On indoor allergies

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Inside your home lurks a whole
other world of allergies. Hi. Kat.
Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Wow. Are we gong to see
some exciting things today? Lots of creepy crawlies. Ooh. I don’t know how
exciting that sounds. But I want to see them anyway.
All right. Which way?
Be brave. Jeff May is the author of
My House is Killing Me. He wrote the book after collecting
hundreds of air samples from allergic peoples’ homes. What’s this right here?
That’s a cladosporium. Ooh. Wait. Wait. Wait. What was that? This is. That’s food.
That’s a big chunk of food. That’s all there’s a blue fiber from something.
That’s a mold spore there. Oh. What’s that right there?
Part of a foam pillow. Most of what Jeff’s air samples
reveal is dust. And believe it or not.
Most of what makes up dust is us. Well. Actually our skin. Our dead skin Those big pink things
you’re seeing right now? You got it.
Shed pieces of dead skin. You lose about 30 grams
of skin a month. It’s just. It’s constantly
sloughing off your body and then they get into the air. So if you’re sitting in the movies and
you know. You look at the beam of light
and you see all the dust. That’s all the skin cells…
Oh don’t tell me that’s skin. Sure.
Oh that is really gross. From everybody in the room.
So if there a thousand… I’m never going to the movies again.
Come on. And I’m covering my popcorn if I do.
This is really gross. If there are a thousand people
in the theater. Then you have every. If you’re sitting there long enough
you’ll have every skin scale in your nose. Is this. Is this a clump of stuff?
Yeah. That’s just a clump of skin. See that. If you look.
That’s all skin scales that’s basically from a mattress. And in mattresses live one of the
major players of indoor allergies. The infamous dust mite. Well I keep hearing
dust mites. Dust mites. Dust mites and I haven’t seen a dust mite yet. Where’s a dust mite? You’re sure you want to do this now? I am.
Don’t you want to see a dust mite? Okay. Now. That’s the…
That’s the food. That’s actually the food that’s right. And those holes I thought
when the first time no. No. No. Oh. There’s something moving in it.
Oh no. No. No. I saw a bug moving.
I saw a bug moving. Oh. Oh. Oh. What are those two of them.
There’s two. It’s two of them.
It’s two of them. No I can’t look.
I can’t look. I can’t look. I just don’t even want to look. I guess I really didn’t
want to see a dust mite. There’s like tons of stuff
moving in there. But here they are in all their glory. They’re eight legged creatures
related to the spider. And for the most part you need
a microscope like Jeff’s to see them. Millions of dust mites live in
our beds. Couches and in our favorite easy chairs. Thriving on moisture.
Heat and a source of protein. Well folks.
Guess who’s supplying the protein? The minute you get into bed… …the moisture and the heat
from your body. It probably is a little bit of
a signal and they sort of all come. They wake up. In other words we go to sleep
and then they wake up and say. You know. Hey guys come on
let’s go. It’s time to eat. So they’re just crawling around
my bed eating my skin? That’s right. But it’s not the actual dust mite
people are allergic to. It’s their feces. Or more specifically
a protein in their feces. Now that actually.
In the middle of that hole. That’s probably a fecal pellet.
Right there. Okay. That looks really tiny.
Yeah. And that’s what causes
all the problems. And that’s what causes
all the allergies. Yup. That little tiny thing.
Yup. The tiny dust mite. He lives in our beds.
Eats our dead skin and causes terrible allergies.

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