Oil Pulling or Mouthwash: Which Is Better for Oral Care? | Ayurveda Q&A | #AskBanyan

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what’s the difference between oil
pulling and using mouthwash first of all mouthwash is usually
alcohol-based contains some chemicals and uses essential oils for a cosmetic
breath freshening oil pulling has gotten a lot of popularity lately which is
really great because it means that there’s research backing its benefits
our oil pulling oil daily swish is a whole herb blend of infused oil that
means you get the benefits of oil pulling with herbs that you can
recognize like fennel and amalaki another thing that’s different is oil is
oily that means it’s a lot thicker and because of that it’s gonna help to tone
your jaw and your throat muscles with oil pulling you’re usually doing it for
about 5 to 20 minutes whereas with mouthwash you’re really just looking for
a quick rinse

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  1. your videos are nice, only wish though you would acknowledge from time to time the ancient indian ayurvedic texts the source of all your videos. for instance oil pulling is only a recent word and gives an impression as though it were a finding of modern day west, anyone who has read some of the ayurvedic texts will tell you that one of the ayurvedic words for oil pulling is gundoosh. a lot of words from sanskrit are untranslatable!

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