One Mom’s Experience with Allergy Drops

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The immune system, autoimmune diseases,
all of those things are just a passion of mine. One of the reasons is I
have a son that just turned five and from about three to six months of age
until about six months ago he was the kiddo that had eczema from top to bottom.
We would find Hank most days in the last couple years up against our wall in the
living room, that was textured, rubbing back and forth and back and forth to try
and get some relief from that itching. He had seen so many people. We had went
holistic. We had eliminated foods, gluten dairy, we’d eliminated soy, peanuts.
We had done everything and we had stuck to it for months at a time on some of
those elimination diets and we just never would see results. We even had
three skin prick tests done from about the age of two until four with the
results per the allergist stated as ‘just not enough to treat him with
injectable immunotherapy.’ I thought well why wouldn’t we just go
ahead and pull Allergychoices into our practice and why wouldn’t Hank be one of
the first people that we actually get a blood draw on and test? Well he was
allergic to tree pollens, grasses, he had food allergies, and we decided to start
treating environmental allergies first because per Allergychoices. one of the
biggest take-home points I get from their physicians on staff is let’s start
with treating environmental allergies and see how many of our food allergies
actually resolve themselves. I bit the bullet and we got our diluent
in the mail and we started those drops for him. This kiddo,
three weeks in, was the eczema free on his back. Within two more weeks, eczema
free in his popliteal fossa, cubital fossa. This kid was thriving.
He went on, after four weeks after looking amazing, to start eating gluten
and dairy again. No eczema. He went in for his next checkup and he had gained seven
pounds in two months. This kiddo, which we call Lanky Hanky is getting bigger.
I can’t even tell you how much Allergychoices has changed his

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