9 thoughts on “October 2018 ACIP Meeting – Adult & Child/Adolescent Immunization schedule

  1. October meeting 2018…you got told. How can you guys hold your heads up? I would like to ask 2 questions. 1. How many people do you employ? 2. How many of these have had their children vaccinated? Just asking as a mother of a child who has a vaccine related injury… 'when you strike a woman… you strike a rock'. I hope and pray justice & the health and safety of our children is served…otherwise what is the point of your exsistence? Shame on you… for the whole world to see

  2. Thanks a lot you sick people for killing our youth and people . I hope you get what you sick maniacs deserve when the time comes . For hiding the real truth about these deadly bio weapons you shove down our throats . Where these vaccinations aren't tested for causing cancer , infertility , and Genetic/DNA manupliation.

  3. Science development lead
    less disease but hear its all opposite…..new and more dangerous disease are coming out…it means u doc. And pharmaceutical industry not serving people but serving ur business

  4. Even though there were many negative things said against vaccinations by courageous people that were willing to disturb the status quo, 100% of the doctors voted for the immunization schedule! It’s a real eye opener to me on how “blind” and corrupt the allopathic healthcare system is. After listening to the testimony against vaccinations, I can understand more than ever why parents would not want their children to be vaccinated and be in effect “guinea pigs.” The U.S. government is not really keeping its citizens safe. Their record is getting worse and worse. It took approximately 40 years to put warnings on packs of cigarette after it was found that smoking caused cancer, the EPA allows toxic chemicals in our environment so people are suing them to cease, and the FAA certified an unsafe airplane as safe—and a result 346 people died. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $4 billion dollars as a result of vaccine injuries and the CDC, many doctors and influential people, including those in Congress agree they are safe. It seems like these people must be taking some psychotropic drug to come to this conclusion.

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