One Week Cold Shower Challenge – Can It Cure Your Allergies?

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cold showers have been around for a long
time Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who
prescribed them to his patients. You also see this in Japanese communal showers where
people dip their bodies in hot water first then end off in a cold pool of
water. There was a post on Reddit that caught my attention. This guy said that
after taking four cold showers has made his pollen allergies disappear since I
have allergies all my life I wanted to test out his theory I also found that
there were many other unproven benefits that I wanted to test. These
benefits include a boost in your immune system, your overall mood and an
improvement in your skin complexion. So why am i doing the cold shower challenge?
The reason it is because it is something that is hard to do. A lot of people they
like to stay inside their comfort zone but I feel like showers they represent
our life. There are usually two choices either a comfortable way or an
uncomfortable way. Let’s take exercise as an example we know that exercising is
very good for us we gain muscular definition is really good for our heart
however we also feel lazy sometimes we don’t want to go to the gym and I feel
like that is the easy way out that’s the path of least resistance is represented
by the hot warm showers oh I just want a hot shower right now so right now
this says it is 18 point five degrees Celsius for my Americans it is 65 point
two degrees Fahrenheit as you can see here this is me on day one that is the
face of a person who is inexperienced at taking cold showers what I try to do was
to inch my way closer towards the water and let me tell you out of all the
options that you can go in tiptoeing your way is the worst option when it
comes to cold showers so the hardest part of the whole shower
is the first 10 seconds or so when the water comes in contact with their skin
their skins very warm and then once the cold water just hits the warm surface
you can come cold instantaneously after about 30 seconds or so when you’re into
the water home water your body adapts and you don’t feel at home ok so that is
one small downside when it comes to the technical showers that you kind of feel
a little slippery after a shower my skin smooth right now or that the soap just
hasn’t kind of washed off so we are third shower and I just went for a
workout and after coming home I was a little tired I rolled out my hamstrings
and then I hit the shower right away you know I’m so energized and so hiked this
after you feels amazing I can’t believe I’m saying this but seriously you gotta
believe me I did not feel like taking a cold shower
when I got home from work today I went out for a run trying to work up a sweat
before I hit the cold showers day both drivers are definitely getting easier to
do however when you lack the motivation sometimes example of when we were really
tired you just don’t want to do them but I don’t know what happened well
yesterday karaoke at night and then came home to cold shower number 2 I don’t
know what I was thinking came back for a run allergies are definitely picking up
right now since we’re already on day number 4 that read a post theory doesn’t
seem to be working hey cherry I just took a cold shower
yeah again this is day five times gonna be day six and I got one more day after
that it’s a seven day cold shower challenge I just wanted your opinion on
my skin does it look any different Oh
let’s give them more qualities and brighter it’s love happier than before there’s no way the water temperature
last time that we checked was only eighteen point five degrees well I’m
gonna test it all again right now would you look at that 19 degrees today is the
last day of the cold shower I can’t tell you how excited I am to jump into that
shower for the very very last time finally completed the cold shower
challenge I have a tip for you if you want it when you’re angry want to
release the stress swear as much as possible the same thing applies to cold
showers just drop f-bombs left and right and you’ll feel so good there were two benefits that I saw when
I took the cold shower challenge number one was that I saw a boost in my mood
and energy level usually when I got home from work I feel really tired and I lack
the motivation to do anything however once I step into that cold shower it
feels like somebody just slapped me in the face and told me to wake up when
you’re talking about your energy level before and after a cold shower the
difference is night and day the other benefit that I also saw was an
improvement in my skin complexion even after four days of taking a cold shower
I can see a difference I see a difference my skin tone and also the
smoothness of my skin it feels nice it feels like there’s some sort of bounce
to it ah that’s great if I had to continue doing cold showers those will
be the two reasons why I stick to it let’s be honest here sometimes you just
don’t want to feel energized take for example the other day I went to karaoke
I got home at 11:30 p.m. and I took a cold shower and afterwards it kept me up
until 1:00 a.m. my thoughts on the challenge was that it is fun it’s
definitely something that you should try out it does give you added benefits to
your life such as your skin complexion and also your mood boost in energy level
is it something that I’ll stick to you for the long term probably not I do miss
my hot steamy shower but if I do ever need a pick-me-up type of day I will
definitely consider a cold shower

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  1. haha finally u have finished the challenge, btw i like the part that u took off ur clothes, u look so funny in the scene though :))

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