Oh No. Allergies.

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– Ahchoo! Oh no. I’m starting to think spring is here. Wait, winter. Wait, spring. Spr-inter. Get it? No? Anyways, allergies. It’s frustrating. That stuffy, drippy, itchy nose. Those watery eyes. That’s a lot of misery
and tissues combined. Did you know that one
in six Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis? And did you know that
acupuncture medicine is now recommended by doctors for
the treatment of allergies. New guidelines were
released by the Academy of Otolaryngology to include Acupuncture as an option for treatment of allergies, Oto…laryn…gology. As there is growing
evidence in its efficacy. It’s a great course of
treatment for patients that are not satisfied
with the conventional anti-allergic medication. One approach my Licensed
Acupuncturist likes to use to clear my sinuses is
to give me whiskers. Whiskers. These are looking pretty good. Just like you. You can breathe a deep sigh
of relief and enjoy the rest of your “Spr-inter” in peace. What? What do you like to use
to work on your allergies? Acupuncturists, what do
you like to recommend for your patients when
it comes to self care during allergy season? Leave a comment below this video.

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