[OFF THE BOYZ] ‘REVEAL’ Comeback week behind

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(REVEAL, The first week
In the waiting room for M Countdown ) (Q. How will you hunt THE B’s hearts?) Together… We’re gonna maximize our charms and hunt THE B’s hearts (Q. A dog vs A wolf) My choice is… a wolf (Q. There is a full moon
Are you transforming into a wolf?) Not yet I haven’t seen the moon yet It’s inside me When I go to the stage, I’ll look at the moon and transform (Q. A dog vs A wolf) A dog! I really love dogs (Q. How do you feel about the first show?)
I’m so excited Are you sleepy? I’m not sleepy at all Are you sleepy? I’m excited! – Right?
– Yes! (Q. How will you hunt THE B’s hearts?) I’m gonna catch them with my eyes (Sunwoo) That’s very typical! (Sunwoo) That’s not funny! Please show me your eyes! One, two, three! Here is… We’re having our first
show of ‘REVEAL’ at ‘M Countdown’ (Q. Wolf fur is flying around here
Did you turn into a wolf?) I’m actually allergic to dust I’m so sensitive at dust and fur However, ‘REVEAL’ is a really great song So, I’m practicing
hard, overcoming it (Q. A dog vs A wolf) Of course, a dog! I love dogs Today is the first show at ‘M Countdown’! Oh, I’m graduating today (Eric’s graduation
was on the same day) I’m gonna have pre-recording
at ‘M Countdown’ I’ll go back home
and take a shower And then I’ll go to school for my graduation ceremony I’m the youngest
member in THE BOYZ And I’d been a high
school student until now That’s why I was treated
well as the youngest member But I’m not wearing the
school uniform anymore I feel like… I’m on the same boat with other members So, I feel uncomfortable (Q. A dog vs A wolf) I think I’m… half and half! A wolf for this side! and a dog for this side This part is a wolf Wolf Dog What’ this? I hunted a bit since I’m a wolf
What’s the matter? I thought you’re a dog You’re a chocolate poodle I’m a wolf I mean my concept… You’re… If I have to say about you,
maybe a fox? Do you wanna
get hit by a fox? Aren’t you a sheep? Wolves prey is sheep I’m gonna act deadly on the stage as much as I can eat up the camera Let’s go! (Q. How do you feel about the first show today?)
I think I have to rock the stage I’m gonna try my best
to rock the stage! (Q. There is a full moon
Are you transforming into a wolf?) I turn into a wolf only
when the song is played I’m Sangyeon,
naive and innocent (Q. How will you hunt THE B’s hearts?) Charisma on stage? What did you do? Oh, no
That wasn’t charismatic (Q. Wolf fur is flying around here
Did you turn into a wolf?) I think so That’s right Did my fur fly all
the way there? Way to go! If… there is THE B when we
have pre-recording, I would get some energy
even though I’m tired I’m a little worried
that you won’t be there But 11 members of THE BOYZ will cooperate and make
a cool performance I’m gonna show you what
we’ve been prepared I’m gonna show you surely how nice our performance is It’s a wolf looks so scary But inside, it has the sad emotion Like the lyrics, it’s so sad Facial expression (Q. A dog vs A wolf)
I’m a wolf I’m a wolf who has such sad eyes and hurts inside the mind (Q. How will you hunt THE B’s hearts?) I’m gonna take a selfie like this I’m gonna take it like this
and capture THE B’s minds (Q. What’s the point of today’s outfit?) Well, for me like this… There are many things attached And I have a belt on my thigh That’s all We, THE BOYZ, will work hard with the official album ‘REVEAL’ Let’s say “Way to go” together, okay? One, two, three! Way to go! I’ll do my best! I love you Go! It begins! Here is my gift I brought this for you It was the best We’ve successfully
finished the performance We’ve had pre-recording for 2 hours My hair color was deep dark blue… But it lightened up due to sweat Oh, it’s cold You’ve done a great job I have to get ready to go to school Today I said I would rock the stage,
but Sunwoo’s pants ripped Sunwoo’s pants ripped about 3 times We rocked the stage today, but Sunwoo’s pants ripped as well M Countdown took
nice footage of us So, we could finish the shooting well I’m gonna take a rest a bit at home – And we will come back for Salty
– I ruined it Stop it, Q! Okay? You did a great job,
you worked hard Anyway I saw the photo in the article
It looks so nice The official pose We’ve prepared the
stage of Salty so hard We practiced it with all members yesterday Please look forward to it a lot And the performance of Salty… We really… Actually, there are many my parts in it My parts… Q wants to practice it now But I’m fine It’s great Everyone We’re now Have some
There are ice creams here Thank you! Get Melona on the way What’s “Get Melona on the way”? What’s that? Just get Melona on the way It’s strawberry flavor We’re back We were cute We’re back ’00s’ are all together now We’re shooting Music Bank tomorrow
I’m gonna meet Bo Min I’ve been so busy to prepare the first show So, I couldn’t pick up my parents’ call But my dad texted me “Famous MC, why don’t you contact us?” My dad is very funny My dad is… cheerful I think he’s proud of you (REVEAL, The first week
In the waiting room for ‘Music Bank’) Okay, do that way I’m gonna bite you
if you miss our first show Okay, Sunwoo, can you introduce
about the title song? Well… You have to answer! Yes… It’s a live show
Will do you like that? I love you, mom and dad!! I’m going for Salty! We’re going to have a stage of Salty Where are you looking at?
Look at me Why are you looking at another guy? Why are you looking at another guy? Just look at me (They’ve finished Salty
successfully at Music Bank!) (REVEAL, The first show
In the waiting room for ‘Show! Music Core’) It’s the first day for Show! Music Core We’re gonna rock the stage Please stand by Yes! We’ll be back We’ll be back It’s still the first show!
We can do it! Go! (They’ve finished the REVEAL stage safely
at Show! Music Core!) When Q made the ending He looks like “I’m a wolf!” “I got you!” Q was pretending like he’s strong but he looked like a baby wolf I really wanted
act that I’m cool But I couldn’t breath What’s this? You know I pressed ‘2%’ before going for pre-recording But I got corn silk tea I thought I pushed the wrong one So, I pressed ‘2%’ again Like this! But the corn silk tea came out twice Oh, my 2,400 KRW! What should I do? I tried to get this one earlier New got tricked too But why does no one let
me know about that? We told that while you were sleeping I’m gonna drink this one and go to sleep Bye (THE) THE BOYZ is (BO) more than you can see (Y) 200% (Z) cooler Do you want me to buy? Yes, please Do you want me to buy? What do you wanna get? Our Haknyeon! I’ll treat you today! He picked the most expensive one I’m the giving tree We’ve done a rehearsal The end! Oh! THE BOYZ is on TV! (REVEAL, The first week
In the waiting room for ‘Inkigayo’) (The first week working
with REVEAL is done well!)

