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Friends, Orian is here at Ayushakti Malad Clinic for his detox treatment from USA and Just before starting his treatment, we went to Ganesha festival in Mumbai there was a time of Lord Ganesha Coming, and we just went for the darshan to make a Pooja and we were offered this prasad of Lord Ganesha which was a kind of a sweet where there were little nuts in it. I couldn’t see it and we couldn’t see it, we didn’t realize and what happens when you take nuts. If I take nuts what happens is my face also swells up, eyes get swollen, itching in the throat and my throat also closes up. Yaa! Many people have that reaction. And normally what do you do because I saw instantly, your eyes really became red, your voice changed and I was quite worried.
Generally, what do you do at home? Usually, my heart also beats faster. I can tell that I have a nut-like instantly and I have a heavy pain Usually I take epinephrine and some benadryls but I didn’t have any of them with me at that time Yaa, I was quite worried. Actually, you were with me in so I just rushed to the kitchen and we made one simple formula, 1 tsp full turmeric powder- quarter tsp full black pepper powder and ½ tsp of ghee. Mixed it together and you just took it. Yes I too it right away and after about maybe 10 mins I started feeling the effects of this portion that you made for me and I was shocked and shocked because I started the symptoms started to disappear in my throat And I gave you one more dose just in 10 minutes again so that the immune system calms down very effectively Yes, Yes and I couldn’t believe I was shocked, I was shocked I didn’t have any of these no more medicines I take with me and I just left like I mean that you would save my life Yaa, I was so happy, it worked and I also gave you this OJAS Formula. 1 tablet at night and next day morning and after that everything was completely calm. I think you had no symptoms actually. Yaa, we left that night from the place we were and I made a video, where I can see myself on camera that everything was gone I didn’t had any more swelling in my lips or my eyes and even after the 2 doses of this mixture.. GONE! Absolutely So friends. If you have any time, any allergies from the food or environment. You can definitely try this simple home remedy It is just slowly and steadily calming your immune system and you can take it on a daily basis so that your immune system doesn’t react constantly it becomes less sensitive and it becomes stronger in that sense So that’s why we did this little video to share the experience It works! It works on me. Namashkar!

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