pauls assistant and she
said that she was in a club when out of no where Faze banks stood up and closed line
Meg giving her a pretty bad bruise on her neck. Meg said Faze Banks did it on purpose. Well Faze Banks has said that he is being
slammed with false acquisition, and he will pursuit a slandering lawsuit worth a lot of
money. Faze said that he doesn’t recall hitting
anyone and if he did it was an accident. Logan Paul got involved with all of this drama
saying whether or not it was an accident this was assault. I am not sure if I completely agree with that. Well Faze Banks has a message from Nick Crompton
who is the COO of Team 10 where Nick wanted Faze Banks to apologize for what he did an
that he knows that this was an accident. So here is the message from Nick Crompton
and it says I need you to apologize to my employee asap. She said she doesn’t think you did it on
purpose but she walked by your table last night at Warwick and you basically clothes
lined her. This right there tells me that Meg knew that
this was indeed an accident so I am not sure to why not she is changing her story.

100 thoughts on “Nut Allergy On A Plane Left Woman Brain-Damaged

  1. Can I just say she wasn't on a plane she was in a restaurant in beudapest and the people said there were no nuts in the chicken she ordered but there was

  2. Just to let you know, Amy wasn't on a plane, she ate food on holiday that put her into anaphylactic shock, as she asked the restaurant for food not containing nuts, and they said the food didn't include nuts, but the oil cooked in might have been what put her into shock, she wasn't able to sue the restaurant as the laws in the country were different and the restaurant didn't have public liability,
    But her family was on tv talking about the debate on banning peanuts, in more places including planes, so I understand where the confusion came from
    Keep up the videos Landon, just some info on the story 🙂


  4. They have covered this story soooo wrong she was eating at a restaurant in hungaria and she repeatedly told them she had an allergic reaction to them it had absolutely nothing to do with the airline so do more research on your videos ffs

  5. Peanuts and other types of various nuts taste great you shouldn't ban of food just because someone else is allergic to it if you can eat it eat it if you can't then don't I shouldn't have to feel bad for others when I'm eating something thats stupid.

  6. I don't know your sources but you have the facts a little wrong. She was abroad at a restaurant and they assured her the dish had no contact with nuts whatsoever. The lady used to work in production for ITV and was actually on This Morning during the current week to raise awareness.

  7. I know that my opinion doesn't matter more than a hill of beans but I keep reading people are saying why ban a food most people are not allergic to and love for the safety of the few who are. Well imagine that those who are allergic were people closely related to you. Your kids, your parents, your spouse or significant other, your siblings. How would you feel if this happened to them?? When people post comments like oh don't like the good suffer for the bad (pretty much) then that's what they need to think about. And as far as how much should be awarded to the family for damages and should they sue the airline I say Yes sue them and for 1 billion dollars. they won't get that amount but they deserve it.

  8. She wasn't eating on the plane. The epipen wasn't used twice, she used two separate epipens which contained two lots of live-saving adrenaline. No airline should be sued because it wasn't even on an airplane. Sort your facts before making videos. Dick.

  9. To be fair, anything can be a cause of cancer when you break it down to simple terms. Any man made things can correlate to excessive cell growth and to cancerous formations in the body. Baby powder just adds to the list

  10. First of all, she had the allergic reaction in a restaurant during a holiday, not on an airplane. Second, get all of your facts straight before you go public with an issue, whatever it's about. The only thing I hear is a twisted version of the truth and careless comments about money and law suits. Have a heart. It's not Sesame Street that you're talking about, it's about somebody's life, multiple lives actually, that completely got turned upside down. Have some respect.

  11. She wasn't on a plane, she was at a restaurant in Budapest, they can't sue the restaurant as they had no public liability insurance

  12. She was not on a plane. Research before you post. However the issue on planes is serious and I agree for a ban.

  13. This is shocking that you have completely got the story wrong. There was an interview on This Morning (which you have a picture of in your video) saying that this was caused at a restaurant in Budapest. Did you even do any research for this video?

    This Morning facebook interview –

  14. I feel like the airline should pay for the medical help , and conpinsation every month for her living expenses, necessities , and privet nurses. since she is now incapble of living on her own it would only be fair that the company that caused it despite knowing of the allergy will now take responsibility.

  15. Hey, Landon!! I live in S. Maine, and we got a kind of "afternoon" kind of lighting. 😀 However, in 2024, we are supposed to be in the "line of occlusion", and are planning on going upstate a bit to see it.

  16. I live in Charlottesville Virginia but I was not in Virginia at the time something was I live 15 minutes away from the place it happened. Everyone in neighborhood calls them nazis for good reason. My sisters friend worked at the mall were it happened. Luckily she was not hurt. In conclusion what happened was tragic and I am in disgust at happened and I hope nothing like it happens again

  17. Dude this wasn't on a plane… It happened in a restaurant in Budapest. All i see in this video is a moron reporting wrong news. This isnt real life right here

  18. She ate at a restaurant in another country, not on a plane. Actually go and watch the This Morning interview for the actual details!!!

  19. No shouldn’t ban peanuts on plane and u can still have a reaction outside if someone is eating them what r u gonna do try to ban peanuts all together all over the world u can’t if ur that sensitive I don’t know what to tell u

  20. Wow I see Amy May at The Internet.I was shock about this Story. So I have Really big Heart ❤️ to Humans. And specially for the disabled.
    Wow In The interview I can see hear and feel really good that she understand really what other Say Form here.
    I can see here Reactions what here lovey Mother says or the Reporters. Oh I hope for You that You become the best future you can have. And never give up
    Love ❤️ Peace ✌️ Harmonie

  21. Dude if you’re going to report on stories make sure you have the facts. She wasn’t on an airplane when the allergy incident occurred. She was in a restaurant in Budapest on vacation.

  22. I would wanna be put out of my misery. keeping her alive seems cruel, if u could ask the non brain damaged her if she would want to live like that she would say no! That’s not living!

  23. She wasnt in a plane.. She was in Budapest… Maybe research before you make a video. Peanuts on planes was a topic they discuss in other articles

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