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  1. congrats for the successful comeback loves! i can’t wait to see you again here in manila but i hope that you’ll comeback here when the corona virus outbreak ends because your health comes first. i love you 🤍

  2. The way that Jacob talked to Q is so cute. Omg my heart hurt😝💕 and Sangyeon with white T-shirt is so good💕💕💕💕

  3. 9:43 “why are you looking at another guy” “just look at me” imagine being fought over younghoon & juyeon aaaah flirty boyz yet love it so much

  4. 7:00 – 7:45 bbangkyunyu is my fav type of content 🥺 and changmin checking younghoon's choreo so he does well 🥰🥰

  5. i wish they could grab second win already, Reveal is such a good song! and the boyz always working hard they deseve a win with this comeback 🙏

  6. creker thank you so much for putting english subtitles!!!! you have no idea how much it means to intl fans 😭😭😭😭😭

  7. 6:12 changmin, you did well, you are a great dancer! you pass so many feelings through your dance this is incredible and i love it. i love you so much!

  8. There was a sunwoo and new moments wow I’m so happy they are so sweet to each other especially new to sunwoo
    By the way, new is really skinny

  9. Eric: New got tricked too.

    Sunwoo: But why does no one let me know about that?

    Eric: We told that while you were sleeping.

    Oh my gosh, srsly? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣 Btw, that's a gd one Eric! 👍🏻👏🏻

  10. Tüm kalbimle kutlarım yeni albümünüzü 🎉🎉🎉 Şarkılar çok güzel hepside 🥰🥰🥰 Mükemmel bir comeback oldu bence 🥰🥰🥰 En çok reveal sevdim 😍😍😍 Hepside çok yakışıklı olmuşlar 😍😍😍 Her zaman sizleri destekliyoruz, biz The B'ler 😘😘😘 Sizleri çok seviyoruz ♥️♥️♥️ The Boyz Fighting 💖💖💖

  11. How is no one talking about eric going to school the same day despite being busy with the comeback, HIS COMMITMENT I STAN

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