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NYC IV Therapy is an IV infusion clinic that
provides high dose vitamin C treatments. These treatments can boost your immunity.
increase your energy levels, kill cold and flu viruses, detoxify your body, decrease
muscle and joint inflammation as well as reduce the side effects from Chemotherapy. In a matter of minutes, our IV infusions will
help re-set your entire system for optimum health and healing. This means that you can expect to feel the
positive benefits of each session immediately. The poise effects after receiving one of our
vitamin c infusions can last for several days and evens sometimes weeks or months. NYC IV Therapy infusions will get your body
the vitamin C that it needs to fend off serious illness, fight the effects of stressful, modern
day lives, and help you become healthier and happier. For more information about high dose vitamin
c infusions – call NYC IV Therapy today at 347-826-3331

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