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Omnicare, a CVS Health company. Hi, my name is Jackie Petersen, the general manager of Omnicare in St. Louis. I started with CVS Health in 2009. This general manager position that I hold oversees the day-to-day operations of the long-term care business. There are so many different areas that you can excel in. At the beginning of my career I was
placed as a floating pharmacist with Target. At my time at Target
I found a natural inclination to drive efficiencies for outcomes in patient
care and as well as engaging different teams for scheduling issues and staff. When we were acquired with CVS Health the mentorship that I had with my
supervisor and regional leader provided me with the opportunity to join the
Emerging Leaders program. The program is really great. It’s the finishing school
for your business leader perspective, challenging you in different areas that you might not have had within the store that you were placed. This position was proposed to me through the Emerging Leader program. It was a great
opportunity to continue to finish those skills that I was working on with
different mentors. It also gave me the opportunity to exercise those strengths that I already currently had to continue to drive operations and team build for
eventual better patient outcomes here at this long-term care facility. Omnicare sets itself apart from other
long-term care facilities in this country. We’re extremely innovative and
we’re consistently pushing to get to that next level. It’s something that’s
comforting to know that we also have other business units within the CVS
Health company that can support us on those day-to-day areas. We do rely on Coram from time to time to serve our patients, as well as CVS Specialty and
even our CVS retail partners. My personal relationship with individuals in the CVS
retail world have also helped in being able to deliver better patient care. Omnicare is such a great
opportunity for students to be part of. There’s so many areas of opportunity to
grow your skillset, whether it’s with getting familiar with different
infusions, calculations and the quick changes that you have to make for those
geriatric population, down to opportunities with MTM and outcomes with our consultant pharmacists at the facility. There’s also opportunity to
grow your leadership skills. Just being part of this team you’ll understand that
caring is definitely part of our core here and it’s one of our goals to make
sure that we’re able to deliver the promises that we’re making to those
patients and the facilities. The skillsets that we look forward to
in future Omnicare pharmacists usually come down to being innovative, resilient,
adaptable and reliable, on being able to make sure that we’re meeting our
promises that we’re making our patients. To understand who our patient population
is, it’s the geriatric community that unfortunately is unable to go and get
their prescriptions on their own. We have to make sure that our team is very
patient-center focused and that we are delivering on the promises that
we’ve provided them. Hi, my name is Bill LeGallee. I am a
clinical manager with CVS Health. I oversee the activities of all the
consultant pharmacists in my territory. I joined CVS Health in 2011 starting out
as a production pharmacist in the pharmacy. Then I became a consultant
pharmacist going out to visit the different nursing homes that we serviced.
And then a couple of years later an opportunity to become a clinical manager
opened up and that’s the role I find myself in today. When I have a consultant
pharmacist position that I’m recruiting for there are qualities that I look for
that almost any pharmacist should possess, like the ability to be adaptable
in our environment. There are a lot of regulatory changes that they need to get
used to and there are changes in technology that we need to be able to
adapt to. But when it comes right down to it, the thing that I really look for are certain personality characteristics. For example, compassion and respect for the
population we work with. We are the face of CVS. When we’re in these nursing homes and we encounter people who are sometimes going through some difficult
transitions and we need to be available for them. So at any given time you may be
having a professional interaction with nurses or prescribers but also need to
respond to concerned family members who are involved in the care of their loved
one or talk directly to a resident about their medications or concerns that they have. Consultant pharmacists provide an
essential service to our customers. We visit the different facilities that we
service, like long-term care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities
and a variety of other types of facilities. We are there to make sure
that they are compliant with regulatory requirements, but more importantly than
that, we are ensuring the clinical care of their residents is appropriate and
free of irregularities. We’re making recommendations to prescribers, offering
them alternatives where we see them. We are also making sure that there is
education taking place among the different health care professionals
within the facility, so it may be with nurses, technicians, CNAs. We also act as a resource for the facility leadership, the directors of nursing and administrators. We partner with them to make sure that the focus on
pharmacy services leads to positive outcomes for both the facility and for
the residents that they care for. I came to long-term care pharmacy from a
role in community pharmacy and the thing that I immediately found rewarding was
the opportunity I had to interact with many different health care professionals. When I go into a building I see the same nurses and directors of nursing and I
have an opportunity to build a real rapport with them to the point where
I’ll get calls or emails from them asking for specific help with a
resident’s medication: What is it for? Or I don’t know how to answer their question. And they feel like they trust me and can reach out to me and ask those questions. And then I know that when I give those answers and explain, for example,
difference in technique in administering an inhaler, that that isn’t just going to
have an impact on the person it directly affected, but will change the standard of
care going forward for multiple people, multiple residents and possibly in
multiple facilities because I’ve educated that nurse. Some other aspects
that are rewarding is that you do work independently. There’s a lot of autonomy
around your schedule and even though it’s an independent position, you also
are working as part of a team of other consultant pharmacists who are
passionate and very satisfied with the work that they do and it’s really
exciting to work with them. Hi, I’m Avery Hagedorn. I manage senior
living pharmacy within Omnicare. I joined CVS Health in 2004 as a pharmacy
intern. I’ve worked as a pharmacy manager, pharmacy supervisor and district manager
within our community pharmacy business. I recently had the opportunity to join
Omnicare in the senior living team. An intern within our site would receive
extensive experience in DUR resolution and clinical review with our pharmacist
team. They’re really focused on improving our patient care and outcomes for the
residents that they serve. They do so through building relationships with the
nursing staff and doctor, understanding and resolving clinical concerns and then
closing the loop with our communities. Pharmacy interns interact with the
nursing staff of the communities. They understand and work through therapy changes, clinical review and medication availability issues, make sure that the
residents receive their medications. An intern’s experience is different than
community pharmacy in that we’re a closed-door pharmacy. Our interns partner
with the pharmacist team and nursing team to help improve patient care
therapy and outcomes, understand the pharmacy business for long-term care and build relationships with the communities and practitioners that we help serve. Senior living pharmacy with Omnicare is
focused on the assisted living communities and the residents that we
serve. We focus on improved patient care through different package types, clinical
review with our nursing staff and the prescribers, ensuring the patients
receive the right medications that they need. Pharmacists within senior living and
Omnicare is focused on improved patient care and patient outcomes. They do so through partnering with the nursing staff and the doctors, the communities to review drug interactions, clinical review, dose changes and ensure that our residents receive the right medication at the right time. They find purpose in
what we get to do every day and really value the role they serve within our
pharmacy. Long-term care pharmacy continues to
grow rapidly as the population ages. Our pharmacists fill a unique space in that
role. They partner with our communities to improve patient care therapy and outcomes. Within my role I have the ability to impact and influence our pharmacists team and our technician team to improve patient care outcomes at the
communities we serve. What I love about my role within senior living is the
ability to visit our communities, partner with the administration team to
understand the challenges and how we can better improve patient care delivery
timeliness and outcomes for the residents that we all serve. For more information, visit

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